Minutes London Road LAT September 6th 2016

London Road L.A.T.

Tuesday 6th September, 2016, 18.30 at Calvary Church, Gates Room


I. Welcome, introductions, apologies:

In Attendance:

Sylvia & Bob Chilton- Local residents

Jamie Singh – McDonalds London Road

Penny Morley- Local Resident

Vice Chair Lucy Dunleavy – Local resident Stanley road

Claire Peace – Family Housing Office University of Sussex

Lucy Walker – Housing Officer University of Sussex

Andrea Goddard – Local Resident

Philip Wells- Chair

Lindsay Debach – minute-taker

Cllr Louisa Greenbaum



Jesse Wilde – Pavilions: Phil to add report from Jesse about Pavilions activities

Francis Clarke-Lowes

Mike Hedgethorne, Tony Firmin

Andy Keeffe – UOBrighton

Tim Read + Sue Bowes + Jonathan Ridley – Community Safety team

Elspeth Broady

Sandy Crowhurst

(received retrospectively – Andy Winter, Cath Prenton)

II. Minutes of last Meeting from 12th July 2016

  • Minutes of last meeting were agreed

III. Date of next Meeting

It was agreed to keep the date of next meeting at 4/10/16, then 15/11/16 AGM

  • Phil asked Geoffrey Mead, local historian, to come and speak about London road

IV. Policing and licensing:

1. outcome regarding situation of homeless/begging in south end of London Road

  • Sarah Mitchell got everyone together to deal with the COOP people
  • Went to Level on 31st August to give awareness day on Substance overdose

2. Policing activity and feedback (e.g. on Pride)

  • Jamie from McDonalds said good for business, no major problems
  • Andrea G. said seemed to have better crowd control.
  • Helpful that CECB was open and allowed people to use the toilets/hasn’t seemed as chaotic as in other years

3. Level Community safety meeting Friday 9th Sept 10-11.30

  • Phil has been asked to go to the meeting on behalf of the LAT
  • All agreed that it would be good to continue to enforce the area around the level
  • Jamie from Mcdonalds said that there is some drug activity behind the shop (facing the Level)
  • Phil suggested that instances where there are cars pulling up it would be good to call 101 so the Police can track this

4. Licensing Issues/Hearings – Presuming Ed – Yellow Book (application outside the matrix withdrawn)

  • The owner asked for an alcohol license so it can be a café bar
  • If it fits the matrix then LAT supports it/ if it doesn’t then we don’t support it
  • However, Francis street residents wanted a “no under any circumstances”
  • In the end, panel granted within matrix and minor exceptions (around festival time)
  • LAT and councillors put in objects on Yellow Book’s application and YB has since withdrawn

V. Planning issues

  • there is currently a consultation on the City Plan 17.00-19.00 Thursday 8th Sept


VII. Viaduct Road current status of consultation for community bins plans.

1. Current Consultation:

  • Sylvia Chilton: Asking what colour bins should be, closed or open and exact location of bins
  • In general many don’t want bins around their homes
  • It was suggested that letting Agents should be getting more involved
  • Phil explained that enforcement person, Matthew Gest, works part time and so difficult to monitor illegal HMOs
  • Lucy Walker: difficult time of year, if students have left and there is no one in the house, difficult to contact letting agent
  • If students are still in the house, students are subject to policy and procedures
  • Number 43 and 44 are particularly bad; Lucy walker said they would have a look – Lucy W. will contact Andy Keefe about the problems rooms

Consultation on Communal Bins

  • Consultation paper due on 18th September
  • Phil asked Lucy Walker for help with the communal bins and getting students aware of this
  • Lucy to speak to housing office about it but doubtful anything can be done now as paper consultation leaflets were sent out many weeks ago

University offer for students living with host families: Students usually pay: between £135-140 for full board. Half board: £100-£110 pounds

VII. report back on last HMO meetings and correspondence

  • Tracy Hill has been organising a series of meetings on this; neither Cath nor Tony/Mike (who usually go ) are present at this meeting

VIII. Financial future

  • Treasurer not present so item was skipped
    • we currently have a balance in hand
    • Calvary Church Trustees have currently offered free use of the premises for meetings
    • we need to arrange more publicity – fliers etc.
    • grants are available from various sources – to be investigated

IX. Various updates and projects in and around London Road –

1. DRARA – Elspeth Absent, nothing to report

2. Level Communities Forum AGM was  30/8/16

  • Phil attended
  • LCF organisation would like to do another event on the Level on a smaller budget than last time;

3. BID – via Ann Townsend (if any)

  • Anne T. still keen on encouraging traders to be part of the BID
  • Triangle / Francis Street / Barrows Residents Association/Rosehill Residents Association

– nothing to report

X. A.O.B.

  • Lucy DunLevy mentioned friends who is having an exhibit for Open Market – George Cole; there giant Arks
  • Penny M. mentioned older people’s festival, run by Impact Initiative. Will be several events and activities going on across the city. Trying to encourage positive interaction. Penny will put link on website. Will be last week in September into first week of October.

Meeting closed about 19.15