LAT minutes May 6th 2014

The  minutes are below:

Note 1: the fuller version of the presentation that Jim Mayor gave is Valley Gardens Concept Scheme for Consultation

Note 2: The link for the petition to the Save the Rose Hill Tavern is here, and the facebook reference is here


London Road Area Local Action Team Agenda
Tuesday 6th May / 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions


Pete Davies (Cascade Creative Recovery), Joan Harris (from Hyde, connected with Open Market), Brandon Harris, Kara (Watkin Jones), PCSO Sharon, PCSO Nic Harrison,
Joe Nichols (Portas Town Team Manager, Elder Place Project- commented that he met minister for Portas Pilot who is very impressed, plans for a new portas portal, also that there is a lot of interest in currently vacant property eg old Santander building etc),
Christopher Tucker (University of Sussex, local resident), Chris Harvey-Jones (Rosehill Terrace)

Richard James(Rosehill Tavern Project -wants it to be saved rather than being turned into flats. It has been around for 144 years and is part of the area’s heritage. It is a community asset, has been involved in showcasing up-and-coming bands, street party. Have 42 signatures on paper to be sent to council and a further 397 signatures online. Also have support of local press).

Michelle Nall (also from Rosehill Tavern action group), Ian Davey, Jim Mayor. Jan Rooney (Substance Misuse), James Murphy (CRI) , Mike Hedgethorne, Tony Firmin, Richard Barraball, Shirley May (DRARA) Bob Chilton, Sylvia Chilton, John of John’s camping, Eve Jacobs-Bannon ,

Emma Gutteridge (professional photographer, doing project on changes in London Road),

Holly Cooper (Brighton Festival – promoting installation at ONCA Gallery called ‘Bring the Happy’ where people come and tell happy stories about London Road. 10th to 19th May 11-7pm),
Nile Amos (Community Safety – here standing in for Simon Bannister),

Michael Hamilton (local resident, here about Rosehill Tavern), Maire McQueeny , Andy Winter, (Cllr Pete West – present but left early), P. Wells (chair, resident) Katharine Crompton (resident, secretary)
= 31 present

Apologies: Scott Crossley (Equinox), Jonathan Ridley, Tim Read, Amanda Healey (Headteacher at St Bartholomews).

2. Minutes from previous meeting (April 1st 2014 – please see website)

3. Policing matters and Licensing (if any)

Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:
Graffiti and fly-tipping (plus possible drug dealing) in Stanley Road
Shop-lifting in London Road
Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

PCSO Sharon comments: there is a considerable drop in numbers of street drinkers. They like St Peters and the Level. Shoplifting – figures only as good as ppl calling it in. Town Team Liason people are doing well and dealing with shoplifting but police don’t always know about figures. Two prolific shoplifters were recently arrested. There is lots of theft of computers and bikes.

Ian Davy wants to emphasise importance of giving information to Open Market owners about shoplifting. PCSO Sharon comments that it’s important not to leave any valuables around in cafes etc as there are thieves who walk around looking for stuff to nick.

Michelle comments that there is drug-dealing on the Level playground (children’s area, not just grass area)

Meeting agrees to swap Stanley Road for ASB the Level. James Murphy agrees.

New Priorities are:

– prevention of shoplifting in London Road
– prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road
– surveillance for and prevention of any resurgence of drug-dealing, street drinking, anti-social behaviour on Level – especially during the summer months
PW suggests he may go to meeting re proposed opening of Kebab Nites to demur on behalf of the meeting.

4. Major Item – presentation on plans for public realm and traffic flow in Valley Gardens, and London Road – speaker Jim Mayor, Projects Manager, City Council
Jim will remind us of the form and progress of the Valley Gardens project in the area from St. Peters south to the Pavilion. He will sketch out some of the possibilities for London Road – with the proviso that funding is limited and future decisions will be made by elected representatives.

Jim presented an edited and abbreviated powerpoint presentation, the full version is attached to the minutes

Questions were asked regarding: the Mazda fountain, links with bus routes, timing and cost.

As to London Road – various suggestions were made: pedestrian crossings, unpleasant “puddling” on low spots in the pavement (see later)

The meeting gave thanks to Jim and a round of applause.

5. Matters arising and updates
a) Portas Pilot project – Website up and running New business have launched since last meeting. There are some newly empty shops and interest being shown in them. (see above)

b) Elder Place project (see above)

c) Co-op redevelopment
Kara comments that there is lots going on – furniture and fittings in various rooms. Timetable. PW comments that he was sent photos of traffic clogging due to road closures. Kara comments that she will get further details, there are letter-drops to local housing. Chris comments that he gets dust, fumes etc. Michelle comments on 3 cement lorries there at once and that cleaning ought to take place.. Kara says she will talk to the site manager to ensure the road is kept clean.
Mike Hedgethorne comments on dangerous lack of pavement on Baker Street, despite assurances that this would be improved.

d) The Level – AGM was held. Next meeting: Tuesday 20 May 2014, in the MacLaren Pavilion, The Level. Maire McQueeny encourages support for this.

e) London Road Traders Association (nothing to report)

f) Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association – see above. Links will be put on DRARA website. PW comments there is a corresponding link on LAT website.

g) Open Market:
Progress: “The Barrows” are now being inhabited. Opening 23rd of may – issues with banks, solicitors, insurance etc. Ian Davey comments that 39 out of 45 stalls are let. Can only be finalised once there is a date. Once everyone is in there will be a proper opening end of June/start of July. Query re public toilets – Ian Davey comments that they will be there.

To note:
f) pedestrian crossing timings London Road: – no further feedback
Tony asks Jim to do something about road crossing encouraging crossings. Chris comments about puddle. Jim remarks that these have been noted.

7. AOB. Shirley May comments on Brighton – Seaford line anniversary celebration – main attraction will be a steam engine 7th June 2014

7.1 “Save the Rose Hill Tavern” – The venue for the planned STRHT meeting is not available so time has been offered by the chair at short notice to discuss this issue at the LAT under AOB . If there is not sufficient leeway within the normal LAT meeting to accommodate all necessary discussion – as is almost certain to be the case – then an optional “after meeting” will be offered. This is not quite what either group was originally planning, but hopefully some positive progress can be made in this way. P.W. 23.00 5/5/14

Held over: Viaduct Road – pavement cycling, wheely bins, general appearance. To tackle this would need considerable effort and energy e.g. to invite one of the major Letting Agencies– shall we make it an agenda item for June? July?

Mike Hedgethorne queries – PW comments that a meeting would need some preparation – maybe one month is too soon? Bob Chilton asks about CityClean. PW says it should be put the agenda for June.

Dates of next meeting: AGM June 3rd 2014, (June 12th 10.00 am mini-meeting for Stanley Road)

The formal meeting closed, and a follow-on meeting was held chaired by “”Save the Rose Hill Tavern” representatives.


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