LAT Minutes 2nd September 2014

Minutes 2nd September 2014

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions


Chair’s introduction:

we are a community group bringing together residents, traders, Police, councillors, Council officers, providers of services etc.


We’ve been going since late 2008 – according to our constitution our boundaries are St Peters, the Level, the railway in west & north.

We are non-political, aim to solve problems that we are agreed on by consensus of the meeting, and work via partnership working = goodwill and trust. Some things we can’t achieve, but over the years there are many things that we have achieved together and contributed to significantly with others.



apologies: Amanda Healey St Barts, Jim Mayor – Project manager, Paula Goncalves – prov Place, Alex Cobb :S&J Letting agents, Charles Dudley – UOS residential services, Bob & Sylvia Chilton, Elspeth (DRARA), Lucy Dunleavy (Vice-Chair), Robert Grant (Richardson’s Yard), Richard Baraball (by email)

invitations – thank to Cathy for inviting all Viaduct Road residents via flier delivered to every house, also invitation to Homelets + Pavilion Letting agencies by phone and email – no reply

welcome to:

James Wood (Creative Recovery – tells us about event on 6th Sept at Open Market), Andy Winter, Simon Bannister (Council Environment Improvement team), Doug Simmonds (Licensing Consultant), Nicola Lokko (with James Watts), James Watts (developer), John Aleas Yaza (Barber, Oxford Street trader), Kenny (Duke of Yorks), Martin Poole (St Lukes), Michael French (Viaduct Road landlord), Janet, Jonathan Ridley (Community Safety), PCSOs Nic Harrison + Sharon Birt, Kevin, Chris, Jackie (Viaduct Road), Scott Crossely (Equinox), Penny King (Viaduct Road – complains of severe problems with rubbish, bins left on street, health and safety, the view is appalling). Mark Hosmer (Church of Christ the King), Sandy Crowhurst (North Laine Community Association), Tony Firmin (resident), Mike Hedgethorne (resident), Jan Rooney (Substance Misuse), Angie Meaden-Bonnel (DRARA), Bob Curtis (representing London Road Traders), Andrew Breary (One Brighton), Mark and Daphned Duboissier (residents), Chris Drew (Chair Open Market traders – Real Pattiserie), Steve Munser-Knight (Studio 45, Open Market), Mohammed Asaduzzaman (Goa Spice of Life, Open Market), Cllr Ian Davey, Cathy Reeves (Vice Chair), Philip Wells (Chair)

= 35 present + some others unnamed.




2. Minutes of last meeting – 1 July 2014

were agreed.


3. Policing and Licensing

Discussion of policing priorities.

On th Level there have been incidents of young people being bullied by an individual known to Community Safety Team. This might lead to an ASBO.

There have been no incidents of serious disorder (e.g. as perhaps in the past), but low-level incidents including smoking cannabis continue to happen. In one recent incident – via intelligence – an individual was stopped and searched in a way which might deter others.

The ROC (“Redeeming Our Communities” inter church team of “City Park Chaplains”) had done some trial sessions with 6 trained people on Saturday afternoons. They were not intended to deal with criminal issues, but keep the peace, These received commendation from PCSOs “brilliant”.

Result of discussion: retain existing policing priorities

– prevention of shoplifting in London Road

– prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

– surveillance for and prevention of any resurgence of drug-dealing, street drinking, anti-social behaviour on Level

Development – Providence Place

– developer James Watts will present plans to develop the present Brighton Arts Club site (Providence Place facing the side of St Barts.) via complete demolition and rebuild into a conference centre/wedding hotel with enclosed function rooms and en-suite bedrooms.

Doug and James gave a powerpoint presentation describing the current setting, the intended development, and likely impacts.

James described the plan – to include very high quality catering, pick up on “foody” interest, hold conferences, weddings/pre-booked private hire in weekends. This is NOT a nightclub or a pub.

Questions were asked e.g. how can licensing application not open the way for a future (less responsible) owner/establishment. Answer was – it will be tightly specified in the application.

Further questions were answered and James offered to make more information available as requested.


[At some point it was asked whether the idea of Wetherspoons taking part of the bottom floor of Abacus house was confirmed – no licensing application had been made as far as we know]

3. Viaduct Road improvements – with invitations to letting agents, residents, City Clean, Council enforcement Officers, etc

– Viaduct Road residents and responsible landlords repeated and emphasised the problems for themselves and/or their tenants. i.e. bins left out, rubbish in frontage areas, pavement cycling, poor visual state, traffic noise and pollution.


Simon B. reported that the hoped-for walkabout had not managed to happen, his efforts had not been reciprocated by colleagues in other departments.

Mark Warner – who had previously agreed to take action with both tenants and landlords/letting agents was not present, and had sent in no update prior to the meeting.

Members commented adversely on this situation observing forcefully that two months had elapsed since the previous meeting (July 1st 2014|) and no action appeared to have taken place.

James Watts said it was always possible to do a land registry search and thus contact individual landlords.

Councillor Davey volunteered to write a letter to progress this matter.

Chair said he would write an email communicating the meeting’s disappointment.

It was agreed that we would press ahead patiently seeking progress on all fronts e.g. City Clean, Letting Agents, Council Enforcement, Public Realm, tenants, residents, University Accommodation etc.

4. Greenway (i.e walkway across old railway bridge on New England Hill popping out below Jury’s Inn) – can we pull various interested parties together to give this area some care and attention?

– Martin reported that considerable progress had been made bringing together the “Friends First” unemployed/support project at CCK (Church of Christ the King), Parks Department, Simon Bannister, City Farm, food partnership, Prestonville residents/gardeners etc.

There were some uncertainties about the exact ownership of the land (Sainsburys, Network Rail)

There would be tidy-up and gardening days in September. Possible contamination might raise issues about food crops, but other gardening could proceed.

Andrew Breary raised the matter of communication this with the immediate residents, especially in the light of the demise of the previous residents association.


5. The next Community Safety forum – do we want to contribute any questions or proposals

– no decision

6. Updates and news

a. voting for London Road improvement. See pdf here. Jim Mayor asks us for a view on the following

The indicative amount of £750k had become and actual amount of £40k

The options we have shortlisted for short term improvements are:

1: A General Clean / Smarten Up / Tidy – including a community noticeboard near the Duke of Yorks, and Rosehill Terrace planter.

2: Minor Improvements to Preston Circus

3: Improvements to the Oxford Street / Ann St Crossing


Councillor Davey corrected the chair – the money had not been cut, but diverted, e.g. the Seafront Arches.

Votes were choice (1) = 7 votes, choice (3) = 5votes. This was not an overwhelming majority, and would be reported back to the Council as it stands.

People were encouraged to email in their thoughts to the Council department.


b. London Road Traders updates (if any)

– Portas Pilot project is hoping to transmute into a “Business Improvement District” BID


c. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

-nothing to add


d. Portas Scheme (there are plans to form a Community Interest Company to continue the work of the Town Centre Liaison Officers + website),

e. the Level Forum – feedback via Cathy from recent meeting

– the Level had been proving very popular. A deep clean for broken glass was requested. There was a need for flattening the lawn as it was getting uneven, table tennis tables were requested.

Solid barbecue stands (via College students?) would be preferable to damaging the grass.

Upcoming events: Book Fair 9/9/14, 13th Sept – Cycle Tour of Britain, 3-5 October = Lantern Fayre,


f. former Co-op – students are to begin moving in by stages on 5th September

– a trader mentioned the cost of parking a car in Oxford Street car park: some discussion, but this was off-topic at this point.

g. Providence Place Gardens – work has commenced on roadway beside Costa Coffee

h. Christmas lights

it was noted that the London Road update from Jim Mayor had stated that “Shine on London Road #2” was being planned, so not necessary to seek further funding.


7. Any other business (please notify Chair before the start of the meeting)

Resilience – meeting requesting the presence of LAT people on October 23rd to discuss e.g. how communities can support one another in floods, snowy weather, etc.

The meeting closed at around 20.15



Police statistics are appended below


 Addendum – Police Statistics for July 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 7
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 31
Criminal damage 5
Medical (drugs/drinking) 7
Road Traffic Collision 9
Suspicious 24
Theft 17
Theft – just shoplifting 34
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 14

Police Statistics for August 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 5
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 22
Burglary 2
Criminal damage 4
Medical (drugs/drinking) 8
Road Traffic Collision 10
Suspicious 13
Theft 23
Theft – just shoplifting 24
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 17


Stats for the Level

Police Statistics for May 2014:

Police Statistics for May 2014:

The Level and surrounding
Anti-Social Behaviour 13
Burglary 0
Criminal damage 3
Medical (drugs/drinking) 5
Road Traffic Collision 2
Suspicious 13
Theft 7
Violence (assault, fighting) 8
Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 3
Police Statistics for June 2014:
The Level and surrounding
Anti-Social Behaviour 32
Burglary 2
Criminal damage 1
Medical (drugs/drinking) 2
Road Traffic Collision 5
Suspicious 17
Theft 12
Shoplifting 8
Violence (assault, fighting) 11
Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 1


Police Statistics for July 2014:
The Level and surrounding
Anti-Social Behaviour 26
Burglary 3
Criminal damage 4
Medical (drugs/drinking) 13
Road Traffic Collision 2
Suspicious 18
Theft 10
Shoplifting 8
Violence (assault, fighting) 19
Police Activity (warrants/arrests etc) 2


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