Meeting Notes 04 April 2013

The aim of the April meeting was to try and firm up our immediate next steps and decide how we should involve the wider Elder Place community in plans to improve the street. In lieu of minutes, we photographed the white board.

Elder Place MeetWhat does this mean?

The main action of the meeting was that we should hold an Event. We had previously considered getting a marquee and holding an open event in the street, soliciting passers by as to their thoughts on Elder Place, but this plan changed, partly due to our capacity, and partly because it was seen as more important to bring more local interests – traders, property managers, regeneration initiatives – on board before going to a wider audience.

  • Date: 20th June 2013
  • Time: 18:00
  • Venue: To be arranged.

Aim of Event

We know some of the problems, and we know how some solutions could pan out, but we need to bring together the key people and organisations who will be part of renewing Elder Place. As well as making sure that we pick on the right issues to solve, many of the solutions lie in the hands of the local actors.  For instance, the graffiti is mostly on private walls and improvements cannot be made without the participation and consent of the wall owners.

The aim of the event therefore is to bring together all of those with a particular interest in improving the Elder Place area.

Invites should go to the following:

  • Traders with premises backing onto or facing Elder Place
  • Residents with premises backing onto or facing Elder Place
  • Tenants and managers of the large commercial developments: Circus Parade, Vantage Point, New England House.
  • Sussex Police
  • London Road Carpark management
  • Local Regeneration initiatives: Portas Pilot, Project Re:Create
  • City Council graffiti and street cleansing
  • City Council Arts and Culture

The agenda may include:

  • What are the issues?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • Update on current schemes
  • Ambitions for Elder Place
  • Possible Projects
  • Cleaning and greening
  • Tacking graffiti vs fostering art and culture
  • Commercial activities – frontages/street market
  • Quick win projects/temporary uses
  • How to make things happen

The meeting planned for May 16th was the council London Road Strategy Group meeting, which Philip Wells was planning to attend to present the case for Elder Place, however this was cancelled and shall be rescheduled.

The next meeting to look at this project will be on the 23rd May, 2.30pm at the Calvary Church. Anyone wishing got attend please get in touch.

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