draft Minutes London Road LAT 13th November 2018

Minutes of LAT 13th November 2018
  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions


Andy Winter, Sandy Crowhurst (NLCA), Lucy Walker (UOS), Inspector Paul Ransome, Cllr Pete West

present: Adrian Hill (Stanley Road), A Brigginshaw (Stanley Road), M Gray, David Page (BHCC – Safe in the City), Judi Lynn, Peter Lynn (Providence Place), Rowen Mitchell (Equinox), Cath Prenton, Lucy Dunleavy (Vice-Chair), Mike Hedgethorne, Tony Firmin, Elspeth Broady (DRARA, LRSP, Greenway), Andy Keeffe (UOB), Simon Banister (BHCC), Councillor Louisa Greenbaum, Philip Wells, Corinne Lamb,

(17 present)

  1. Minutes of last meeting – scheduled date of next meeting 11th December t.b.c.

Minutes were accepted.


Next meeting – query, do we think it desirable to meet in December – proposed to meet on 11th December and have a short meeting if necessary.


  • To be held in January. The speaker that was suggested for the meeting was Derek Wright, who is involved with the Valley Gardens project.

ACTION PHIL: Invite Derek Wright to come and speak at the AGM.

  • Clair Moonen (BHCC) could be another idea for the speaker on Homelessness

  1. Main item – Providence Place tent dwellers

This item is to do with the complaint raised by residents of Providence Lofts about people camping on the pavement area of this new development. The pavement is found to be private property i.e. not Council or Public land. Tent dwellers had begun to occupy this space and this had led to issues of drug paraphernalia and use of the space as a toilet etc.

  • There is an issue of a tent community have been camped in Providence Place, this has been flagged up to the council.

  • Part of the issue is lighting in the area is poor, especially outside Providence Lofts (near Ransoms and in Anne’s Street). There is only one light that is working, there is meant to be 2 lights but one is not working.

  • The doors at the back of Pure Gym are being used for behavior that is unacceptable and unpleasant.

  • The tents were on the grass behind Costa.

  • There were 3 tents by Providence Lofts, and on private land, they were there for 3 weeks, over this period, drug dealing was happening. The advice is to call 999 if there is open drug use.

  • They were asked to move on, but they didn’t, other items were found like blood and tissues.

  • The residents have tried all the different homeless centres and outreach but nothing has made them go away, because of the difficulties involved in it being a private development.

  • It took help from Sharon (PCSO) to finally make them leave.

  • Equinox and all agencies were updated regarding this case. However this is not a quick fix to sort out these situations. The process for filing a incident with the police and local authorities is; when emailed a incident it is logged and then is forced on internally. There is also a reporting guide that David (BHCC) passed around at the meeting, this will be passed around the LAT and put on the website. Action Point: Philip

  • LG: There are lots of tents in other areas around the city and this isn’t isolated issue. The issue is going to be worse before it gets better due to the neighboring local councils are going to close their hostels. Resulting in lack of support for the shelters so more tents are likely to be seen.

  • However Brighton is going to get a new shelters and places including SWEP in various locations, as well as church shelters etc. Louisa Cllr has asked for briefing on this. Councils are cracking down people without local connections, making it harder for these people to find a bed or a place.

  • Builders vans are parking on residents of Providence Lofts land and half on the building site of the new hotel (Beatnik Breaks). Their vans are also blocking the pavement for pedestrians.

  • The residents never see traffic wardens. CP: Site access is stated in their contract and should be in line with planning approval. This issue needs to be followed up with contractor and council enforcement.

  • There are areas of Brighton that have places where things are missed and vice versa for parking tickets to be enforced. If the issue is huge you can call the police if it gets really bad.

  • The builders’ behaviour is unacceptable to the local residents who have recently moved into the new build. CP: The builders contract should outline how they should behave. It was suggested that residents should go back to the client and complain about the behaviour they have experienced.

  • The lower levels of the new apartments are not occupied because 1st and 2nd stage planning application got turned down. The glass-fronted space has problems with the lease, so remains empty.

  • SB: David Page and Simon Banister are looking at ways to improve the Providence Place. There is a historic study of Providence Place and how it has changed over the years and what improvements are outstanding and what has improved over time. The next step is to talk to residents of the area, which has started and will continue in the new-year.

  • Part of the issue is that no has lived in this area for a long time until now; it is changing from no one cares to people living in the area who care; there are also ongoing plans for further development in the area. (e.g. New England House and Vantage Point)

  • SB: A positive aspect is of this are, is that Oxfam have persuaded their landlord to get a gate at the back of their shop, this has been granted.

  • SB: Providence place is very fully tagged and covered in graffiti. The city council are always looking for a sustainable solution.

    • There is a Transport meeting in November that is going to look at different ways to tackle the tagging and graffiti.

    • Graffiti can sometime occur as a cultural manifestation or is named street art. Again the council are looking at how they can get the community view of it and then work together, to solve the issue of what is graffiti and what is art.

  1. Other updates

Level – update

  • Nothing more to update from Inspector Paul Ransome but there was a news item on the TV about the Level recently indicating successful arrests.

  • There has been a campaign of paper stickers about how people don’t want more cops at the Level.

  • On the other hand young people have been Tweeting about how the police have made the Level feel safer.

“Bat and Ball Alley” – update

  • The council has drafted the order for a gate. There is not enough money and the offers from traders have not yet materialised.

  • The money that they do have will be put towards the gate on Oxford Street and also a temporary barrier. LAT has £500 received from the police for this project.

  • Another plan in the pipeline is the North Laine Medical practice is closing; the car park will be then vacant and could then be used by the developer of the Co-op development that is in the planning stages.

Planning matters – Longley, Circus Parade

  • This development is very behind in planning; it could be December 2018 or probably even later, before anything is decided.

  • The Vantage point development has not given any update as it

  • Vantage point development observed that the development at Longley was encroaching right up to the borders of the land. CP: this is overdevelopment.

  • It is possible they are waiting on the Longley’s development. Both waiting to see what happens with the planning committee.

    • There are concerns to do with traffic and the increase of cars in the area if these do go ahead.

Licensing matters – Oktoberfest??

  • There recently been a rave around midnight at Providence Place, that included a parked car with lights and very loud music playing, this disturbed the people living in the new buildings. They did phone 999 twice but nothing happened.

  • On refelection his was probably not connected to Oktoberfest.

  • They have not put yet in an application for next year. Pete West is working on this, and will keep us updated.

  • The council are working on a events strategy as it is getting bigger and bigger. There needs to be a balance agreed, between the council and the organizers.

  • Action Point: If there are any issues with Oktoberfest they need to be flagged before the planning is approved.

Valley Gardens consultation

  • This is a development that is taking shape at the south side of St peter’s church. Part of the plan is to abolish the roundabout at the pier.

  • The plan can be found on the council’s website.

Clyde Road Phone box

  • Simon Banister has been in touch with BT, but no response. Sharon (PSCO) has talked to owner regarding an update. She will keep checking on the situation with the shop owners. Caroline Lucas has been following this up too.

5. Any other business
  • The lift up to the station hasn’t worked for a long time. The lighting around the area is an issue and the steps leading up to the station, next to the lift are dangerous.

  • The Brighton Greenway association doesn’t know whom to contact, or who owns the lift and the development, as there are different developers that own, the different parts of the unfinished building.

  • The unfinished building was delayed and then the developer pulled out. It’s now been put forward for tender.

  • Action Point: Simon Banister will find out who owns it and see how to get the lift fixed.

  • A training session was flagged up to the meeting about how to deal with far right groups. Dates were shared. Could the LAT have feedback on this if someone goes to the training?

  • There is a Ditchling Road Residents Association AGM happening on the 14th November at 7:30. LAT was invited along.

Close at around 19:50