Draft minutes London Road LAT 12th December 2017

Minutes from 12th December LAT meeting


1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
  • Apologies: Andy Keeffe, Elspeth Broady, , Lucy Walker (UOS), Cllr Lousia G., Cllr Pete West, Mike Hedgethorne


Suresh and Kalpana Patel – from the newsagent clyde road news

Gavin Rix, Beaconsfield road

Scott Crossley from equinox is moving jobs but said there will be representation from equinox in future. Rowan Michael new member of the team at equinox. PW expressed warm appreciation for all the work of the Equinox team and wished Scott well in his new role.

A resident stated :

  • Issue-New Peri Peri restaurant Cafe Royale has set up on Ditchling Road. The delivery drivers from the restaurant are parking illegally on Francis Street. They appear to have been dealing drugs to teenage boys on Francis Street. Police have been informed. 

  • The Peri Peri restaurant delivery drivers loiter, spit and play loud music on Francis Street.

  • Several Francis Street residents have spoken to the Peri Peri restaurant manager/chef, who argues it is not their problem as the delivery drivers are employed separately to the restaurant staff.

  • Simon B will raise it with the council licencing team 

  • Lady from the North Laines Association said they have a problem with Deliveroo delivery drivers who drive quickly as they have a time limit on how they take orders.

  • There are people graffiting flats on Francis Street and homeless people sleeping in the doorways.

  • ** -Scott to speak to pass resident’s details to his replacement at Equinox to follow up the ASB.

Present: Janice Becket (ESFRS), Rowan Mitchell, Scott Crossley, Richard Barraball, Gavin Rix, Sylvia & Bob Chilton. Suresh and Kalpana Patel (Clyde Road News), Cathe Prenton, Allan Briggenshaw, Penny Morley (Older People’s Council),Francis Street resident, Alex Lee, Sandy Crowhurst (NLCA), Simon Bannister, Philip Wells, Corinne Lamb, Lucy Dunleavy


2. Minutes of last meeting and date of next meeting – January 9th 2018 – with Katy Bourne

Minutes agreed – noting mis-spelling of Cllr Gill Mitchell’s name

Next meeting Jan 9th Katy Bourne to come along

  • Matters arising

3. Policing and Licensing (see minutes from last time)
  • a. Marvans – representation withdrawn
  • b. International food and wine
    • The letter on the LAT website was read out at the meeting, Their license has been revoked and is mentioned in the Argus,  subject to appeal.

  • The LAT was represented, it was a long hearing – thanks to David Bateup, Cat McBeth for their persistent and professional work

c. The Warren (Brighton Festival)

Licensable activity:

Exhibition of a Film


  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Monday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Tuesday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Wednesday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Sunday

Licensable activity:

Late Night Refreshment


  • 23:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 23:00:00 – 00:30:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 23:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

Licensable activity:

Opening hours


  • 09:00:00 – 02:30:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 09:00:00 – 01:00:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 09:00:00 – 02:30:00   Thursday

Licensable activity:

Performance of Dance


  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

Licensable activity:

Performance of Live Music


  • 10:00:00 – 23:15:00   Every Day

Licensable activity:

Performance of Recorded Music


  • 09:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 09:00:00 – 00:30:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 09:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

Licensable activity:

Performance of a Play


  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Monday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Tuesday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Wednesday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Sunday

Licensable activity:

Re live/rec music/perf of dance


  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 10:00:00 – 00:30:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 10:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

Licensable activity:

Sale by Retail of Alcohol


  • 09:00:00 – 02:00:00   Friday-Saturday

  • 09:00:00 – 00:30:00   Sunday-Wednesday

  • 09:00:00 – 02:00:00   Thursday

The Warren- there is a licensing matrix for the London road area.

  • This happens during the whole of May during the festival

  • They have already had a complaint about it happening next year.

  • The issue is with drinking and noise and it is noted that the venue is not simply for drinking but is led by music and theatre. But we would like to know how this is worked with security on the door.

  • Request for appeal of the finishing times

    • Representation agreed on behalf of LAT

  • Speigel tent and warren are outside venues – thus noise travels

  • The Issue is when everyone leaves as its outside if its outside its harder to control.

  • It was felt that 2am was too late in a residential area.

d. Policing letter to be sent to Chief Inspector Chris Veale
  • Letter was discussed at the meeting and judged to be a fair representation of the issues.

Dear Chief Inspector Chris Veale,

I am writing to you on behalf of the London Road Area Local Action team – mandated by the recent LAT meeting. They wish me to explain why they feel concerned and dismayed at the current policing situation and why the response that we are receiving feedback on is felt to be inadequate.

I would like to point out that we enjoy good working relations with Inspector McCarthy, but feel that his good efforts may be hampered by lack of resources and policy imposed on him from higher up.

At a recent LAT chairs’ Forum meeting the police representative appeared to express the view to the effect that crime and disorder, especially drug-related crime is no worse than it has ever been. This was a very loyal and morale-maintaining comment.

But when reported back to our LAT it was clear that residents do not share that perception.

In relation to violent crime we have seen a spate of violent crimes and incidents among which are:

17th January 2017 – Elso Brito charged regarding a stabbing in McDonalds, London Road

20th January 2017 – knifeman arrested near Co-op London Road (Youtube video)

21st February 2017 – 10:45 violent incident resulting in 26 year old with suspected broken jaw

21st February 2017 – 11:45 violent incident reported, but no apparent victim coming forward

22nd July 2017 – Dennis Thompson-Simpson stabbed in KFC, London Road

6th October 2017 – 17 year old stabbed in buttocks by Carlo Gosden in London Road

6th October 2017 – man arrested for incident involving a machete in Level, adjoining London Road

1st December 2017 – knife used in attempted robbery at Admiral Arcade London Road

We have no sense that this frequency of violence is matched by any previous years’ records. We are grateful for the enforcement activities, but dismayed at the prevalence of the problem.

Drug dealing.

The LAT has been contacted in regard to drug-dealing in at least five separate locations:

  • in local residential street Winchester Street/corner with Clyde Road. Residents are grateful for Police intervention, but the problem still continues to a degree, and the perpetrators appear to have little shame, or fear of being caught.

  • Providence Place. Residents are grateful for intervention by Equinox and Council Community Safety team when a pattern of drug dealing was reported to them via the LAT.

  • Oxford Street, which is adjacent to the Level. Traders have been approached by youngsters selling drugs. We are grateful to the Council for an intervention designed to remove access to a dodgy side-alley. Residents have expressed great concern about this area.

  • The Level. This area is a constant concern regarding drug dealing.

  • In February there was CCTV and they do not have a pole to put it on

Again – the LAT has no record of so much drug activity being flagged up in previous years.

It seems to the community that problems are occurring which the police are unable either to deter of deal with adequately under their present funding and policies.

You will understand that residents and traders are upset:

(a) with the loss of localised PCSOs to deter crime, gather intelligence, and feedback results to the community

(b) the perceived inadequacy of the 101 phone system – which leaves residents feeling frustrated and powerless

(c) the explicit policy of reduced communication with community groups (LATs in particular). This means that when information is requested it is not always forthcoming, and that face-to-face contact at meetings is hard to obtain. Thus the community has no channel for quick and specific feedback on day-to-day concerns, until they escalate to become matters of extreme crisis and anger.

(d) whether in fact the drug-dealing concerns are linked to the violent incidents, as we understand that “stabbing in the buttocks” may indicate one drug group sending a message to another drug group.

We would value your comments on the current situation, the trends we flag up, and the policing response to it, I will pass any comments you may have back to the London Road Area LAT,

Yours sincerely,

Philip Wells

London Road Area LAT chair

  • A few minor changes were proposed.

  • To be added to this letter: Stabbing on Trafalgar Street the incident was in the Argus 21st Nov 7pm

  • **-Scott (Equinox) to have a look to see how to address the drug issue and get more info on the situation by the next LAT

4. Consultations – three consultations have been sent through and put up on the LAT website

N.B. Police Precept consultation – deadline 5th January 2018
How much tax payers pay for policing this is on the LAT website feel free to give response to it

This is from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office:

The Commissioner has launched a county-wide consultation asking members of the public if they would be prepared to pay more for policing in Sussex to sustain our service.

The Commissioner is very keen that she can reach out to as many residents as possible across the county and the consultation will close at midnight on Friday 5th January 2018. I would be grateful if you could let your members/peers/networks know about the consultation, which is on our website, or can be requested by contacting the office on 01273 481561.


5. Invitations to various meetings – from UOS: Housing and Community Fair on Wednesday 7th February, 10am-3pm, Sussex Community Rail stakeholders meeting at the Amex Stadium on the 2-4pm December 13th 

Hi Philip,

I would like to invite you to our Housing and Community Fair on Wednesday 7th February, 10am-3pm, in Falmer House Common Room on campus.

 The Housing and Community fair is aimed at giving students information on house hunting and living in Brighton and also the chance for them to get to know some of the organisations around Brighton who they may be able to get involved in or support.

 The fair is going to be a positive showcase of the community in Brighton and some of what Brighton has to offer, whilst encouraging people to find out more.

We would like to invite you along to join our residents stall at the fair to chat to students about the London Road area and what is like to live in the area. lease can you let us know by 12th January if you are able to attend?

We will confirm details, if you are able to attend, in the New Year.

Kind regards,  Lucy Walker, Housing Officer (Information and Advice), University of Sussex Information Centre, 91 Lewes Road, Brighton,

Philip said he might be able to be present for a short while, but did not have time spare to commit 5 hours to this unfortunately.

6a. Updates

Update on communal bins has been requested

  • This is a long running issue keeps get pushing us away by City Clean and City Parks.

  • No further reply had been sent by Tracy Phipps

The reply from Cllr Mitchell was read out:

Dear Philip,

I am very sorry that the roll-out of the communal bins has been delayed.  This is due to needing to get the recycling wheelie-bin roll out completed in the areas of the city where we are taking a more individual approach due to differing housing types etc.  This is taking more time than anticipated.

 I had an update on the communal bin roll-out from the Interim Head of City Clean and City Parks (Adrian Ash) yesterday and he is hopeful that they can be installed in February next year staring in the Brunswick and Adelaide area.  I realise that this will be a disappointment but it is a realistic timeframe based on the available resources that we know can be committed.

 I hope this information is helpful.

 Best wishes, Gill 

Extreme disappointment was expressed that this is taking so long, and that we are getting so little feedback. Disappointment was expressed that Cllr Mitchell had not responded as such to the invitation to come to the meeting. The suggestion was made of inviting her as a special guest (e.g. regarding Valley Gardens – see item 7).

Cath: The reply from Cllr Mitchell does not actually state when the bins will come to our area, only when it will begin in the Brunswick Adelaide area. She expressed the view that extra treatment was being given in relation to “heritage issues” and people wanting bins to fit to suit the appearance of the neighbourhood. This had already been covered by a previous consultation.

  • **- Phil to write back with clarification on how fits with our area and copy in Tony Firmin who was minded to take this up with Warren Morgan

  • Simon Bannister: Ultimately this is comes down to cut backs, and difficulty of filling management role vacancies.

6b. Oxford Street – a consultation is posted on the website

Via Simon Bannister

Earlier in the year, and following representation by Oxford Street residents and traders concerned with high levels of crime and antisocial behaviour around the Oxford Court car park, the council Communities Team carried out a community safety survey for the area.
More on this can be found HERE on the LAT website

On outcome of this was that the council agreed to look at closing the alleyway which leads from the car park to Oxford Street at the rear of the Bat & Ball pub, and a report was submitted to the Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities and Equalities Committee in November, seeking consent to consult on a Public Space protection Order (PSPO) which would permit a restriction of the right of way at this point and enable the alleyway to be gated.

Following this meeting, a public consultation has been launched which will run until January 10th 2018, seeking views on this proposal. The consultation documents can be found HERE and the report submitted to committee which details the background to this proposal can be found HERE

The consultation also wanted to shut down the alleyway this takes time. The cost of the gate is in the region of £1000; they need another £2000 for all the work. Possibility of getting the traders along, for Katy Bourne in January. This could be a catalyst for change. If we act now

** Write to Pete West to see if there is progress on the car park

6c. Level –

Level AGM- Simon reported that he had gone along and a strong feature had been the move to manage and rent out the buildings (pavilions) in order to cultivate positive uses of the facilities

– Nothing to report as regards community safety

6d. BID

awaiting update of mailing list- traders need to make this happen and a vote will be taken. It would be run by the businesses themselves not the council

-Has come through from Ann Townsend’s initiative

6e. Update on Sainsbury’s Community Guards (if any)

The letter below had been sent, but no reply had been forthcoming as yet.

Dear Officer Chris Neilson,

(cc Ann Townsend – London Road Portas /Town Team chair)

I am writing as Chair of the London Road Area Local Action Team, Brighton.

I understand from the last Brighton and Hove LAT Chairs meeting (and via Inspector McCarthy) that Sainsbury’s are planning an initiative to give some extra security officers a wider remit for community safety in the vicinity of their stores.

As we have a big Sainsbury’s near London Road in Brighton we are very interested in this scheme, as it has the potential to have a very beneficial effect on the local streets. I am sure the business community will themselves take a keen interest in how this is going to roll out with its various implications.

However at the last LAT meeting a number of people raised concerns about the accountability of such officers, the guidance they will be given, and the remit they will have.

As one of the Town Team committee that supervised local Town Centre Liaison Officers (via Portas Pilot Project) I know that there are a number of things to beware of.

Please could you be in contact to let us know what your plans are?

ours, Philip Wells, London Road LAT Chair

7. Thoughts for next year 2018 – advance notice for special speakers??
  • Nothing was mentioned apart from Gill Michael as special speaker

  • A suggestion of an update on Valley Gardens road scheme

    • Some discuttion followed: this has been re commissioned and more consultants have been brought in to double check the viability and the same conclusions had been reached

8. Any other business – please notify beforehand

– 1. from Cllr Louisa:

  • Next year (maybe not 9 Jan as that is a Katy Bourne special) I would like to put Graffiti on the agenda.

  • I have been offered a donation of some eco-graffiti remover, and am thinking of asking for volunteers to do a bit of a clean up
    In areas of their choosing. The detail yet to be thought through, but would be nice to start 2018 with some tagging free surfaces!

– 2. from Philip as private individual:
Fire station bollards access to Stanley/Clyde Road. There is a problem with the bollards that do not work as they do not come up, which has caused people to cross 3 lanes of traffic and use as a third lane.
Solution to bollards:

  • Could it be closed off or a junction one of the other or go back in.

  • Suggestion of a gate, but this is liable to vandalism as stated in email, not really a option

Needs follow up.

3. Night-time parking and double parking has been made worse by Zone J.

  • **Phil to write to Louisa about (CPZ = controlled parking zone)

Meeting closed around 19:35