Minutes of the London Road Local Action Team meeting 8th October 2019

Minutes of the London Road Local Action Team meeting 8th October 2019 18:30-20:00hr

  1. Welcome and apologies

Lucy Walker – UOS, Tom Lines – resident, Peter and Judi Lynn – Providence Place Lofts, Alan Buck (BHCC), Richard Baraball, Julie McDermott (Lorne Road), Roz Reburn (Level Communities Forum), Gill Barwood from Argyle Road Association , Steve Maser-Knight- Studio 5 (Open Market), Natasha Innocent (Rosehill Residents Assocn), Sandie Crowhurst (North Laine Community Assocn), Adrian Hill (Stanley Road), Malcolm Telfer (Stanley Road), Corinne Lamb (note-taker), Philip Wells (resident Shaftesbury Road, chair), Cllr Sue Shanks: Local Councillor in place of Pete West, Lucy Dunleavy (Vice Chair). Michael Creedy (for Breathe in Brighton) = 19 people


  • Maureen- will there be impact on London road building closures. **Action Point: Will try and find out more for next meeting
  • Kristina (Equinox), has a begging operation in progress, there have not been any updates on drug litter etc in our area.
  • Andy Keeffe (UOB)
  • Elisbeth and Chris on holiday.
  • Cath Prenton, appointment with client.
  • Carol Whitney- (Manager for Oxford Street medical centre, to be enlarged into the car park at the back), they are due to hear the planning application on Wednesday 9th October, feedback is looking promising, building with then start in spring 2020 and complete in 2022. Boots and the Co-op have closed, but the Co-op is possibly going to come back when building work is complete.
  • Mike and Tony- away
  • Pete West- He is at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability meeting. For our information: 2020 marks the end of the UN Decade on Bio Diversity and the state of nature in the living coast. There will be a celebration of nature and the living coast in 2020. For more information visit the website.
  • Philip has sent a letter to Maria Seale (Principle planning officer) who produced the report on the Longley development she is not able to come tonight, but wants to continue the conversation on this.
  • N.B. There is a AGM for friends of the Brighton Greenway on 3rd November at Moes Cafe 14:00 (according to their website
  1. Minutes of last meeting, and date of next meeting (12th November 2019)
  • Accepted minutes
  • 12th November is the next meeting, agreed to have a history event with guest speaker Geoffrey Mead on how the shops on London road have changed over the years, there will be a email out regarding this.
  1. Air Quality / anti air pollution – from “Breathe in Brighton” 
  • Michael, on behalf of Alice.
  • ‘Breathe in Brighton’ is an attempt to rein in Idling that cars have been doing throughout Brighton and Hove. Its about Education rather than intimidation.
  • The launch of this is Preston Circus. The hotspots around the city will have the impact that is caused by idling, will be decreased by the project.
  • It is in partnership with Uniting for Peace and there will be a launch event at the Grand Central pub by the station.
  • Questions
    There have been measurements taking place around the Rose Hill area, is that part of the project? There has been measurements happening by the council and lots have been happening over the years. There is no data its about education, but there is information is on the council website.
  • There are the new buses that are completely petrol free, you must be happy with this as a project? It is a good idea, and it different experience. It is clear that they are trying to address some of the advantages that technology can allow to happen, its difficult for people to engage with it, unless you are a regular bus user.
  • Idling stopping and taxi rank drivers, in the station and at traffic lights.
    • It is a bit of a myth with the stop start technology being better for the environment, when it can actually be worse.
    • There are statistics, which show at Preston Circus and the Clock Tower that 40-50% of emissions are caused by idling (waiting to cross at traffic lights), if they switched their engines off it would reduce to less than this. If you leave your car running for 1 hour you burn 1 litre of petrol.
  • Idling is a particular emphasis of the campaign.
  • A lot has changed with the buses; they now have kick start technology.
  • There was a launch on the 15th August and there is a Facebook group called Green in Brighton.
  • The road works around the city must be causing pollution. A possible reason is that it is taking more time than it should and they are still doing gas works and crossings etc. It may have caused idling and at peak times it is particularly bad.
  1. London Road Master Plan (click to view) – Special Guest Alan Buck. This very important 10 year old document will be the reference point in future Section 106 allocations.
  • Since 2014 Alan has been working as the City Regeneration Programme manager.
  • The plan goes back 10 years. Things have changed over the years, in 2009 there was planning for Tesco’s now it’s completely different. The Supplementary planning document this helps the council assess planning applications. Supplementary documents add more to the policies. The London Road document was there to provide a means to assess the proposals and turn around the area that had been in decline for a while. They look at how they can improve the public realm and around the London road. Encourage more cafes etc. There has been some success with this, for example on AnneStreet, there is now seating etc. from EU money.
  • Other key developments have been the Open Market and the Co-op building. There are other opportunities in the Master Plan that haven’t happened.
  • Other Opportunities that are going forward are New England House, and the Longley Estate development. They now have planning permission for Longley Estate. There is a land deal, which the council have from Legal and General and a large amount of money that the council are ring fencing to put into the New England House Development.
  • There is a report that the team will give to the Policies and Development team, so that they can get the design work completed.
  • Part of the Master Plan was to improve Elder Place and the car park area. There have been incremental developments over the years. Legal and General as part of the planning permission and Section 106 money, has agreed to the upgrade of the environment of Vantage point, with contributions from New England House. In the coming year there will be designs agreed on Elder Place, lead by Alan Buck as consultation with the community is key with these developments.
  • Elder Place Park has been re-vamped and this did improve it for a while, the current residents only see drug dealing, and now covered in graffiti. Yet there has been considerable thought and attention given to the area.
  • In the beginning the team wanted London Road to be seen as a project. There was a Section 9 plan which is available on the website. Some of these plans in the section 9 list have happened and are happening.
  • There was a long-term plan for everyone to cross the road at Preston Circus at the same time, this hasn’t happened. However there is a long term plans to look at Preston Circus and Cheap Side.
  • There will be new active frontages on the Longley Development, there is an emerging scheme to re clad the building and provide kiosks at street level at New England House, which could be let out to small businesses. These are all in the pipeline and on the drawing board.
  • The Longley development will have 200 plus unit and will increase the local economy. It would be good to have the Longley developers back to ask how they see the frontages of shops on their development looking like. They have been chased regarding this. **Action Point
  • Planning permission was granted two weeks ago, it may well be another year until building work starts.
  • London road used to be a destination in the past, and this them is returning Needs to be a way of keeping people interested for a long amount of time than just pop in.
  • Some of the work has been an improvement, ie the Level, Co-op, and Alcampo, Hare and Hounds etc
  • There was a survey carried out for local businesses and users and one of the noticeable things was that car parking was perceived by traders as a major issue for local people and traders, however they do get to London Road by other forms of transport. One of the strengths of London Road is that it has super bus service.
  • There is always going to be a split with public opinion on the changes being made. People generally get more vocal in opposing something than supporting something.
  • There was guidance in the master plan on how the buildings were to be set back and avoid the Canyon effect when the wind is not blowing. This could happen if the building gets planning permission and rebuilt, obviously not for moving existing buildings.
  • Section 106
  • The money has to have a purpose and it is there to make the development more acceptable.
  • The council are moving towards a a community infrastructure levy (CIL) scheme that will be around June 2020, these get applied to developments, and this includes the development having a set fee per square metre, where the developer is charged. This gives more flexibility on what the levy can be spent on. Currently 15% of this can spent on by the community, on infrastructure in their area. The fee will be scaled right back to items like site related mitigation, from June 2020. We could get a neighbourhood plan, we could get a CIL, but this is not simple and this will get 25% of the money.
  • The CIL could be more as it supports local community. This has not been agreed yet
  • Could we connect with the Valley Gardens project to extend it to around the Preston Circus area?
  • Public Road Enhancement and Transport and Highways:
  • ¾ million pounds to this.
  • How much credence should be give to this part of the plan (i.e. Preston Circus road improvement) , is this going to happen?
    • Alan hopes this improvement will happen.
    • Had a meeting with officers to do with public realm, one of which is Andy Renault (transport). This is for both developments.
    • There needs to be an agreed scheme/ master plan/ design that will take in Elder Place and further on to Preston Circus and to Anne Street etc.
    • Legal and General did submit designs, on how to improve Elder Place, Providence Place will be transformed.

Alan hopes to come back when the New England House development is more advanced.

Thanks were expressed to him for his attendance, and also for his caring for the area.

Updates and other items, to be covered in next business meeting.

  1. Updates and other items (time did not permit discussion on these)
    1. Lift in NEQ – still working
    2. Policing and Licensing
    3. AirBNB (if anything new)
    4. Viaduct Road speeds – a fresh survey of speeds has been requested
    5. Parking in Zone J – an Officers’ report was be presented at October Environment Committee, we are scheduled for review… BUT in late 2020.. (see picture) From report to Env. Committee Oct 8th 2019 – Zone J parking review – last quarter of 2020
    6. Plan for rest of year: November – History speaker has been invited
    7. AOB – please notify before the start of the meeting
    8. meeting closed at around 20:00
timetable for Parking Zone J review