Draft Minutes of LAT meeting 9th June 2020 – by zoom

London Road Local Action Team (LAT) meeting 9th June 2020, 18:30 – 19:

Welcome and introductions

  • Judi and Peter Lynn
  • Lucy Dunleavy
  • Philip Wells – Chair
  • Maureen Winder
  • Lucy Jefferies – Open Market
  • Graham Evans
  • Pete West (Councillor), can only stay for a short time
  • Simon Banister- (Simon.Bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk) council community engagement- team
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Luis Abreu- Shaftsbury road
  • Curtis Tappenden
  • Stella Sims
  • Philip Lewis
  • Misha Begley- Shaftesbury Road
  • Pearse Conlon-Shaftesbury road [had internet problems later]
  • Philip Taylor
  • Karen- Kingsbury road
  • Sharon and Katy PCSO’s
  • Tom Walby- Manager of the fire station

  • If anyone had questions on the proposal for the fire service and how it impacts the local residents, Graham Evans will share the docs on this Zoom chat.


  • Andy Keeffe (UOB)
  • Alan Brigginshaw
  • Cllr Sue Shanks, can only stay for a short time as has another meeting -[but returned after]
  • Carol Witney
    • (St Peters medical centre, landlord completes the car park from 10th June, sent this in :

Please could you update the members that our current landlord and developer completes the purchase of the carpark behind St Peter’s Medical Centre on Wednesday 10 June.   This will mean that there will be no available parking whatsoever at the back of our building from then.   His contractors will be erecting hoarding in the carpark to make a padlocked enclosure.    Pedestrian access to the back of houses and local businesses will remain.   Please could you extend our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause local residents and businesses. With kind regards, Carol

Minutes of last meeting, date of next meeting

  • Agreed
  • Date of next meeting 14th July


  1. Policing update
  • Stanley Road
  • There has been drug dealing by the Duke of York’s in the day, before lockdown and is gradually picking up again.
  • Shaftesbury Road
  • There are still incidents of heroin happening in the middle of the night, this has includes an incident of car break-ins and drug dealings. Residents still need to report these incidents.
    • Sharon PCSO:
    • There have been reports of incidents on Stanley road, including drug dealing-2 calls and 3 calls about car drug dealing.
    • Clyde road have had 3 reports of bike and car break-ins in the area, and she is very aware of the circle of drugs around Preston Park. There are 3 dealers in the area.
    • From what residents have reported we can find and spot the patterns of activity, however they do move on to different areas across the city.
    • It was homeless and not young people now it’s young people but it does change. All information is passed on.
    • Sharon has been round the blocks and has had good feedback and positive sightings in recent days.
    • She will get down there again soon, but times and dates and reports are still vital and they are recorded, and it does seem to be the same people involved.
    • There are lots of officers involved in policing the area.
    • Email 101 and mark for the attention of Sharon.
  • Kingsbury road
  • The same pattern of activity as Clyde road. However incidents are happening at any time of day. Involving people coming in cars and doing the deals, which has been reported at beginning of lock down. Residents are still seeing the dealer’s walking around in circle around the streets waiting for the dealers to arrive.
  • There have been no calls involving this road but it would be good to have a description of the person, so the police can challenge the person
  • Action- PW to pass over Sharon’s email to resident (which is Sharon.Baker@sussex.pnn.police.uk)
  1. Planning Issues – update if available
  • No further information on Longley Estate
  1. Francis Street safety concerns
  • These are ongoing.
  • Residents have had lots of concerns and issues about the safety of the street, involving issues of parking, street signs, light.
  • There is a residents association in the Barrows. who have had lots of meeting with the council but nothing has happened. There are lots of issues with bikes being hit by drivers, parking at the end of the street and using the road as a rat run in order to reach London road quickly, and consequently damaging the parked vehicles in the process and being a danger to pedestrians.
  • Residents have brought it to the council’s attention and things have been promised, but nothing as yet has moved forward.
  • Some residents are looking on how to move forward and take action, but nothing has happened since last summer, which was the last time they had any contact, with the council or others.
  • The council last had a meeting in 2017, and there was a sticking point between Hyde and the council. There was no movement on these issues and now there is more energy to move it moved forward as a residents association. It is a question of being persistent.
  • The parking wardens are not taking any notice of the cars that are not allowed to be parked along the street.
  • Simon Banister (Simon.Bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk) was involved with issues in the Barrows, in the past and there was progress, but things to do with highway regulations did not get dealt with and issues to do with Hyde, were not always resolved. He is willing to find out whom we need to get in touch with. The council and Hyde have not been talking to each other.
  • The traders agree that is it really dangerous; they have seen accidents happen around there on several occasions
  • Stella; one of the traders is organising a survey and timeline on how to improve the road.
  • Action point: Simon’s email address was shared with residents at meeting on the chat function of Zoom
  1. Walking and Cycling policy
  • The council has money from government so they can put cycle paths and social measures in place, due to COVID-19. The policy consultation is happening now, and the full plan is due to happen at the end of the year. It is still open to the public for views and option, there will be room for more comments, and so residents and public can email them to Laura J Wells at the council. Laura.j.wells@brighton-hove.gov.uk
  • Any views: All in favor of walking and cycling and user friendly as possible
  • The first consultation is for interested groups and the broader is the public consultation, but the LAT can be on the mailing list now.
  1. Student Accommodation – how is this affected currently?
  • Resident raised the question of; if the universities are struggling to attract the overseas student, who is going to use these new build accommodations, and will they be fully used by students or any body else?
    • Councilor Sue Shanks: there is a idea to make use of them for homeless people, like has already been done on Circus Street and the Phoenix centre, as they do need to be filled, but at present it is a case of watch this space.
    • Action point: Pete West is to write to the representatives of the two universities and ask for an update.
  • Resident asked what is happening with the HMO’s, as there are fewer people around?
  • Landlords might rent out HMO’s to families who need homes, due to fewer students.
  • It will need to be looked at by the council and focused on people who need homes as well as the elderly.
  • Simon Banister stated that; colleagues in the housing department at the council and those involved in tackling homelessness are looking at this closely, but for now people are being provided with a safe place to stay during the pandemic, and this time will be used to get a housing plan together going further, so a very positive outcome.
  1. Open Market – how can we support?
  • There was a question of, how can the Open Market work with the local community, to get better support with the community? This is different now and has been put on hold until told they can open again. (4th July)
  • It is a good idea to start making suggestions on how to work together now even as things are closed.
  • The PCSO’s have been talking to the Food Bank to see if they can get involved in some way.
  • There is £500 of police funding that can go to any group that is doing any form of charity work.
  • Roz Reyburn who is also part of the Level Communities Forum is now a director of the market. There is also the possibility of having the two buildings to trade as the market. So there is a question of do we want to support this.
  • Action point: Lucy to liaise with police on this.
  • Action Point: Philip Wells- to pass on email address of other PCSO to the people at the Open market.
  1. Level (via Roz and Maureen)
  • There has been a very helpful meeting with Simon Banister, Councilor Pete West and Sue Shanks, which had the aim to set up a liaison group to report issues regarding the Level. Due to the current situation it has been put on hold.
  • It would be good to have feedback from the council. They might be able to put something together in September, but needs to be thought about sooner and looked at who uses the level.
  • Need to think about the new mapping of the level and how to use it in the future. They don’t want to be left behind.
  • The Liaison group needs to get together before September, so there needs to be initial conversations with the group in the next couple of months.
  • Action Point: Simon Banister will be in contact with Maureen.
  • The PCSO’s have some ideas so would like to be linked in with the Level
  • The police are aware of the numbers of youths notsocial distancing and even there have also been incidents of fights breaking out.
  • They will let LAT know about the drug dealing that is happening on the streets not just on the Level but also around the Level, and moving around all the time.
  • This is a complex problem extending to the streets as well. Edinburgh road is a prominent road for this type of activity.
  • Emails have been sent in from the Level communities forum and the local residents, PCSO’s still need these reports to be sent to Sharon (PCSO) and her team.
  1. Time permitting – wider discussion on effect of Corona Virus on locality (transport, shops, community)
  • Need longer to discuss time to discuss this.
  1. AOB – nothing further.