Minutes from London Road Action Team meeting 9/3/2021 6:30pm (by zoom)

1. Welcome – introductions and apologies

Philip Wells – chair

Judy and Peter Lynn

James Watts – Railway Hotel

Dermot Bradley – Longley Place

Nick Hibberd- Economy, and culture

Tony Firmin

Colin Brace

Mick Hedgethorne

Catherine Clements- Stanley road

David Atherton- Mclauren Property of 5-8 London road

Suresh and Madhavi

Elispeth Broady

Lucy Walker

Alan Buck- programme manager for the BH Council coming up

Sandy Crowhurst – NLCA

Katie Blood- head of St Bartholomew’s

Councillor Pete West

Michael Simms – resident Providence Place

James Creevy- 5-8 London road planning project

Jackson Gatley- Mclauren Property

Hannah Barker- BHC Community engagement team

Lucy Dunleavy – Vice Chair

Jon Tutton

Councillor Sue Shanks

Andrea Goddard

2. Main item – discussion of Providence Place/ Elder Place – response by Nick Hibberd

  • There are steps that we can take to meet in person to develop the strategic approach to improving the area in and around Providence Place and involving the developments near Providence place that Mclaren are leading on and the 5-8 London road developments. Nick Hibbard is keen to work with the LAT in the long term to improve the area.

What has he done since the last meeting?

  1. He put the issue on the agenda of his department’s management team meeting, which covered the areas that needed a strategic approach, this then lead to another discussion and the council met with the other management team where they discussed the area.

They thought the approach we wanted to take was a refreshing in the long term.

  1. Nick has tasked the management team to go away and discuss this approach and in doing so they decided the first step is to appoint a project manager as a point of contact in spending section 106 money and the other money that is available and who will be in charge of the project. The project will take a number of years to complete and then the proposal will come back to Nick, by which point the project manager will be in place. The recruitment process can take 3 months to complete. We need to be patient with the council is happening quickly especially due to the current situation.

The remit of what is required by the project manager is that the person will have the authority and will be in charge of coming up with the plan of how to take the project forward, and how best to spend the section 106 money and the other funds.

  1. The other parts of their role have not been put into detail as yet but they will manage the project from the bottom up. They will deliver the timescale of the whole project, and feed back on progress to the various stakeholders (LAT and steering group) and the council committees. They will see the project through from implementation through to procuring contracts up until end point, which all depends on the scale of the project. However this project will probably be 1 of 3 projects that the manager is going to be dealing with at one time, so the speed of the development of the project cannot be expected at speed. This includes the recruitment process, but if it can be sped up it will be.
  1. The approach is a holistic, and has been agreed by all areas of the council involved.
  • James Watts made the point that we need to make sure we spend the money in line with when the new developments that are taking place and to make sure the Providence Place project is in place at the same time. This is ready to go and when the Project Manager comes on board, we can progress and get this off the ground.
  • The package from the McLaren development includes: more trees, widening pavements, landscaping, making improvements such as cycle spaces outside the section 106 money itself, parking, pedestrian improvements all due to planning conditions, which is yet not finalized but is well on the way to completion.
  • The Longley Place development has also got the types of improvements that will impact the area listed on their plan.

Action Point: The developer will forward these plans onto Phil after meeting and then onto the LAT

  • Jon Tutton suggested a proposal that the plans need to be realistic for Elder Place and Providence Place, and include the idea for there to be no traffic as much as possible coming through the area, as there is at the present time.
  • An idea Jon had to make less traffic use the roads in the square is to clad the car park with shipping containers and turn these containers into shops instead, these would be used as pop up shops and happen once a week. This will bring workers into the area.

These are things that will be needed to agreed but these are very good proposals.

  • Nick H responded to this by saying that in order for this to happen we need to be clear on what has been agreed already, which will need some work but is happy to work with Jon T to develop these ideas.
  • Nick H was thanked for taking this on board.

3. Minutes and date of next meeting  

  • Next LAT meeting to be held on 20th April.
  • Minutes agreed

4. AOB (if any)