LAT minutes 3rd June 2014

London Road Area Local Action Team Minutes

Tuesday 3rd June 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

  1. Welcome and introductions

Apologies: Amanda Healey (St Barts), PCSOs Sharon and Nic, Christina Bennet (Stanley Road), Kara (Watkins Jones), Corinne Hook/Colin Henderson, Leadership team of City College, Lucy Dunleavy, Cathy Reeves, [Andy Winter – post meeting], Patrick Cloherty (Avard Estate/Letting Agent)

Present: Angie, Elspeth Brodie (DRARA), Eve Jacobs, Scott Crossley, Andrew Brewery, ??? (Open Market – comments lots going on. Want more organic fresh produce, not so many cafes and cake shops), Sandy Crowhurst (North Laine Community Association), John Holden (John’s Camping), Matt Kingsby, Tony Firmin, Jan Rooney (substance misues), James Murphy (CRI), Simon Bannister, Sylvia Chilton, Bob Chilton, Cllr Ian Davy, Richard Barraball, Jonathan Ridley (Community Safety Team) (ongoing work with young ASBO guy, doing well. Working with different groups etc), Lorinda Holness (University Accomodation), Joe Nichols (Portas pilot),

= 22 present

2. Policing and Licensing

report back and setting policing priorities

Current Priorities (6/514)

– prevention of shoplifting in London Road

– prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

– surveillance for and prevention of any resurgence of drug-dealing, street drinking, anti-social behaviour on Level – especially during the summer months

Update from PCSOs: We had an Op (Earl) on Thursday afternoon just gone where we were targetting the drug use/dealing and ASB at the level, it was very busy as the weather was gorgeous. We had plain clothed officers and uniformed and 1 person was arrested at the end of the day and found with a large quantity of class A in his possession which was a nice result for us. It was a productive day. Always need intel coming in though. Shoplifting is still high, although we had a couple of good arrests for high value items recently.High vis patrols continue, particularly around the level.

– yes I would say keep the priorities the same unless members come up with new info that suggests changing any of them.

Mike Hedgethorne suggests they priorities stay the same in the absence of the police.

Simon says priorities don’t always work or go anywhere. Wants to make priority system more official, thus creating a database of solved problems and methods for LATs in general. Wants PW’s help with this task of creating greater accountability etc. PW agrees, with reservation that some problems remain a focus of attention without ever really being “solved”.

Discussion of importance of policing on the Level. One comment that drug users etc get used to the working hours of people who patrol there – would need random hours. Jonathan R says heroin injecting is different from cannabis dealing and involves different groups of people. Comments also on dangerous dogs running around. Maybe someone should talk to animal welfare team? Other comment: says its important to report people because the people caught with drugs are connected with drug rehab etc – ie catching the offenders is the best way to help them.

PW reports on Kebab Nite licensing hearing – the application for later opening was refused, and the applicant seemed at a disadvantage by not understanding the regulations, and not having English as their first language.

3. Chair’s report for 2013-2014 and election of officers

PW reports on last year – chair’s report 2013-2014

– Officers: John Holden (John’s camping) is stepping down as Vice-Chair. Thanks to Mike Hedgethorne for serving as Treasurer this past year.

Proposal #1 to appoint a chair

– nominations/ names put forward; P.Wells,

voted and carried.

Proposal #2 to appoint Vice Chairs – as per constitution

– nominations – names put forward Lucy Dunleavy + Cathy Reeves

voted and carried

Proposal #3 to appoint Treasurer

– nominations/names put forward#; Mike Hedgethorne

voted and carried

Proposal #4 – to appoint secretary

nominations / names put forward – none received so far

PW suggests Katy Bourne (East Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner) is asked to come in.

4. Community Safety Forum meeting 9th June 16.00

Discussion about whether meeting wishes to mandate any input to the next meeting? Richard Barraball was at meeting, and comments that LATs across the city should join together to avoid simply moving problems around the city, also that some homeless people are ex-army. Also what about Fire Station losing a fire-engine? No-one from Fire Station was at CSF – forums need to have more representation at them. London Road is a bottleneck on the A23 – transport and housing need to be looked at globally and not in a fragmented way. Ian Davy said there are a lot of agencies that actually do seek to look at problems city-wide.

Discussion concerning agreeing to RB to attend CSF meeting, getting minutes and agendas as a LAT representative, bring back news from CSF, and speaking on behalf of the LAT when mandated to do so.

5. Viaduct Road improvements (held over from previous meetings)

(representatives of University housing and local letting agent had been invited but were not present). PW – what exactly is the problem? What should we do? Chiltons comment that they have been there 30 years and it has never been so dirty. Lots of rubbish in forecourts, also rats. Most property there is let to students. Wheely bins left on pavements which are too narrow. Very difficult for blind people.

Meeting agrees that the key problem is students – should they be contacted through letting agencies? Universities?

Mike H says there should be a sub-committee for Viaduct Road.

Jonathan R says there are different issues that need to be handled by different agencies, environmental health etc etc.

Simon B comments that road traffic dominance makes it hard to be there, which is why there are more students. Query about the traffic speeds? Queuing.

Simon B comments on how there is a similar street in Hove – perhaps he could involved Cityclean and arrange a ‘multi-agency task-force.’ He will see what resources the council has.

Query as to whether communal bin area could change? Lorinda H says Sussex Uni can identify where their students are living. They can raise awareness with students via direct mailing, but have only limited contact with some landlords.

Sandy C says they’ve had similar problems, and they have found it easy to find out who owners are.

6. Matters arising and updates

a. further meeting on Stanley Road to be held 12th June 10.00

b. Co-op redevelopment – bit fraught, rushing to meet deadlines. Mike H comments on continuing lack of pavement in Baker Street.

c. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association. Encouraging safe cycle storage. Sat 10-30 – 4 celebrating 150 years of brighton – seaford line.

d. London Road Traders – no representative present.

e. The Level – already discussed.

f. Elder Place murals

Walks including this area were part of the Brighton Festival and were very well attended. Also want to improve steps. Still work to do on mural project.

g. Portas Pilot

There is a shop front improvement grant for businesses to apply for, involving money up to £500 towards repainting lights, signage, etc, to be match-funded by the business. Would like to get 10 businesses on board with that. Arts grants with remainder of arts projects. Portas money running out, Town Team thinking of different things to do – could become a ‘business improvement district.’ Could try and get more funding. Joe’s contract ends at end of September.

h. Any other business – nothing mentioned

7. date of next meeting 1st July 2014 (note – no meeting planned in August)

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