Visitlondonroad 2016 – Town Team look to hand over to a BID (Business Improvement District)


The Portas Pilot scheme has now come to an end.

Money was set aside from the Portas Scheme and supplemented by voluntary subscriptions by a number of traders. This has been used to employ the highly valued Town Centre Liaison Officers. As of March 2016 the visitlondonroad website is no longer being developed.

We hope that the momentum generated for businesses will continue.

The Town Team members are Ann Townsend (chair London Road Business Association), Trevor Freeman (formerly Chair of Federation of Small Businesses),  Philip Wells (Chair London Road Area Local Action Team), Mohammed Azzaduzzaman (Spice of Life – Open Market) in conjunction with Rob Dawson (Council Economic Development Unit)


The Brighton Business Improvement District (BID) is also considering offering to extend their business support structure to include Kemptown, London Road, West Hove – as well as central Brighton.

This would need to be agreed by a majority of traders’ voting, via a consultative process which has been taking place by means of shop-to-shop visits. The Council would only favour putting this to the vote *if* it is clear that the majority of qualifying businesses in the chosen area would be agreeable to the scheme. The vote would take place in the Autumn of 2016


Archived Reference items below:

London Road Portas Pilot Website Brief

London Road Town Team Action Plan August 2013

London Road Trader – September 2013

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