London Road LAT Minutes 8th March 2016

Agenda – London Road LAT 8th March 2016: 

Barclays Eagle Labs

  1. Welcome and apologies and introductions

In Attendance:

Jon Patterson and Charlotte (Eagle Labs), Cllr Pete West, Mary Louise (London Road Town Team), Bob & Sylvia Chilton (Local Residents), Sandy Crowhurst (North Laine Community Centre), Nicola & Sharon (PCSO’s), Chris Sevink (Ditchling Rise Resident‘s Association), Penny Morley (Local Resident and Older Peoples Council), Anne Townsend (London Road Town Team), Lucy DunLeavy (Vice Chair), Cllr Louise Greenbaum, Richard Barraball (Local Resident)

New Attendees:

Cath Prenton (Resident Beaconsfield Road,,


Andy Keith, Andy Winter (BHT-Local Resident), Mike & Tony (Local Residents), Elspeth Broady, Jonathan Ridley (Community Safety Caseworker), Cllr Lizzy Deane (via Cllr West)

  1. Minutes of last meeting

*Minutes of last meeting were approved

a. Finance update:

-Owed church £225.00

-Asked council for help- have met £225.00 as a one-off

-currently have £230 in account before receiving money from Council

The trustees of Calvary church have kindly offered a 12 month period of use without charge i.e. Sept 2015 to August 2016.

* It was noted that the LAT needs to retain a physical mailing address for banking, and a physical address for the bulk mailing system.

b. Date of next meeting: 5th April 2016

* This date was approved

  1. Policing report (most recent stats have been posted)

a. Level – drug use and anti-social behaviour – N.B. the Public Spaces Protection Orders omit the Level from their list, but include the Greenway. (see consultation mentioned on this website elsewhere)

**For brevity, the consultation text has been removed from these minutes but is available on the Council website during the period of consultation**

Nicola -PCSO: Level state is affected by seasons. There is increased activity in the Level during the summer. If we were there everyday, culprits would go elsewhere for dealing.

Chris (Resident): There is also a problem at the green way with people camping and rough sleeping. There were many people who called in. But it won’t solve the problem, will just make criminals. These people need to go somewhere. They are complicated issues that require further discussion.

PhW: People have gotten used to it at the Level. Also, campers have become quite frequent on the Greenway. Their presence doesn’t mean there will necessarily be problems. The existence of a Public Space Protection Order on a particular area does not necessarily mean that it will be invokded. The consultation is on the website-as many as possible should contribute.

RB: Suggested inviting Police commissioner to speak about the problem during election period (hustings).

b. London Road Youth Disorder:

– 12 or 13 people with terrible behavior (12-15 years old- who have dropped out of school) bored

-frequent fast food places around London Road (e.g.. McDonalds, KFC) the youngsters are causing a nuisance by standing in doorways

-they have various members who have been arrested

-calls have gone down but trouble-makers aren’t afraid of police

Nicola-PCSO: Currently working with security at McDonalds to stop the problem, but not being taken seriously by the police. When moved on from one area they go to another. Have had varying responses from parents. Have 15-20 kids;, but, only a few ringleaders. Targeting 8 or 9 individuals. Have sent photos rounds and are immediately banned from establishments. Not always the best at nipping it in bud, as some view them as kids. Hope that most of the ringleaders will have stopped by the time summer comes.

RB: We have an obligation to this community to make things better-we must show that we care. WE need a positive alternative.

*PW and the LAT moved to make Prevention of Youth Disorder a policing priority before discussion moved on.

c. Section 34 … do people get displaced into London Road?

Nicola PCSO: It disrupts people to get moved along, but isn’t a long-term solution. Many getting moved on from Western Road then come to London road.

PhW: we don’t want to be used as a storage area for antisocial people causing a problem.

Sharon PCSO: We hope it will only get better in a month or two. Now that police are finally aware of the problem with the kids, we hope it will change. Police resources are really low at the moment.

*Again, it was suggested that youth disorder will be a police priority before discussion moved on.

4. Viaduct Road

-PhW has asked for updates on the City Clean door knocking (as stated by Damian Murmara) and HMO enforcement but has heard no reply

-Cllr PtW mentioned Viaduct Road and Providence place: potentially dangerous place at top of viaduct Road (??) and on Providence place-hoarding is a very narrow alley. Well lit, but still dangerous.

-CllrPtW had asked if builders had done a safety audit, but hasn’t gotten a reply yet

-AT to email Sarah Leach, now in transport (from City Clean) about the problem.

-PW: Providence place is ongoing; Viaduct Road consultation on will go to Council Committee on 15th of March.

a. Problems with Wheelie bins:

-Beaconsfield and Viaduct road very problematic with Wheelie Bins; will be

Additional Streets to be Included in Consultation which mainly concerns seafront areas.

-The findings of the consultation will be analysed and presented back to

committee together with recommendations for implementation

**For brevity, the consultation text has been removed from these minutes.**

CllrPW: Labour wants to clean up the situation. Conservatives like communal bins because they introduced them in the first place.

-But if all the permanent residents respond after the consultation then that will be what we need (should go through).

-biggest problem could be resistance from residents, so could be worthwhile to get agreement beforehand.

ML: Could also be the students who would cause a problem. But students might support communal bins, as it would eliminate needing to know what day the rubbish is out.

CllrPW: Biggest problem would be the location of glass bins because of noise. It could possibly be less convenient than now. I don’t feel you should worry too much about this. Write to the committee and say this is welcomed.

CHRIS: My experience is that there are a lot of people who are against using communal bins [i.e. in Ditchling Rise Residents’ Association discussions]. But if you localize it, it could gradually be introduced. If it can be done piecemeal, I think we’ll have success.

*PhW moved the discussion forward.

4. Homeless people and rough sleepers and begging

Update from Sarah at St. Mungo’s- **Letter removed from these minutes but main points:

-they are aware of the London Road clients

-said not give money as some who have accommodation are still begging and deeply entrenched in rough sleeping lifestyle

-working with other agencies to help people get needs met and start recovery

-will try to have a team member at the next LAT meeting

AT: Would like copy of Sarah’s email to send to Town Team members so they can have more information.

-PhW to Send copy of letter round

5. Updates

a. Bike Display on Ditchling Road/Baker Street Corner:

-Phil wrote to Sarah Fisher.

-Space was measured and there is not enough space on pavement when bicycles are displayed there.

– Has been ordered to move bicycles or face enforcement.

b. HMO’s

Report from Feb 3rd meeting on HMOs in the wider area:

-Meeting on different areas at Salvation Army about impact of houses with several occupants. Mike and Tony went on behalf of LAT

-Many people had complaints about HMO’s including noise levels, wheelie bins, and rubbish.

-but they are a fact of life in Brighton due to high housing costs

-Developed an action plan and some details about what to do if an HMO poses a problem

-Also developed guidance on how to apply to be an HMO

AT: Is there evidence that many houses are operating as HMO’s unofficially?

SC: That’s why the meeting was called. We were encouraged to look at planning applications to find out if they’re going to an HMO (would have to be stated as a change of use). We have 21% more registered HMO’s than any other city. 80% on some streets are HMO’s and not meant to have more than 10%.We were told that the council has very limited resources to chase every house not complying.

Louisa G: Problem at the moment is that part of is it a planning issue, part is a letting issue, and the Universities also have to play a part. (Should be giving leaflets to parents on open days).

Due to time, Phil brought discussion to a close.

6. Meeting closed at 19:55

Next meeting on 5.4.16