Minutes from London Road Local Action Team (LAT) 1st December 2020 18:30-20:30

1. Welcome – introduction

Judi Lynn,

Peter Lynn,

Catherine Clements – Stanley Rd

Philip Wells,

Cllr Sue Shanks,

Simon Bannister- community engagement team

James Watts, (43a and b in providence place)

Sandy Crowhurst, – North Laine Community Association

Robert Rosenthal- Southdown Rise residents association

Lucy Dunleavy – Vice Chair

Adrian Hill,

Thomas Boyle,- project manager for Longley place, 5 new England street- here to help with any questions that we might have about the development

Cllr Pete West,

Madvi and Suresh – London Road

Maureen Winder- level communities forum very involved in the green spaces across the city

PCSO’s- Cristine and Ilisha, St Peters and North Laine, take notes of the issues

Ilisha- east Brighton and our local PSCO in the New Year


Hannah- community engagement team

Andy Keeffe- University of Brighton

Sharon PSCO-Has moved to Hangleton, Philip Wells sent an email thanking her for all her work

2. Minutes and date of next meeting – after Christmas

  • Minutes accepted
  • Next meeting- after Christmas January 26th 2021

3. Policing

– Including review progress regarding immediate problems on Providence Place

Present situation:

  • There is a lot of work going on which is helping the situation. Such as an orthodontist moving in, below in the apartments and a barber called Poppies, which has just opened.
  • However the rear of Poundland is being defecated in and is always being used at the back of the shop.
  • There is a man who the police are aware of who urinates against providence place and all around the area. The vicar is aware of this and there is a meeting about the man on Thursday. An Ambulance had to be called last Sunday- Action point: Judy to send pictures to police
  • Georgia PCSO has created a problem profile for Providence place and so the area now has a reference number. Every time a call is made residences need to take note of the reference number and call 101 so all the police know and can be aware in more detail and understand what is happening and all the details- incident number: 47200181250

Police update:

  • Do keep reporting the incidents that they find and they are doing patrols, which they are picking up on these issues as a result of.
  • Reports are coming in so residents please do carry on reporting new issues. They have had specific patrols in the area.
  • Police are aware of the drug deals that are going on. Again have encouraged residents to take photos and it is likely that the police know them.
  • The Police will never advice the public to take photos if it is dangerous; it is better to call the police, they may not have the resources but calls will be made a priority. The dealing can happen in patterns and the more we report we build up a pattern, they will be able to put the resources in place.
  • Maureen (Levels Communities Forum): The level is a centre to drug dealing and other crimes and a huge amount of graffiti, this can bring the whole area down, and do the police have a preventative strategy?
    • The level is an area where they go once a day at least.
    • They have to prove that they do 15 minutes a day at the level during any 15-minute stint per day, due to the amount of criminal activity, just to show some presence. They are aware of how bad the level is.
    • The polices resources are stretched and there are other priorities and there is more to PCSOs job, but they do try their hardest.
  • Pete West: He has had many discussions about this and said we need to find a connective way on how both places can get together and until we have a community-safety-led plan we can only then see the problems, we go round in circles. He has been perusing the issue and has talked to the Community Safety Team on this.There needs to be a joined-up approach regarding the Level and Providence Place
  • The issues belong to city environment and planning etc. in order to get all this together he has spoken to Nick Hibberd to see what he says about the area. We need a co-coordinated way forward to the existing issue.
  • We have an opportunity with Andrew Westwood (highways engineer) to consider the road beside St Bartholomew’s and he has some cash in respect of cycling to (say) block the road at that point, this money is additional to the section106 money. There is an early sign of improvement. Which needs to happen otherwise nothing will happen.
  • James Watts: There needs to be improvement and he has been sharing the issues with residents (Judi and Peter Lynn), they need street lighting to make it harder for people to misbehave. He has a vision to have the whole of St Anne’s street block paved all the way through to stop the traffic going down there. This would solve lots of the problem.
  • There is a proposal to form a group on all the providence place residence, which Phil has been in contact with Judi about.
  • James has a list of issues of public safety etc and would like to share this with others.
    • He will take questions and issues back to the team
  • ACTION: Set up a meeting in the New Year to focus on these issues- Judy to head this up.
  • There will be money from the Community Impact Levy (CIL) and the section106 money that can go towards this.
  • The police are aware of this but cannot support on this.
  • There is shop in the open market that has been struggling with issues. Spice of Life. Police will look into this issue.
  • Robert (Southdown Rise Group): The time spent at the Level is not enough, as improvement is to do with presence of the police. They need to connect on a local level this. The problem is the ownership and presence.

4. Public Realm

– a. update on Longley Development – from Project Manager Thomas Boyle (+Q/A)

– b. review progress regarding Section 106 and strategic approach to Providence Place etc.-

There is going to be a meeting that Judi is going to chair and to ask Nick Hibbert to came along to the next LAT (see action point above)

  • Pete West: It will be important to see that the section106 money is being spent now and on completion and in the right way. This should be done in parallel with LAT.
  • Maureen: We don’t know what the accommodation need will be in the next year, but it is about how we go forward with the impact of COVID and London road and the poverty that there is.

Thomas Boyle:

  • The section106 money can be used to go towards the buy to rent and office in the two stories and the lower ground will be shops.
  • The development is at demolition stage it is almost complete.
  • He was involved in the 106 strategy and agreement of how it will be going forward with the shops and the other apartments and if the residents would like to make a suggestion he will do his best to pass them onto the relevant people in his team. They have been in touch with Linda Hood and there will be details on what is happening and any contact numbers and working hours. Attention has been given to providing local employment in connection with 106 provisions.
  • The proposed scale of the development is as follows:
    • Height- 16 floors plus ground level parking
    • Ground level is where apartments start and 2 lifts, car spaces and space for e-bikes,
    • CCS monitored
  • They are going build on floor-by-floor basis. 3 weeks for each floor. June will be the time where the 17 floors can be seen.
  • The numbers of people in building when it is completed will be: 300-400, so that means the 209 apartments at 100% capacity. Plus 200 in offices.
  • At peak level of the construction, there could be160 foot fall.
  • It would be good to have a meeting during the construction stages and good to have a contact on any comments that residence have.
  • There shouldn’t be too much noise as most is completed.
  • Affordable housing: Legal and general will know how this is going to go forward. (contact Thomas for more details)
  • The community Environment, Safety team has the plan that they can share with the LAT. Action Point: if people can email Philip regarding this.

5. Licensing update

Former “international food and wines” – Preston Road (article in Brighton and Hove news) – panel meeting was on November 23rd

  • Nifty stores put in an application forward, which has been withdrawn, due to serious issues, and the police have had concerns.

6. Consultation: Draft Urban Design Framework Supplementary Planning Document (UDF SPD) consultation https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/planning-and-building-regulations/draft-urban-design-framework-supplementary-planning-document-udf#

  • Document shown to meeting.
  • The Tall building section was shown which included Vantage point, which has had a proposed development and Brewers. These are all marked for tall buildings.
  • We need to keep an eye on this in the long term.
  • Philip has made comments before in terms of air quality and access already. Anyone can make a comment to the plans in the link above.
  • A question was raised by a resident, which was: Could there be more green walls etc and trees put in place as it would be a lasting option and we need regeneration and it would reduce pollution.
  • The levels around this area are very high around this area. It is a serious issue for health also. This is city wide
    • This falls under traffic department and there is an environmental plan in place. It will be different due to COVID and so will affect work patterns. This should be fed into the plan that they have on environment

7. AOB (if any)

  • In future could we have PCC Katy Bourne come along to these meetings
  • Peter offered thanks to all who had made the meeting possible and useful