Oxford Court Public Space Protection Order Review 2021

During 2018/19, and following representation by Oxford Street residents and traders concerned with high levels of crime and antisocial behaviour around the Oxford Court carpark, the council Communities Team carried out a community safety survey for the area. More on this can be found HERE

On outcome of this was that the council agreed grant a Public Space Protection order closing the alleyway which leads from the carpark to Oxford Street at the rear of the Bat & Ball pub to general access and permitting installation of gates at either end.  The consultation documents can be found HERE and the report submitted to committee which details the background to this proposal can be found HERE

Since the Order was first granted, a significant change has taken place following the closure of the carpark for the redevelopment of the St Peters Medical Practice, and this means that the terms of the Order need to be amended.

The revised draft order has been amended to now include just one gate, as there is no longer a need for a second, and – because there is now a requirement for the alleyway to be used to access properties, it includes an upgrade of the existing gate lock and a redefinition of those properties which may have access.

The existing community management arrangements remain the same, but with Medical Centre Holdings Ltd – the owner of the St Peters Medical Practice site – taking a co-ordinating role in this aspect.

Because this is a change to the terms of the existing Order, the council is required by law to carry out a puclic consultation for this change.

Follow the links below for more detail and how to comment.

Oxford Court Public Space Protection Order (Draft) 2021

Oxford Court PSPO Community Agreement (Draft) 2021