LAT minutes 4th November 2014

LAT notes 4/11/14
Please be aware that we had no official minute-taker for the evening – these are notes which reflect the gist of the meeting P.W.

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
apologies from Karen Ashdown, Tim Read, Martin West (Abacus), Chris Tucker (UOS Accommodation), Sharon Birt – off sick, Nic Harrison – apologies, Amanda healey – St Barts, Damien Murmara – (not expected at this meeting), Scott Crossley – Equinox via Jesse Wilde, Tim Read (and last time), Sandy Crowhurst (NLCA), Lucy Dunleavy – till 8.00, Cathy Reeves (V-C) at work in London, Mike Hedgethorne (till later), Cllr Ian Davey, Martin West (Abacus), Ros Lopez’ Tora – Duke of Yorks
Present: Andrew Keeffe (UOB accommodation), Charles Dudley (UOS accommodation), Terry Reed (Yardley Street), Andy Winter, Cllr Pete West, Jonanthan Ridley (ASB, Council), Bob Chilton (Viaduct Road), Maureen Hider (vR), Penny King (VR), Tony Firmin, Richard Barraball, Debbie Fuller (VR), Mark & Daphne de Boissiere, Philip Wells (chair) + Mike Hedgethorne & Lucy D. later (17)
2. Minutes of last meeting – 7th October 2014 – were accepted. It was pointed out that we are lacking a minute-taker tonight
2b. dates of next meetings
December: the hall currently used is unavailable on 2/12/14 – shall we move to 9/12/14? – agreed
January 2015: meeting requested for January 13th 2015
February 2015 P.W. will be serving in Sri Lanka during most of February 2015 – PCC Katy Bourne is invited to be main guest. Chairing arrangements to take cognizance of this. Meeting to take place 3/2/14
3. Policing and Licensing
Inspector Brian McCarthy is unable to come tonight, but is booked for 9/12/14
– Andy Winter raised the question of Town Centre Liaison Officers allegedly acting with partiality during the recent “kissing” protest at Sainsbury’s. Chair to make contact with Andy
– review of policing priorities

– prevention of shoplifting in London Road

– prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

– surveillance for and prevention of any resurgence of drug-dealing, street drinking, anti-social behaviour on Level

agreed to retain these priorities (4/11/14)
– Jonathan Ridley: gave details of changed tools and powers regarding ASB (to be appended to minutes)
– the Level: serious concerns raised regarding drug taking in Level toilets. One case of near-death overdose. Very concerning. Cllr West to set up emergency meeting 6/11/14.
– Providence Place Hotel:

“Mr Watts has taken great care to consult with the community via the LAT and other methods. He has given a full brief of what he intends to achieve. There is no doubt that the building plans he has shown us are a vast improvement on the current situation, and that the lighting and active frontage will make a very positive contribution to a location that is commonly recognised as presenting significant community safety issues.
He has given us good reason to expect that this development will add to the on-going regeneration of the London Road area.
We wish to support his planning application.”

– agreed

Wetherspoons: no further information
N.B. the London Road Licensing matrix says
“Pub” – yes till
Restaurant – yes till 2 am.
It also refers to “Super Pub” but there is no definition of the term – so this provision is meaningless

3. Viaduct Road improvements – with invitations to letting agents, residents, [City Clean], Council enforcement Officers, University accommodation offices, student representatives.
Letters were sent to: Homelets, Khalil Properties, Harringtons Lettings, Kendrick, Hovelets, Your Move, SJS Property Services, Avard, MTM Property Services, Pavilion (copied in)
To note 1: a “[student] housing LAT  HMO Action group” has been mooted [by unknown correspondents].
We would also like to ask for support from all the Article 4 LATs for the aims of the organisation, we have called ourselves the Brighton HMO Action Group and our web site is at:
To note 2: The council Scrutiny Panel has on its agenda the matter of investigating the role and contribution of Letting Agents.
– Andy Keeffe (UOB) and Charles Dudley (UOS) answered questions and presented their approach.
They are very willing to help follow issues through with their students.
Charles Dudley said they would mail out to all Sussex Students on Viaduct Road reminding them of how to be good neighbours.
Andy Keeffe said he would mail out in response to particular issues with particular properties.
Responses received are appended below:
a. From Pavilion Properties 9/10/14

Dear Philip,
Please see below the email which has been sent this morning to all of our tenants who are currently living on Viaduct Road.
Dear Tenants of Viaduct Road,
It has been brought to our attention that the appearance of Viaduct Road in general seems to be deteriorating. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a helpful link below with information and advice on how to manage waste and recycling correctly and efficiently. Also you will be able to confirm collection dates for the area.

If you could also adhere to the following points it would me much appreciated –
·         All bins and recycling boxes must be stored neatly on the front patio area ( NOT ON THE PAVEMENT ) during non-collection times and used correctly using the guidelines set by City Clean.
·         Please refrain from leaving bin bags loose at the front of the property, if you need extra wheelie bins or boxes these can be ordered using the City Clean website – link above.
·         After collections please make sure you retrieve bins and boxes from the pavement as quick as possible.
·         Please report any repeat offenders to directly to City Clean so that further action can be taken.
We hope that this email and helpful information can help to improve the area.
Kind regards, Pavilion Properties.
Joss Goodwin, Property Manager.

b. from Kendricks 2/11/14

Thanks for your email regarding Viaduct Rd. We have a number of properties on Viaduct Rd and we are keen to work with you to improve the road.

Unfortunately due to family commitments I am unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday but I will check out the minutes once they are on the website to see what was discussed and what we can do to help.

Kind Regards

Nikki Gilson
Kendrick Property Services

c. from Andy Keeffe

Thank you for inviting me to your meeting last night, as requested here are my contact details that the residents can use to contact me if they have any concerns relating to the University of Brighton.

I have also attached the information for contacting the HMO department for residents as well.

As requested here are the contact details for the Council,s HMO & Private Sector Housing on 01273 293156 or e-mail on

I would like to reiterate the offer to the residents that I will be happy to take their enquiries of concern which I would look into and provide support where I can, and with the existing pre education/information that the university provides to students I feel this will give residents a better and quicker out come as I feel doing a generic mail shot may not give the up the results the residents are hoping for.

Andrew Keeffe
Community Liaison and Housing Advice Officer
Exion 27
Crowhurst Road
Brighton BN1 8AF
01273 641894

d. from Charles Dudley

I was very pleased to attend Tuesday evening’s meeting and will do my best to ensure that the University has a presence on future occasions.
As promised, I am sending contact details for our Housing office  to include with the minutes.  The web address is:-
Housing Tel. 01273 678220
Key contact:  Mark Woolford, Housing Officer, Private sector
You may also wish to draw attention to the following web page which gives our Students’ advice about living in the community.  This is the web page I spoke about which had a very large number of hits since the beginning of the term.
Finally, as I mentioned in the meeting, we have recently written to all our students living in the City to advise them on good community relations.  However, following our meeting we will be following this up with a specific initiative in respect of any of our students in Viaduct Rd.

4. Abacus House – updates.
Martin West (site manager) has offered to host site tours on either Wed 12th, Tues 18th or Wed 19th any time between 17.00-19.00
– we requested Wed 12th at 18.00

5. Updates and news
a. London Road improvement + Valley Gardens Workshop (6/11/14)

from Jim Mayor: Since we last spoke, work has been ongoing to refine our designs for Valley Gardens. We are also on the verge of securing funding to enable physical improvements to take place from 2015. I’m arranging a public workshop for the evening of 6th November (6-8pm) which will provide an opportunity to get an update from the design team, make any suggestions and generally agree any refinements as we move closer to a final scheme layout.  The meeting will be at the Phoenix Gallery, adjacent to St Peters. If you would like to attend please let me know by 1st November so I can ensure we have sufficient space etc.

b. Greenway – updates if any
from Elspeth Broady:
Clear-Up on Sunday Nov 2nd, 12.30 – 3.30 (meet back of Clarendon Centre) and a meeting on Tuesday Nov 11th, 7.30-9.00 at The Edwards Room, Clarendon Centre

c. London Road Traders/ London Road CIC updates (if any)

d. Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association
From Elspeth: DRARA ‘Business’ MEETING Tuesday 9 Dec, 7.30 147 Ditchling Rise. Do send me any items you’d like on the agenda

e. the Level Forum – if anything

f. Providence Place Gardens – brand new blockwork has been laid on roadway beside Costa Coffee, and work is commencing on the terraced steps

g. PCC – has been approached and is able to come 3/2/14

6. Any other business (please notify Chair before the start of the meeting) None.
The meeting closed at about 19.50



– ASB document (awaited)

– Police Stats for August/September/October

– Katy Bourne letter

–————————-Police Stats ——————————-

Police Statistics for August 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 5
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 22
Burglary 2
Criminal damage 4
Medical (drugs/drinking) 8
Road Traffic Collision 10
Suspicious 13
Theft 23
Theft – just shoplifting 24
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 17

Police Statistics for September 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 10
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 23
Burglary 2
Criminal damage 4
Medical (drugs/drinking) 4
Road Traffic Collision 7
Suspicious 13
Theft 15
Theft – just shoplifting 20
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 19
Police Statistics for October 2014:
London Road/York Place
Activity Police (warrants/arrests etc) 13
Anti-Social Behaviour (drinkers, street noise) 12
Burglary 6
Criminal damage 6
Medical (drugs/drinking) 9
Road Traffic Collision 6
Suspicious 20
Theft 17
Theft – just shoplifting 15
Violence (assault, fighting, robbery, domestics) 16

–————details of Katy Bourne’s mail-out ——————-

Sussex Police Precept 2015/16 – Public Consultation
As PCC I have a statutory obligation to set the police precept – the amount Sussex residents pay for policing in their Council Tax.
I need to consider the case to secure additional funding for policing in Sussex next year and I welcome residents’ views on whether or not I should seek a precept increase in 2015/16.

In my first year in office I fulfilled my election pledge to freeze the precept meaning residents paid the same amount for policing in Sussex for four years.
Last year local taxpayers told me they would support a precept increase of 3.6%, which equates to an additional £4.95 per year per household (for a Band D property). This investment was required to fund additional resources to enable Sussex Police to respond to emerging crime threats including serious sexual offending and cybercrime as well as increasing the efficiency of officers on the frontline.
67% of those who responded to the consultation supported an increase in the precept. The Police and Crime Panel – who hold the important role of scrutinising my decisions – also endorsed the proposed rise. However, due to a limit, set nationally, on the amount that the precept could rise before triggering a costly referendum, I was only able to increase the precept in Sussex by 1.95% (£2.70 per household per year).
Despite this, good progress has been achieved in those areas of operational policing that required additional investment. However, the Chief Constable has set out a business case for additional funds in 2015/16 to meet the shortfall from last year.
A precept increase in 2015/16 of up to 1.98% would provide additional funding in order to deliver the operational investments Sussex Police need to make. In particular, investigating serious sexual offences and protecting the most vulnerable victims, especially children, remains a key priority for me and the Chief Constable.

This means that a local household living in a Band D property would pay an extra £2.79 per year for policing. However, at £143.91 per year, Sussex would still have the 4th lowest precept level in England and Wales.
As a voice for local people on policing and crime it’s very important that I know if Sussex residents are willing to pay more towards policing in their county.
The online survey can be accessed on the following link: Printed copies are also available from my office. Telephone: 01273 481561 or email:
The consultation will close on Friday 9 January and the results will help inform a decision in January 2015, which will be reviewed by the Police & Crime Panel.
Best wishes
Katy Bourne
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

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