London Road Area LAT Minutes 12th September 2017

London Road Area LAT Minutes 12th September 2017

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
  • apologies from: Mark and Daphne, Nick Ford, Oxford street, Philip
  1. Minutes of last meeting (posted) and date of next meeting
  • October 10th next meeting
  1. Policing and Licensing
  • Has been requested but no response.
  • Stanley road drug dealing still happening the mode of transport they are using are BMWs, Bikes, foot etc – it is especially bad in summer, particularly in Lorne road
  • There is suggestion of a house that is being used and working from.
  • Police have been contacted but not done anything about it residents need to email it in when they see it.

Contact the practice manager at St Peters medical centre about the issues on the street.


  1. Update on Oxford Street – following on from last meeting work has been begun on addressing the multiple issues around drugs, prostitution and other gross behaviour in and around Oxford Street car park and the alley next to Bat and Ball.
  • Had an email from Nick Ford – Simon Bannister moving things forward re the alleyway, which is owned by the council.
  • Philip, Nick and the police are aware of this and came for a meeting. Ongoing problems of drugs, prostitution, urinating, grafitti, anti-social behaviour
  • Not sure who owns the no-mans land of the car park at the back of the surgery
  • It was suggested can we can find out if we can open the Open Market toilets that were recently closed down- AP
  • Could we not get in touch with Katy Bourne (police commissioner) to attend, this could come from a advert of the LAT in the Preston pages. Confirmation is needed before we do this.
    • Ask Katy to talk about the strategy in dealing with the drug dealers etc- email her ASAP
  • A question was raised: Does the problem span from the services and the police even more being reduced its being paid for by who?


  1. Update on Viaduct Road communal binsan update has been requested. No response on this

The last response was July since we last spoke to the person involved

Tracy from City Clean’s email:

This meeting requests an update urgently !!


  1. Newsletter – a draft newsletter will be presented and we need a cunning plan for production and distribution.
  • There is a draft, which is very, good mix of graphics and text.
  • It needs to be printed
  • City clean will get this printed, can it be on colored paper/yellow not white was requested at the meeting
  • 2000 copies are to be printed
  • Volunteers for distribution was requested and asked for at the meeting for volunteers- Tracy needs to be asked again about the printing.
  • At the meeting the roads were divided up to residents in streets that volunteered  to distribute alongside a few more by email, (NB Tony and Mike away for October).
  • Need to look at the dates in the leaflet and make sure it’s up to date, depending on when it’s going out. Put in the AGM date? Soiree date?
  • Email requesting distribution will go out when all is ready and it is time to hand them out.


  1. Other updates

Help was requested regarding planning application in Winchester Street and a response was given.

Nothing to say as of yet regarding this


  1. Any other business
    • No date for the AGM
      • Needs to take place end of the year, possibly November?
      • Could  the crime commissioner be requested to speak , possibly at a future soiree? If so, can this be mentioned in the Preston Pages to draw people along?


  • Lucy to speak to Philip



  • Brighton students 23rd and 24th move into their accommodation, if there are issues then let him know ASAP when they first have a problem.
    • Get in there early to squash the issue or a habit, the rules and regulations are explained in inductions to the students and it is a requirement to the HMO landlord.
  • There is a HMO meeting with Tracy hill coming up
    • September 21st- Yewtree café 6;30pm at Preston barracks


  • Dates for your diary
    • Next meet 10th October
    • November 14th-  AGM on this day?