LAT Unedited minutes from 7th March 2017

Minutes from LAT meeting 7th March 2017

  1. Welcome, apologies, introduction

Apologies: Mike Hedgethorne and Tony Firmin, Sandy Crowhurst – NLCA, Lindsay Debach, Ann Townsend, Mayor, Lucy Walters – UOS, Cath Prenton

Present: Christina, Martin (Equinox/Pavilions), Alan Briggenshaw (Stanley Road), James Delicata, Sabina Page (Winchester Street), Richard B., Penny Morley (Older People’s Council), Lucy Dunleavy, Sue & Sam (Winchester Street), Simon Bannister, Philip Wells (Chair), Corinne Lamb (note-taker) (13)

    1. Future dates and meetings – next meeting April 11th, May 9th

    2. We hope to welcome developer James Delicata to tell us about plans in Circus Parade- he owns Vantage Point and Emporium.

  • Looking for the same tenant- with a better financial record, has had interest, main criteria is theatre license, exactly the same, a theatre is very important for London road.

  • There are no issues with fire safety.

  • He is involved in creating the outside space around the outside of the Vantage point.

  • At present it is concrete blocks, which are going to be planters

  • Keen to get rid of the phone box on Preston circus development

  • People were supportive and appreciative of the work he was doing – thanks to James for coming along.

  1. Minutes of last meeting- Approved there is a copy of the handout and if you want to query it go to Tracy Hill

  2. Community Safety issues, policing and licensing

    1. Policing update – Level, London Road, Winchester Street

          • Winchester Street

  • There have been issues on Winchester street/Clyde Road

  • Its been reported by phone and email to 101,

  • The problems are happening at least 3 times a week and they are told it was reported by sue, this week (w/b 6th March).

  • There was a police vehicle in attendance, could have been the 14th Feb. 2 people have contacted Phil. Equinox haven’t heard about it being reported it is odd.

  • People need to keep the reference numbers and then report it to equinox and police.

  • The problem isn’t injecting.

  • Want to avoid it being entrenched, and support people- Simon Bannister

  • Disruption to the people is key to helping these people

  • Sue hasn’t heard anything from them, or it may have been directed to the wrong department – Equinox, can pass it on, and talk to communications team and the safety team.

  • Community safety team will pass on information to Equinox.

Very individual case, which mainly involved the police

  • Priority area meetings” are action days, from sharing intelligence, which areas to focus and which people to take focus on.

  • Equinox:

    • Set up a team for support and meeting once a month, working on action days, with police, city, clean, parks where there is a problem- they will serve a notice to clear and try to support them (housing support etc) know about action day in advance.

    • Hot spot meetings” feed into action days, have seen improvement in other places, by weekly meetings, and these days more frequently.

    • This all came from complaints, so carry on reporting it to police or equinox

    • Engage will the people

    • When the tents were there they was a big issue.

    • They are quite reactive; we try to go where there is problem.

    • There are two teams Community Safety and the police who theoretically work together.

    • Go to the Community Team- if it’s a resident then they will deal with it and there is a website with a form on it.

    • There isn’t a direct person in the police to go to as it stands, or a link to the police as a result of the recent police cuts.

    • Its important to engage with people who are begging to get drugs, they sometimes have substance misuse etc, give them access to detox and rehab, with other agencies who deal with mental health and try an improve their way of life.

    • It was suggested that when the Winchester residents report anything could they cc in Phil into the email.

    1. Update from LAT chairs meeting  (January)- N.B. Police website has removed all reference to LATs, a new, unfinished draft “service arrangement” sheet has been circulated to LAT chairs – reply from PCC Katy Bourne

  • The reply doesn’t say a lot, but invites P.W. to stay in contact. Katy can be kept informed.

  • Involved in old people event on 23rd March, jubilee library, to be forwarded and put on website

    1. Licensing – see letter from Cath Prenton regarding HMO in Beaconsfield Road

  • Application vary from a 3 to a 7 bed HMO

  • Planning not to be granted.

  • Issues: if there are more than 10% HMOs within 50 m of the property concerned.

  • Website is live with the application number and opposition to registrations of HMOs can be found on the website, please if you want to object then please do

  • Another case: 4 Beaconsfield road, 3 applications have been made, to be turned into separate flats, application made in November, there are now 3 made.

  • Action can be taken if it turns out to be breach of article 4.

  • Hanover LAT- had Tracy Hill speak and others attend

    • Hanover link to their last minutes has a lot of the talk from Tracy Hill on it for their area.

  1. Special Item – Viaduct Road progress: Tracy Phipps ,Head of Business Support & Projects, Cityclean and Cityparks, Brighton & Hove City Council

  • Due to a mix-up there was no-one attending this meeting to report on this.

  1. Plans for publicity and funding – to note

  • Funding from residents, newsletter and poster in Preston pages, possibilities to put a future article about LAT in Preston pages.

  • We can either pay for it to be done or do it our selves.

  • There was a generous gift from one LAT member who has moved out of the area and this enables us to fund a newsletter and postcard.

  • Are there any volunteers to distribute a newsletter? Any particular street?

  1. News and Updates

    1. Parking in zone J – if any

  • Busiest is when Dukes of York’s are showing films

    • In summer when people go away on holiday particularly in the far end of zone

    • Flagged up

    1. Lucy asked us about residents meeting students at UOS

To show what a resident is and to touch base.

    • Tuesday 7th March

    • 1pm-2pm (Jubilee 155)

    • 6pm-7.30pm (Jubilee 155)

    • Thursday 9th March

  • 6pm-7.30pm (Jubilee G31)

  • Tuesday 21st March

  • 1pm-2pm (Jubilee 155)

  • 6pm-7.30pm (Fulton 103)

  • Thursday 23rd March

  • 6pm-7.30pm (Jubilee G31)

  • If anybody was able to attend please can they arrive 10 minutes before and for the evening workshops they only have to stay until 7pm.

Next meeting- April 11th 2017

Meting closed at around 19:50