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Street community reporting guide – Nov 2018

This is a guide on how Brighton & Hove City responds to issues raised in relation to concerns about members of the Street Community.

Brighton & Hove City Council works in close partnership with Sussex Police and other agencies such as Mungos Broadway and Pavilions to address rough sleeping, street based anti-social behaviour and associated issues. Your reports help us to know the impact and the pattern of the behaviour so that the resources can be targeted in the most effective way.

People sleeping in tents/Rough Sleeping

Street Link/ Mungos Broadway

We ask that all residents report rough sleeping to StreetLink; the app works for Android and Apple smart phones. Reporting via StreetLink helps to ensure rough sleepers are connected to local services and support. Streetlink works in all of England and Wales. This is their website: or call them on 0300 500 0914.

In Brighton & Hove, Mungo’s Broadway is commissioned to provide support to rough sleepers and help link them in with essential services. StreetLink reports in the area are passed directly to Mungo’s Broadway and they then respond to the reports and reach out to the reported rough sleeper.

Camping/tents in the city

We have shared your report of people camping with our colleagues in City Parks. City Parks are responsible for addressing tents/camping in any open spaces. You can report tents/camping in any open spaces directly to City Parks via

People camping on the beach are the responsibility of the seafront office. You can make reports directly to the Seafront Office on

People drinking alcohol/involved in anti-social behaviour

If someone is being anti-social and drinking alcohol then they may be committing a crime and you can report this to the police. The police have the powers to investigate crimes. It is not an offence to drink alcohol in a public place.

Pavilions are commissioned to provide support to people with alcohol and substance misuse problems and to help link them in with necessary treatment, and to work with members of the Street Community involved in anti-social behaviour.

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour related to rough sleepers or street drinkers you can do so by contacting the Community Safety Casework Team on 01273 292735 or or online at Our Duty Service is staffed from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

The police investigate crimes like drug dealing and assaults. You can also report by contacting Police at or phone 101 (999 in an emergency or if a crime is taking place). Please include as much information as possible to help the police with their investigations.

We have been advised by Police colleagues that individuals witnessing people openly dealing or injecting drugs in public places should report this on 999 as it warrants a higher-level response than would result from a non-emergency report.

It may be that you observe the same person or group of people. If this is the case and you are able to do so then please include information that may identify people in your reports. This helps the agencies involved to identify people that may be causing harassment, alarm or distress. It is also helpful to be as specific as possible about exactly who is doing what, and the times of the activities, in order to build up as full a picture as possible. The partnership can respond to what is happening in a targeted way across the city.

Drug and alcohol litter

If you notice drug litter then you can report this for an immediate clean up.

Or 01273 292229 if it is out of office hours. Please don’t try and clean up hazardous materials yourself.

Due to the volume of reports being received by the Community Safety Team we will be sharing all reports directly with relevant partner agencies as detailed above and/or the police with the intention of speeding up action taken as a result of the reports. All of the agencies who work with members of the street community co-ordinate their action plans weekly. Your regular reports directly inform the action planning. So please allow time for your reports to be dealt with. Keep reporting in, even if it is every day, to let us know there is still a problem.



Here are some helpful contacts for particular local issues or concerns. If there are any other areas you would like similar information about, please leave suggestions in the comments box at the foot of this page

OTHER Useful contacts


For reporting non-emergency items it is recommended to email

OR  For non-emergency Police reporting ring 101

Antisocial Behaviour

  • Anti-social behaviour takes in a range of nuisances, disorder and crimes which affect people’s lives on a daily basis, none are acceptable.
  • It is defined in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act as ‘acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household’.
  • This behaviour is broken down into four main categories; the misuse of public space, disregard for community/personal wellbeing, acts directed at people, and environmental damage.

To find out more and to report antisocial behaviour, go to the SafeintheCity website antisocial behaviour pages

Antisocial behaviour can also be reported by phone

  • Call the Safe in the City casework team reporting line on (01273) 292735 This line is staffed Monday to Friday 9-5 with an answer machine service out of hours
  • Call the Brighton & Hove City Council call centre on (01273) 292929 This line is staffed Monday to Friday 9-5 with an answer machine service out of hours

And by email

Noise Complaints

To find out about the council response to noise issues, visit the council website noise pages  

To make a complaint to the council about noise, you should telephone : (01273) 292929 or email:

Your complaint should include:

  • your name and address and a daytime telephone number – anonymous complaints are not accepted
  • the address (or site) where the noise is coming from
  • the type of noise (such as loud music, barking dog, alarm sounding)
  • when and for how long the noise occurs
  • the way the noise affects you (such as keeps you awake)
  • anything you have done to try and deal with the problem (such as speaking to the person making the noise)

Noise Patrol

A noise patrol operates from 10pm to 3am on Friday and Saturday nights to monitor, gain evidence from and respond to noise problems affecting a large number of people. Contact can be made by telephoning (01273) 293541.

Student Issues

Brighton and Sussex Universities employ community liaison staff to assist in resolving problems involving students in the community. Where the behaviour of students is found to be unacceptable, they do have a range of substantial sanctions which they may use.

Sussex University: Lucy Walker

Brighton University: Andy Keeffe:

If you are not sure which establishment your student neighbours attend, contact the above and they will normally be able to find this out.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Not all shared houses are student houses – many young professional people house share across the city. Most HMO’s need to be licensed with the council, and licence conditions include reference to prevention of nuisance/antisocial behaviour. HMO’s in St Peters & North Laine are also subject to additional conditions. For more information, look HERE    A list of licensed HMO’s across the city can be viewed HERE 

If you have any questions about HMO’s, or think that an HMO in your area in not licensed, contact the Private Sector Housing on (01273) 293156 or  by e-mail on


A new policy is being produced – November 2018. The information below may be outdated now.

The council is responsible for managing graffiti on council property and for the removal of offensive graffiti. They also give advice, support and (in some cases) practical help to businesses and residents where graffiti on their property is a problem. For more information on the council graffiti strategy, click HERE.

Where property is graffitied against the wishes and without the consent of the property owner, this may constitute a criminal offence. If you see somebody placing graffiti on a property you may also contact the police – if it is taking place at the time use 999 if it is has happened but the perpetrator is not present, use 101

The council works with artists to arrange for murals to be painted on some walls where graffiti is a problem. This can be helpful as it can result in a high quality piece of art rather than unsightly tags, and is likely to reduce the level of illegal graffiti on and around the mural. The council also works with media providers to manage the appearance of street junction boxes, either through ‘adopt a box’ where residents help to keep junction boxes outside their properties clean, or by art projects on boxes.

If you know of a space which could benefit from art treatment, click HERE for the council online form to give details.

Fly Tipping

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste items or material. It is a source of neighbourhood blight and can attract significant penalties following prosecution. The council and police will seek to prosecute for flytipping where the evidence is available, but for this they rely substantially on community members coming forward to report. If you see somebody tipping waste in your area, try to get any information about them – particularly vehicle type and registration if a vehicle is involved. If flytipping is ongoing you can report to the police on 999. If you are reporting it after the event, you should call the council on 01273 292929  use the council online reporting for HERE or email


2 thoughts on “Report it! & crisis contacts

  1. Derek Wright says:

    Can you help me by directing me to how you organised yourselves to work with the council to remove graffiti in the London Road Area , who did you deal with?

    Derek Save Madeira Terraces Campaign.

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