LAT Minutes 13th Feb 2018



Andy Winter (BHT), Kristina- Equinox, Andy Keefe, Christina Bennett, Councillor Pete West, Lucy Dunleavy, Mike Hedgethorne, Kirsty Munro

This meeting clashes with other meetings and half term.

Present: A. Brigginshaw, Cath Preston, Rebecca Nash, Annie Morris, Jo Davis, Mark & Daphne de Boissiere, Janice Beckett, Tony Firmin, Nikki Harper, Adrian Ash, Philip Wells, Corinne Lamb (13)

  1. Welcome and introductions

  • Rubbish collection has not been collected in Stanley Road and Warleigh road.

  • Drug dealing is happening around Preston circus and Elder Place and up towards the station, residents have noticed more and have rung it in. On top of the existing drug taking around Lorne Road, which was raised at the last LAT meeting.

  • Nikki Harper raised the issue of parking, drug dealing and graffiti, which has got worse in the Barrows.

    • There is issue of white goods being dumped at the Open Market end of the street. The Barrows Residents Association are aware of this, and the Peri Peri restaurant drivers’ issue.

  • It has been agreed to stop the constant traffic going up and down the Barrows by putting a sign outside Presuming Ed shop. The Barrows has asked the Council to arrange getting markings to make it safer for pedestrians.

  • There are new planning laws and permissions that the Barrow residents are aware of and have agreed to, but have been put on hold due to resignation of person in charge of the project. This has meant developers have had to step in to take charge of the project.

  1. Minutes of last meeting (Jan 9th 2018) – date of next meeting – March 13th

Action from last minutes

  • Police budget: Philip Wells wrote to Kate Bourne’s secretary to get the correct amount, that was mentioned at the LAT meeting with Katy Bourne.

  • Philip Wells agreed to get in touch with Chris Veale to agree having a PCSO attend the meetings at least once a ¼, 4 times a year, for a pre arranged ½ slot. 2 hours a year.

  1. Policing and Licensing

    1. Thoughts on PCC Katy Bourne and Chief Inspector Chris Veale’s visit

  • The drug dealing issue was brought up again.

  • Chris Veale had no notes, and residents felt like he was passing the buck on a variety of questions directed at him.

    1. Licensing – there is a new application to replace the revoked licence at International Food and Wines. It appears to be from someone closely linked with the last regime.

  • The name on the new application is the same name as the old one, which is very odd and made people suspicious of the new application.

  • Philip read out the David Bateup letter who knew people who were overseeing the case at the hearing.

  • The footprint of the shop is not the same as the actual dimensions of the premises.

  • The deadline is 16th February for objections to the new application by International Food and Wines.

Action: Philip to put forward that the LAT objects to the licence application

  1. Graffiti – upsurge in local incidents

  • There is no council officer dealing with the issues of graffiti anymore.

  • This was raised at the last meeting to Chris Veale.

  • The issue of tagging still needs to be reported to the police as the police can identify who is doing the tagging by the tags.

  • Resident noted that Beaconsfield road has had a increase in tagging and graffiti in the recent days.

  • London road station has been heavily targeted with graffiti but local resident Mark de Boissiere is doing a sterling effort in waging war over the people doing it at the station. Mark B (resident) is keeping the police informed of this ongoing issue.

  • Philip read out the correspondence from Simon Banister.

  • The Salvation Army wall has been targeted with graffiti, the owner has written to Simon Banister regarding this.

  • Rebecca Nash noted that the University of Brighton building on the Lewes Road has got new graffiti on it.

  • There seems to be a trend in where is it done, which is that it always seems to be dangerous places on buildings.

  • Simon Banister reply to the issue of tagging.

    • In his letter is stated that he is willing to work with and listen to residents in how he can help. The council is able to pay for paint that people need to use for cleaning up their buildings.

    • City Clean has some funding that can help with the cases of graffiti and tagging.

Restorative justice team

  • Tim Reed is member of the council, who deals with issues that require restorative justice and is linked with the police.

  • Action: Philip Wells, to ask Tim Reed to come and explain this at a future meeting.

  1. Updates

    1. Data protection for mailing list.

  • There is new Data protection legislation coming in on 25th May 2018, called “Record of informed consent”. This means making sure email notifications about meeting need to be agreed by members of the LAT. Members are given the option to opt in or out of receiving the emails.

  • Member’s emails will be stored on mail chimp and this is a secure database.

  • There are a lot of names on the mailing list that are historic.

  • A question was raised asking ‘can we reverse this and wipe the historic people from list.

  • The solution has to be something positive, should we only send items to people when asked. No decision was made on this Philip was just flagging this issue, for residents to be aware of.

Action: LAT needs to make the decision on either getting rid of mailing list and start again, or email members couple of times and then start again from scratch.

    1. Reply about Viaduct Road communal bins from Adrian Ash, Interim Assistant Director – City Environmental Management.

  • The date for completion is an indicative date for completion, of the 1st June 2018.

Action: Philip Wells acknowledged this and will send out replies from residents.

  • There is no official day set up by the council or City Clean for when they will start to deal with the issue on Viaduct Road, or any signs up for which days the bins are being collected.

  • If the University’s owns the house there is a process both university’s follow to get the students to clean up their bins if it is reported.

  • Residents can get in touch with the university through Rebecca Nash at for Sussex University and Andy Keeffe for Brighton university, or City Clean. Please send photos to Rebecca of the student house in question.

    1. Oxford Court – progress & financing of PSPO gating

  • Nothing to report.

Action: Philip needs to follow up with Chris Veale.

    1. Sainsbury’s Community guardians

  • Sainsbury’s currently use security from BCRP.

Action: Philip to have a chat with police rep on Friday 16th February.

    1. Clyde Road phone box removal

  • Nothing to report.

    1. Fire engine access Stanley Road

  • A variety of suggestions were raised in how to tackle drivers coming across the pavement in front of the Duke of York’s, which is a continuing issue, due to the Fire station bollards being broken.

  • The suggestion of a drop curb was suggested but the fire engines are very low and would damage the vehicles if this were to happen.

Action: Janice to ask the Fire station if a no entry sign on the road can be put in place. Philip can flag this up at the LAT chairs meeting and this chase again.

    1. Zone J parking – not working for local residents

  • Email read out about lack of parking spaces up to Fiveways.

  • Philip flagged this up again to raise awareness of the issue and that there are huge vehicles parking in the zone.

  • There are 2 available parking tickets per household.

    1. Would we like a presentation on the “Community Infrastructure Levy”

  • There are some changes coming to the current system.

  • Cathy Preston could speak about this at the next meeting and find out about up coming changes.

  • There is a percentage that is set on development for the community, and is imposed by the percentage per unit.

  • Councils control this, but have to be transparent in spending.

  • Applications don’t have to wait for a developer to come on board, as there should be money in the pot. (A sill payment divided up by area, there is still money from open market and the station).

  1. Any other business

  • The bins by London road station, by the Signalman have been disappearing.

Action: Philip to ask city clean about this issue.

  • Date of next meeting- March 13th 2018