LAT minutes March 4th 2014

London Road Area Local Action Team Minutes

Tuesday 4th March / 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions

Apologies: Mr Wahid Ibrahim, Amanda Healey (Head, St Barts), Mohammed Asaduzzaman, Cllr Pete West, Edward White, Andy Winter, Cllr Ian Davey, Jean and Phyliss, Karen Ashdown, Scott Crossley (Equinox), Tim Read (Community Safety Caseworker), PSCO Sharon Birt, PCSO Nic Harrison, Bob & Sylvia Chiltern, Ben Alltimes

Present: Kara (Watkins Jones), Pete McDonald (Watkins Jones), James Woods (Cascade Creative Recovery, commented on: large fragmented recovery community in Brighton recovering from various addictions – plan is to create a centre to bring them together – already a pantomime and a choir. Baker street cafe) Rob Stevenson (from Roundhill Society – just elected Small Groups Representative by Community Works committee, and is finding out what groups do), Richard Barraball, John Holden (John’s Camping), Christina Bennett, Bob Curtis (Federation Small Businesses), Tony Firmin, Mike Hedgthorne, Zaid (Youth Council – giving youth members an opportunity to see how the council works), Gary Baker – (B and W Stores), Borhan Khayal (B and W Stores), John Lucas (Community Reporter – Argus), Joe Nichols (London Road Portas Pilot), James Murphy (drug service), Jan Rooney (26 Ditchling road – substance misuse), Lorinda Holness (Uni Sussex), Steve Oakley (Open Market – which is progressing well). Philip Wells, Katharine Crompton (resident and note-taker)

=21 in attendance.

2. Minutes from previous meeting (Feb 4th 2014 – please see website)


3. Responsibilities within the LAT: for consideration

John Holden voted in to act as temporary Vice-chair until the next AGM. Some discussion re finding secretary as separate from Vice-chair – to be finalized at AGM. Thanks to Charlotte Overton-Hart for her work in the past, and to Katharine Crompton for offering to take minutes until June.

Report from Richard Barraball: Community Safety Forum (CSF): overall positive experience – many attended including police officers, councilors from all parties – chaired by council chair Jason Kitkat. Non-confrontational, but some things not covered such as anti-fracking protest and “March for England” – insufficient concern for budgeting constraints. Drug and alcohol strategy discussed including plans for needle exchange, drug rooms.

4. Policing matters and Licensing

a. Review of our three possible policing priorities for this month. Last month’s were:

  • Graffiti and fly-tipping (plus possible drug dealing) in Stanley Road

  • Shop-lifting in London Road

  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

Police report from PCSO Sharon Birt read out:

York Place seems to be quiet at the moment, not that I want to speak too soon! We had a day of action on the 12th Feb just to target Stanley Road, called Op Earl. Unfortunately the weather was rain for most of it so it may have been quiet due to this. Then we have had 2 Op Palmer action days (for shoplifting) and a mini one. One was 22nd Jan where we had 1 arrest. Nic and I then did a 2 day one just concentrating on Maplins on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January. We caught 2 males that were part of a group of at least 4 going round stealing bulk goods. They are responsible for well over £1,000 of thefts. We also caught another male stealing, who received a community resolution. Then on 27th Feb we had our most recent Op Palmer day. There were 2 community resolutions issued for thefts, 1 from Maplins and 1 from Co-Op. The next planned action day for Op Palmer is Monday 17th March. We are waiting for PC Leatham to sort out the next Op Earl date.

Report from Tim Read (Community Safety Caseworker): We have been working with a young person who has committed ASB in several shops/take-aways on London Road and at the Level skate park. He is engaging and we have seen a decrease in the number of reports from the police and our partners relating to his ASB.

Christina Bennett comments on Stanley road: Mr and Mrs Patel have painted over graffittied garage door. Still some flytipping – some from Duke of Yorks?

Mike Hedgethorne suggests priorities kept the same until next week when police are here, proposal carried.

The three new policing priorites, from 4/3/14 are:

  • Graffiti and fly-tipping (plus possible drug dealing) in Stanley Road

  • Shop-lifting in London Road

  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

b. Licensing – to note: the negotiated settlement for B&W stores has been accepted by all parties and agreed to by the magistrates without a full court hearing.

Report from Scott Crossley (Equinox):

We continue to visit problem areas mainly the Level and Park Crescent Surgery and have brought 2-3 individuals on to our caseload for more intensive work. We are also responding to some complaints of drinkers in theses “hotspots” at night by setting up our outreach team to go out at night 2-3 time per week. We are also planning to hold a multi-agency meeting to discuss how relevant agencies can work together to minimize street drinking and antisocial behavior in the hotter summer months. We have held similar meetings for St Peters church and parts of Hove and they have worked very well. These plans are still in the early stages and we will feedback any information to the LAT when we have it.

Enquiry by James Woods as to necessity and licensing for Alcampo restaurant/wine bar, some slight discussion on this topic)

  1. Viaduct Road – pavement cycling, wheely bins, general appearance: New England Road (pavement cycling) – held over for agenda item

Discussion PW says its a big problem to try to change. Christina Bennett: its mostly students. PW reads comment from Edward White:

Please be advised that over the past year I have negotiated with two large student accommodation agencies a ‘good neighbour’ clause, to sit in the ‘extra clauses’ section of renewed student HMO tenancy agreements, to cover issues of littering outside student properties which was a great problem in Warleigh Road. The wording is:


The clause states: The tenants agree to keep the pavement area adjoining the property free from obstruction, other than authorised refuse collection items in accordance with Council collection schedules, and agree that any obstruction not removed by the tenants after reasonable notice may be removed by the agents at the tenants expense. 


Grosvenor properties and Pavilion properties should therefore each be amenable to residents of other roads asking politely to add that clause as standard, when a student HMO tenancy comes up for renewal in their area.

Lorinda Holness says its partly a concern for City Clean. Also queries connection with student union – Community Rep Scheme. Linda will follow up.

Conclusion: matter should be discussed more fully next time when Councillors and other relevant persons are present are here.

6. N.B. next Stanley Road mini-meeting Thursday 6th March 2014 11:15 venue Calvary Church – Gates Roomstudent houses were also raised as an issue. Is this a widespread concern?

  1. Portas Pilot project – n.b. Website up and running (Joe Nichols), traders update is at

Usual things – website, banners, Town Centre Liaison Officers doing well – more stuff being reported to police etc. Discussion over whether or not they should be temporary – PW says meeting generates strong positive comments that be a permanent fixture. Quite a lot of arrests – they can work in conjunction with PCSOs and have more targetted duties and availability. Liaison officers work in the town centre via and business improvement district (BID) .

Portas funding runs out end of June – looking for more funding, e.g. via introduction of BID. This would need majority of traders to be in support. Bob Curtis says its down to small businesses but is cautious about financial feasability.

Christina says some parents won’t let their children go down London Road alone, and TLO would be a positive influence James Murphy says TCLOs sound really good – extends invitation to link with CRI..

  1. Elder Place project

Report from Joe Nichols: mural project going well. £15,000 pounds available from various funding sources. Visit from senior civil servants. RB says what about providence place? Ans: after considerable consultation and agreement at Council committee this will go ahead in the Spring

  1. Matters arising, ongoing and updates

a) Co-op redevelopment

Report from Watkins Jones Representatives: development going really well, show flat will be open soon, insulation going in, rendering happening soon – lots of plaster, lifts etc. over 90 men onsite. Very busy. Also work experience scheme going well.

b) pedestrian crossing timings London Road: – no further feedback. Zaid comments that Councillors are thinking of increasing pedestrian crossing times by 3 seconds

c) Oxford Street – the portable traffic island is now in place and looks much safer.

d) Level – final restoration project newsletter is at

[Further info via email: the AGM will now take place on Tuesday 18 March instead. It will still be taking place at the Velo Cafe at 7pm.

The Lantern Fayre at The Level itself is programmed for 3-5 October 2014.

I look forward to seeing you at the next full CoTLF meeting, if you are able to attend, next Tuesday 25 February, 6-7.30pm in the MacLaren Pavilion.  If you have a friend/colleague who may be interested in joining the CoTLF and helping the group with various tasks (we are currently looking for someone interested in being the group’s Treasurer, or Secretary, and for someone who is keen on communications especially social media), please feel free to invite him/her/them along.]

e) Richardson’s Yard – nothing further

f) London Road Traders Association – nothing further to add

g) London Road public realm improvement project (indicative figure £600K)

– would we like to ask Jim to come and speak April or May? Agreed.

h) Open Market -opening date

I) City College is setting up a neighbourhood liaison group including the LAT (March 6th 17.00)

j) Argus coverage: see

  1. AOB. Any other items, please notify Chair at before the meeting.

Christina Bennett mentions legal high shop. Should frontage be frosted? Drugs guy says lots of people are using legal highs which are a problem – NPS – (novel psychoactive substances). New worker who is an NPS treatment person. Discussion over action to be taken. Jan will investigate whether a “guidance” visit could be arranged.

Dates of next meeting: April 1st 2014.



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