Draft Minutes London Road LAT meeting 10th Dec 2019

Minutes of London Road Local Action Team Meeting 10thDecember 2019


(There were some mince pies and Stollen cake kindly brought in for refreshments)

  1. Welcome,

2. Apologies

Sandy Crowhurst, Andy Keeffe (University of Brighton) if there are any issues please get in contact. Mike and Tony, Cath Prenton – charity commitment


Peter, Judi, Lucy D., Lucy Walker (UOS), Richard B., Corinne L., P. Wells, Cllr Pete West, Chris Sevinck (DRARA), Roz Reyburn (Level Communities Forum)

  1. Minutes from previous meeting(s) – (October 2019 was Alan Buck)
  • There were no minutes from the last meeting as it was a presentation from Geoffrey Mead. All enjoyed it.
  • October meeting minutes agreed
  1. Updates
    1. Policing – we are supposed to have been notified of particular police PCSOs for our area. Shall I chase this?
  • Police are now to be more engaged with the community, we were told we would be notified on this. Not aware that this has happened.
  • The old PCSO’s are back on the streets. There is also a greater presence of general police on the Level. If they have been seen then this is an improvement.

5. Planning – the Longley development has a further modification seeking planning approval

  • Pete west has forwarded Philip an email regarding this. The original email was about Section 106 money for the greenway.
  • Response printed out and read to meeting.
  • It is not clear that in the report the sum of money for our area or Elder Place was in the mentioned. If the LAT would like to make suggestions it will now be the responsibility of the section 106 officer and transport team to look into it and how to go forward. Groups can get involved in the planning application stage.
  • There is a modification to the Longley estate development. There are 110 documents to look at and there is no clear indication of which are the modified ones.
  • In summary the developers want to change shoulder height of the building and put one extra floor in but keeping the overall height the same.
  • We want a firm commitment on plans on spending that large amount of money.
  • Now the Section 106 has been signed, we should be able to get some answers to these questions.
  • Do we want to comment in this and advocate public realm enhancement? Yes we would but; Alan Buck wants to put a committee that would look at all the aspects of the development, however the time scale appeared to be quite relaxed on this.
  • This was 2 months ago; and now the Section 106 has now been signed last month.
  • There was no proper commitment on the LAT being involved.
  • Alan did say this whole area is included in the plan for redevelopment.
  • It would be good to know when the allocation of the money is going to start.
  • Update on the retail block on Providence place (i.e. under Providence Place Lofts) is that all the flat owners above have no formal interest in buying the commercial units below. The Orthodontist has moved to buy all 5 units.
  • There is change and it is welcomed. The corner plot is going to be used.
  • Action point: Get Maria Seale and Mr Nick Hibert to come to a meeting and state, what the situation is with this development and the money. Philip will write a letter again to get more information.

6. Stanley Road – various problems … should we make a particular focus on this area?

  • There has been an increase in drug dealing down by the side the Duke of York’s has been very prolific, especially when scaffolding, was up, this including car theft. There has been a little decrease since the scaffolding has been taken down.
  • The car thefts have been a repeated incident, as residents’ cars have been broken into on multiple occasions, sometimes 3- 4 weeks in a row.
  • Is it worth having a meeting about Stanley road issues?

It happens at certain times of the day, like a bus que down the side of the Duke of York’s. It happens at 7am, 11am and then certain times throughout the day. The people who run Moe’s have been very good at turning them away. There was a bit of a change when the Head of the Fire station had a conversation with the police, as their employees were feeling unsafe about paring their cars in that road. No one seems to care as people have been seen just watching the deals take place.

Action Point: It was agreed to put together a meeting for the January meeting on the 14th and to invite the Police, Fire Station, Duke of York’s and City Clean, possibly PCC Katy Bourne and possibly City Enforcement to hear from all involved on their views.

7. Air quality – this has been brought to our attention, but we don’t seem to have a handle on this, as yet

  • The launch was in the summer 2019.
  • Alice Doyle, was meant to come, Michael came but have not heard any more.
  • The thought was that there was a particular emphasis on Preston Circus.
  • To do with the Zero emission zone and the anti idling campaign. This is only to do with the buses at present, but there is a push for cars to be ultra low also. It is not clear on how far it spreads from the city centre to Preston Circus.
  • It would mean we would have to pay a charge to use cars in the centre – but would there be any unhelpful knock-on implications for London Road?
  • There is an influx of traffic by New England Road and the surrounding area. There are strategies in place for the city, including air quality.
  • We need to look at what will make a difference here, Preston circus as it’s the A23, does need to be so vast. Due to the forms of transport has changed from trams to cars; it doesn’t need to be this large. The junction itself could be improved at a starting point to the whole area in the future.
  • It would be good to put a comment in from the LAT to the Environment, sustainability committees’ public consultation at Easter time, with any thoughts we have.
  • Action Point: Phil to write for an update on “Breathe in Brighton”

8. Secure bicycle storage – DRARA are thinking about expanding provision for this. Any interest from local streets?

  • The Ditchling Road Residents association (DRARA) would pick this up. People are looking for more secure bike parking as there is a demand for this as residents are having their bikes stolen.
  • Chris (DRARA) has written to Paul Hollaway, who is looking at pedestrian and cycle developments. He has emailed to ask for a discussion on how we can take this forward, DRARA and residents would like a TRO (transport order) to come through for another bike hanger in the area. They want to avoid waiting for the strategy to come into play.

9. Carol singing – DRARA + Calvary Church 18th Dec 20:00 at London Road Station

10. LCWIP- (Local Cycle, Walking Infrastructure Plan)

  • This would be a wide ranging plan that will be taking place next year, involving a local cycling, walking, infrastructure plan.

11. Any proposals for next year’s timetable?

  • The meeting in January in agreed.
  • We will have the AGM in February.
  • The issue of the Taxi rank consultation around the station. Is a large issue and could be looked at in a further meeting.
  • There was a consultation about Taxi Rank – attended by Peter and Judi and is likely to sort its self out.
  • Could be put on the agenda for a future meeting,

12. Close – and happy Christmas!