Minutes for London Road LAT 20th April 2021

1. Welcome, apologies, introduction


Cllr Sue Shanks- BHCC councilor Health and Wellbeing board Chair

Katie Blood- St Bartholomew’s- Head Teacher

Lucy- ‘Quiet Down there’ based in the Open market

Philip Wells (Chair)

Corinne Lamb (Notes)

Curtis Tappenden- Clyde road

Mike Hawthorne

Leah Milner- Shaftesbury road

Andrew Keeffe- University of Brighton communications officer

Tony Firmin- Governor of St Bartholomew’s primary school

James Walmsley- Shaftesbury Road

Peter and Judi Lynn

Jim Grozier

Catherine Dignan BHCC- parking infrastructure manager

Kolamen- Off License 47 Preston Road

PCSO IIysha Shorten- Ward St Peters and North Laine

Michel Creedy


Sandy Crowhurst (NLCA)

Catherine (NLCA)

Rob Rosenthal

Lucy Dunleavy (Vice Chair)

Father Ben Eaden (St Barts)

Lucy Walker (UOS liaison)

Inspector Robinson- will come next time

On this occasion there was a confusion about the Council Officer starting the meeting and it started late, on a different account.

2. Minutes of last meeting and date of next meeting June1st.

  • Agreed and accepted

3. Main items

Policing – introduce new PCSO’s – priorities, + Shaftesbury Road car vandalism

  • Judy (resident of Providence Place) met a lady who pointed out the broken tennis table is caused by skateboarders late at night and there is cracks and on one side now of it now slops, has emailed councilor Pete West said this will be sorted and would possibly have to be removed.
  • On the positive there is a resident lady is keen to chat to neighbours on their views of the area. She would be a very valuable insight into area. The artwork by the Hotel has been destroyed on Providence place. There are plans going forward to stop this from happening again.
    • PCSO- the area is on their radar in regards to skateboards, if we can prove this is happening, it is a criminal offence. The manager of the hotel needs to be provide proof and it will be prosecuted.
    • Skateboarders are also at St Peters late at night.
    • The police are aware of this and during lockdown the council closed the level and they have noticed that when they do get turned away from the Level they go down to St Peters. This is noise related and as such is environmental health. PCSO’s are aware of these things, and will flag this up and will be raised again at the next meeting.

Shaftesbury road issues

  • There has been some disturbance by the garage area on the archway, near no.90 and the police were called and had to restrain a man. There was also a man that had been attacked because he was involved in drugs in the past and he was punched. This has been reported to the police officers would be dealt with the response police. This would have been dealt with a separate team from the PCSO’s
  • Katie Blood (St Bart’s school): there is evidence of people on the roof again after school hours. No real damage but is concerning. PCSO’s are aware, but if they can be given times this is happening, they can do patrols around the area and engage with them. If there is CCTV on the school site and will be taken up and reported. Their cameras at school are broken at present. It will be best to report these incidents to 101 or online.
    • Action Point: Katie to speak to Mike and Tony re money that can be spent on this possibly.

Car Parking Zone J – principles and update – Council Officer Catherine Dignan

  • Zone J is due for review is on the parking scheme timetable but this review has slipped. The council will be contacting residents in zone J next month for their views. This is with view to possible reduction of Zone J and will be on a the basis of the review from residents and their comments etc. From these results they will feed the results they will be given to Environment Transport Sustainability committee, with a way forward. From this a report will be written and then go back to residents with detail from the initial contact. This could well be a move for a geographical split into 2 or 3 smaller sub-zones. Overall what residents want and feedback on this the Council will go by.
  • Each time the Zone J was grown the residents were not asked about the growth – so it ends up with something the original responders did not expect that they were voting for.

Each time the zones grow the officers are learning lessons about how to improve theme CPZ’s and they recognize that cross commuting does occur. They will get questions out to residents next month.

  • The Parking infrastructure is a small team who deal with implementation of zones. Catherine’s colleagues in communications deal with permits but if there is anything she can’t answer will pass on to colleagues.
  • Resident: There has been a lack of space for a long time and it has been a fight to get one. When zone J was introduced it was really good for a period of time. More recently it has become worse, he can rarely park. It has become a situation where residents never take their cars out as the limited spaces, and also sense that residents have lost their freedom to park outside their house. This has been the case for other residents who live the other end of the street, particularly between 6:30-7 pm, and agrees it has been worse very recently, could be due to lockdown. They have also noticed the issue is overnight and early evening.
  • CD: There is a ratio on parking spaces issued which is 10 spaces for 10 permits, it is not at full capacity, according to their figures. There are almost 500 spaces issued. There might be saturation at the bottom of the road. This is where the geographical split might need to happen.
  • Can talk about this as the process unfolds, and come back to this meeting, after first consultation, and we can see if there is possibly a change. Enforcement: there is never going to be a 24-hour enforcement scheme in place. Always going to be up to 8pm for any scheme and after that cut-off time no permits needed.

It will be interesting to see if people have second vehicles and they decide to leave them in neighbouring streets and what the impact of the divided scheme would be.

  • There is a huge problem with waiting lists for other zones that can be up to a year. It is difficult to balance the needs of all the different areas across the city. However the review into zone J is in residents’ favour. There have been certain things that have been queried, for example marking out exact bays and signs. Traffic department decides these. In the past it has been asked for marked individual bays, but there has been problems with sized of cars for these (i.e. small car in bigger bay wastes space) and she discourages this approach. The best way is to mark a strip of road, without any individual bays marked.
  • The question was asked if the council can take a snapshot of whom the cars belong to and where they live, but it is a large strain on resources. The council could ask NSL (parking enforcement) to do a survey on the permits used on (say) Shaftesbury road.
    • Action Point: Catherine can investigate on a limited basis but more importantly the consultation is the best way going forward.

Quiet Down There – showcasing a wonderful local CIC

  • The project is a Community arts association located in the open market, they have been there for four years. They work charities, shops and libraries, and in the market and are part of the Traders Association. They have done 2 projects so far. They have a new project to do with developing a community launderette for the London road area. They are doing a consultation at the moment. This includes a free wash and dry, that has machines big enough for 9kg of washing for free. They will then ask residents questions on whether or not they would use the launderette and laundry habits and usage.
  • They are opening in June; they are in studio 6 on the balcony of the Open market.
    Action Point: Philip will put out the material about this on the website and Lucy will come back next time with photos etc.


1. Providence Place Steering Group – next meeting will be April 27th

Nothing to report they have a meeting coming up next week. They need to come up with an approach and talking about ideas to get the project done and the best approach when the project manager comes on board.

2. Level – if any

3. Open Market – if any

4. AOB