Minutes and reports of AGM – 14th November 2017

London Road Area LAT – AGM 14th November 2017

Draft minutes of AGM 2017

1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

– apologies from Richard Grills (presuming ed), Lindsay Debach, Corinne Lamb, Daphne

– present: P.Wells (Chair), Allen Briggenshaw, Lucy Dunleavy (Vice-Chair), Sophia Anderson (trainee journalist), Cath Prenton, Elspeth Broady (London Road Station Partnership, Level Communities Forum), Mike Hedgethorne, Tony Firmin, Richard Baraball, Sandy Crowhurst (NLCA), Christina Bennet, Diane Chandler, Mark de Boissiere, Lucy Walker (UOS) and Clare Peace (UOS), Cllr Pete West (16)

2. Minutes of last meeting were accepted.

date of next meeting – December 12th

-update PCC Katy Bourne agreed to come 9th January 2018

3. AGM business – to receive reports and appoint Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer

– Mike Hedgethorne reported that during 2017 we had received a kind donation of £250 from a resident moving away who was grateful that the LAT had played a part in maintaining the value of his property. Total funds now £479.45. A donation of £50 had been made to the church in appreciation of the use of the building. (Noted that the Newsletter had been printed at zero cost to the LAT thanks to City Clean fund for that purpose)

– Outgoing chair P.Wells presented a summary report of the year. (attached).

during the report Cllr West updated us on “Bat and Ball Alley” saying that Simon Bannister has consulted via Council Committee for the blocking off of the alley. Those having rear access to this would need to be included – a lockable gate would be appropriate rather than complete bricking off. The car park is near the Level, and is in a wretched state. Cllr West had asked officers what was to be done about this bit of Council property.

– Mike Hedgethorne was nominated and unanimously re-elected as Treasurer

– Lucy Dunleavy was nominated and unanimously re-elected as Vice Chair

– Philip Wells was nominated and unanimously re-elected as Chair

4. Policing and Licensing (see minutes from last time),

(1) Marvans

Below is an email in regard to Marvans:

  • Marvans News 84 Beaconsfield Road Brighton BN1 6DD – current licensing hours for sale of alcohol 0800-20:00
  • application to extend hours for licensed sale of alcohol in morning and evening 0600-2300

We remember one another from some years ago when you used to deliver our papers.

I had been mandated by London Road Area Local Action Team (londonroadlat.wordpress.com) to flag up concern about the early opening hours and enquire what the thinking was.

  • You explained that you open early for newspapers and food, and that some of your customers came in early in the morning (e.g. those who had worked through the night) requested alcohol sales and it was awkward to refuse them as you are doing under the present licensing hours.
  • You also explained that when the Pride event happens you gain trade from late evening sales, and that currently you are obliged to apply for a Temporary Event Licence. Your present request would mean that you no longer would have to repeat this application. You also said that you would not be in the habit of opening the shop early AND staying open late since you and your wife run the business and live on the premises.
  • I pointed out that local off-licenses were opening at 0700 (Moni) or 0800 (Awkwrights), and that I would not want you to end up attracting and having to deal with “dodgy” customers especially if they were displaced from elsewhere.
  • I wondered whether you had considered commencing sale of alcohol at 0700 – which would match other premises, and not be significantly detrimental to trade?
  • I said I would refer back to the community group – [next full meeting November 14th 2017 18:30 – Calvary Church Hall]

The meeting agreed that we had no particular reason to argue that the proposed change would result in problems (e.g. anti-social behaviour).

** P Wells to pass this on to the Licensing people, and withdraw our objection.


(2) International Food and Wines

– the following extract from the public representation made by the police licensing authority was read out.

32. Wednesday 13th September 2017, 13:00.

A police licensing visit was conducted at the premises. Mustafa Donmez was on duty and described himself as the manager. He said that he was a personal licence holder but had yet to receive his personal licence, having only just taken his exam. Mustafa said Mr Pashazade was still the DPS, but he was still in Azerbaijan. Mustafa was challenged as to why he said Mr Pashazade was in Azerbaijan when everyone else involved with the running of the shop told police he was in Turkey. Mustafa reiterated that Azerbaijan was the correct destination, and that Mustafa had even been in Azerbaijan with Mr Pashazade. Mustafa was unable to say when Mr Pashazade would be returning to the UK. Mustafa was asked about the issue of the flat above the shop being Mr Pashazade’s official address as PLH on the premises licence for International Food & Wine. Mustafa confirmed that the shop had a key to gain access to 17a Preston Road to collect all mail.

Mustafa was asked about the recent large value theft of alcohol and asked to provide police with CCTV footage. CCTV footage being recorded externally and internally and retained for a minimum of 28 days is an express condition on the licence. Mustafa showed footage of the suspects on his mobile phone. When asked to download footage of the theft from the shop CCTV as per the condition, Mustafa replied that this was impossible as the shop CCTV only recorded for one day, and that this had been the case for some considerable time. This is clear breach of the licence condition for CCTV, with the period of time between the incident and this police visit being only nine days. Mustafa then told the officers that the CCTV footage was held at their head office, but he was unable to tell the officers the exact location of the head office, or whether the head office would be able to download the footage and provide it to police. Subsequently the premises nor the alleged head office has made any effort to provide the CCTV footage of the high value theft of alcohol. The attending officers explained to Mustafa that the CCTV must record for 28 days as per the licence condition annexe 2, condition 1, but Mustafa, in the opinion of the officers, seemed to be unconcerned about this. At no point did he make any assurances or say anything to confirm to the officers that this important security issue would be remedied.

It was agreed that we wished to uphold this review.

** P Wells to follow this up by attending the panel hearing (or whatever appropriate steps)

5. Newsletter

Many thanks to Lucy Dunleavy for following this up. The letters had been printed and had been delivered that very afternoon. Lucy had counted them out into packs and the packs were distributed to the various volunteers. A two-week period was agreed as target to get them all out.

** P.W. to send electronic copies to UOB and UOS for their local students

6. Updates

BID – after a fruitful effort in September, the follow-up meeting had been rather disappointing with only 5 people in attendance.

Sainsburys – the recent LAT chairs meeting had heard that Sainsburys was rolling out a plan to employ their own security staff with a remit extending into the surrounding area – rather like the previous TCLOs (Town Centre Liason Officers). Concern was expressed about the lines of accountability

– Lucy from UOS told people about their “Street Wise” scheme which involved people (3 pairs – male and female) patrolling from 22.00 to 0400 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to enhance sense of security when students etc were returning home. This involved UOS, UOB, and BIMM

– Bins update: no further information had been forthcoming.

** P.W. to ask Cllr Jill Mitchell to come and tell us

7. Any other business – please notify beforehand

finish at 19:45

Chairs report for 2016-2017 is posted separately