Draft – London Road LAT minutes 13th March 2018

London Road Local Action Team meeting Minutes,

Tuesday 13th March 2018.

  1. Welcome and introductions

    1. Apologies: Richard, Mike, Tony, Cath Prenton

    2. Present: Lucy Dunleavy, Andy Winter, Clare Calder, Jean Calder, Sandy Crowhurst (NCLA), Mark Deboissier, Chris Sevink, Elspeth Broady, Alan Briggenshaw, Cllr Pete West, Martha Spencer (Community Safety) Janice Beckett (Fire Service), Tom Walby, Clare Peace (UOS), Eve Jacobs-Bannon, Annie Morris, Bob Chilton, Corinne Lamb (note-taker), Philip Wells (Chair) (=19)

  2. Minutes of last meeting (Feb 13th 2018) – date of next meeting – April 10th

  • We still need clarification on numbers from January’s meeting with Kate Bourne. Awaiting reply.

  • February minutes were agreed.

  1. Policing and Licensing

    1. Updates on correspondence – request for 4x30mins attendance sent to C.I. Veale

  • No reply from Chris Veale.

  • Pete West also wrote to Chris Veale, regarding the long-term issue of police attendance.

  • The proposed start date put to the police is June.

    1. Licensing – there is a new application to replace the revoked licence at International Food and Wines. Hearing to take place on the 16th March at 10am.

  • There is no need for a representative from the LAT as it would not make much difference, as there is already sufficient evidence in writing. Combined with the police evidence on this case.

  1. Graffiti – upsurge in local incidents e.g. Francis Street

  • There has been a lot of correspondence on this issue.

  • Philip has met with Maureen from the Level and Anne from Round Hill Society, the link up is key to pressure the council in a non party- political way. Philip has a meeting with Maureen and Anne next week.

  • Could we tackle this issue like we tackled the HMOs issue, as a way of moving forward?

  • The difference between graffiti, tagging and street art can get blurred, and problematic. Martha: Council policy is if the tagging is offensive it will be dealt with and if its not it will not be looked at.

  • The Local authority can sanction cases, and the street art can be commissioned.

  • If the building is privately owned the council takes no responsibly for it.

  • Its not just 1 or 2 people responsible, it’s likely to be groups of people.

  • There needs to be a robust way of sorting it out. (E.g. CCTV)

  • Andy Winter: It does not add anything to the street scene. It has been allowed to escalate and not dealt with, “Broken Window theory”. This creates an anything-goes attitude. Philip added that, the new grid that police use is : threat, risk, harm, (or more fully, THRIVE) which is completely different to the old “broken window” philosophy.

  • The council budget has been reduced, but Pete West, Ward Councillor has pleaded for more money, as the issue is out of control; along with the issue of keeping the streets clean, which has gone out of control.

  • There was a person in post responsible for collating all the issues of tagging, graffiti etc, but recently changed.

  • Could a voluntary team be put together to tackle some of the problem? Or get the Restorative Justice Team involved. (Headed by Council Officer Tim Read).

  • The solution is that negotiation and a clear message from the council, about how this is not acceptable and is criminal damage.

  • Models that could be used to tackle graffiti and that have been used in the past are:

  • Open spaces had a strategy to get a tidy-up team of people with the kit to get involved.

  • The Round Hill area had mural painted, and planted greenery. However the problem started with murals being vandalised. There is a lack of respect for walls.

  • A series of questions were raised.

    • How can we make the area around London Road out of bounds to tagging and graffiti?

    • How can residents help the council with this issue themselves?

    • Is there a national scheme or resource that we can get on board with?

  • Damien from City Clean is the person to get in touch with regarding this – although he is working all hours of the day, apparently.

  • There needs to be a united stand on this from the whole of Brighton. Speed is essential, from lots of people in small areas getting together regularly, combined with a enforcement angle.

    • 3GS are a agency who have been used in other areas of the city in the past. Could we talk to them about the issue of graffiti? It was observed that their funding model is to recoup fines from offenders – this would only work in this case if people are caught in the act.

  • The idea of a group being formed is positive but the only thing that is holding it back is the lack of knowledge available. The only resources at present are on the council website.

  • Simon Banister has helped with providing paint for the Greenway in the past. He also has copies of the resources available, and knows ways of dealing with it. Residents can contact him.

  • There are “Field Officers” coming on board, but the Officers have yet to be appointed. Their brief seems to be very wide

  • Philip is going to write a letter to Emma Daniel.

Action: Phil to invite Tim Read, and Emma Daniel (Political representative – Chair of Neighbourhoods Committee) to come to the next meeting. Also to ask Insp Brian McCarthy about graffiti as “criminal damage”

  1. Updates -if any

    1. Data protection for mailing list – “record of informed consent” – nothing actioned as yet.

  • The meeting was told that the sign in sheet would act as informed consent, when the new guidelines comes into play in May 2018.

    1. Reply about Viaduct Road communal bins – from Adrian Ash, Interim Assistant Director – City Environmental Management. -A follow-up letter has been sent.

  • The indicative start date was the 1st June 2017.

  • Philip wrote a reply but with no reply as yet, which includes Bob’s situation (resident) on Viaduct Road.

  • We will keep reminding the council. A possible reason it is taking such a long time may be due to the capacity of City Clean.

    1. Oxford Court – progress & financing of PSPO gating – letter sent requesting funding.

  • Pete West stated that there is a gating order; which has been consulted on, and is to be finalised next week and the recommendations are to be agreed.

  • Pete West has a budget as Ward Councillor that he will put some money towards. (See previous minutes). There is already £1000 from Pete West we are waiting on the other £1000 from Kate Bourne.

  • Simon Banister is in charge of this.

    1. Sainsbury’s Community guardians – meeting held, and a request for specific information has been sent to Lisa Peretta

    1. Clyde Road phone box removal- nothing as yet

    1. Fire engine access to Stanley Road? Bendy bollards progress?
      Len Holloway- the Chief of the fire service.

  • The plan is to put a sign in place; but the Chief is reticent to do so.

  • The option of bollards is not a viable option, the lockable bollard option is not safe as the crews would have to get out of the vehicle which is an issue of health and safety. The solution needs to be the safest option.

  • Money is also a contributing factor. A possible solution is that the fire service could match the funding from council. Len Holloway can get a quote for a renewal and repair. The price of the bollards when they were fitted was £35,000 and the cost to repair them is £10,000.

  • The option of blocking off the area is not one the Chief is keen on. There is a danger for the engines when they come around the residential area, to the back of the station and having to use the speed bumps, they could damage the plastic bodies.

  • The drop-curb still a good option.

  • We have to keep pursuing it, and wait for a quote.

    1. Zone J parking – not working for local residents – letter sent to Councillors & Charles Field.
      There is a general perception
      that extra cars come from North of the railway line and park conveniently for (say) Duke of Yorks. We note that residents in the old zone J were not consulted on the extension of parking in Zone J.
      A question was raised. Is there ways to identify the cars and where they come from?

  • People have been asked where they are from by residents.

  • Apparently some are from the Fiveways area.

  • There are 4077 permits and the capacity for 4529 spaces, Council Officer Charles Field says there is not a lack of space but the problem is with concentration of cars.

  • It was suggested that a petition be carried out and that residents need to collect evidence.

Action: Residents to think of what should go on the petition and to gather evidence.

    1. Future item “Community Infrastructure Levy” https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-infrastructure-levy#spending-the-levy

Action: Put on the agenda for the next meeting.

    1. Development of “Elder Place” via Legal and General – display 16:00-19:00 22nd March, Jurys Inn & 11:00-14:00 24th March Brighthelm Centre.

  • This is a build to rent scheme by Legal and General. A huge amount of money from the developers will be going into the area.

  • This is a good thing to go along to if available.

  1. Any other business – please inform the chair before the start of the meeting

    1. Dumping issues on Francis Street (via Kirsty Munro)- noted at meeting. Kirsty reported increased Graffiti. Ongoing issues of dumping of rubbish near Cafe Royale Peri Peri bins on Francis Street – these attract random dumping. The problem with delivery drivers from Peri Peri have currently been resolved.

    2. Pavement parking on Baker Street – via Alan Briggenshaw (chair omitted to bring this to the meeting, but a letter has been sent).