Meeting Notes 03 March 2013

Mini-LAT(iii) – Elder Place Streetscene 15th March 2013

Present: P. Wells (LAT) Cllr P. West, Simon Bannister (Council – Public Projects), Inspector Gareth Davies (Neighbourhood Policing Team), , Jim McCandlish (Enforcement Officer/Central Team Leader City Clean)

apologies (by email) Steve Mulrine (Trader)

(sorry my notes are rather sketchy this time)

The items from last time were:

  • lighting (needs to be revisited with Ian Davey etc.)
  • steve m. update?
  • police patrols update?eyes and ears?

– no-one has been caught and little or no reporting

  • properties: Simon B: regarding upkeep and improvement: some are neglected, some are possbile, some are not interested

A “nice” approach to the owners would be a good idea.

  • york place steps?

Simon brought some maps and photos of the area which we discussed.

Cllr West thought that an event in June ought to have some definite ideas and also viable ideas as to funding.

– the importance of the car park

– through paths to station

– involve new england house (branwyn Lorigan)

– involve students

– letter to traders

– art intervention £?? ask Donna Close

-maintenance offer … if people buy in, how can it be sustained?

– trade waste need to be incorporated – offer of help?

– greening – via Louis Travino

– open market#2 around york hill steps (via Halwyn Jones)

– Debra May knows about the section 106 money

– Baker street and London Road terrace also re. Section 106.

– room for an “experiment”

Donna Close – Public Art

Co-op section 106 money e.g. for openspaces … could this be used here also (Providence Place Gardens is earmarked as a use for this money)

– colouring the community scheme might provide some funding for removal of graffiti

* Simon Bannister was asked to do a paper to “state the case” for attention to be given to Elder Place situation

*Future meeting 26th April 14.00-15.00 – attendance of City Clean is not requested, it would be good if Insp. Davies were able to attend, relevant officers to be invited (? via Simon)



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