Minutes London Road LAT meeting 9th May 2017

London Road L.A.T.

Tuesday 9th May, 2017


  1. Welcome, apologies, introductions

In Attendance:

Sam Rouse- Air quality specialist Brighton and hove City council, Lucy Dunleavy – Vice Chair, Philip Wells- Chair, Andy Keeffe –Community Liaison Officer, University of Brighton, Tony Firmin – local resident, Mike Hedgethorne – local resident, Penny Morley – local residence, older Peoples’ Council, Richard Barraball– local resident, Cllr Louisa Greenbaum, Simon Bannister- Council Communities team, Ian Brown-Rose Hill residents association, Emma Smeed – University of Sussex, Claire Peace – Housing association University of Sussex, Peter Wileman – Community Safety Team, Bob Chilton- Resident viaduct road, Scott Crossley – Equinox/ Pavillions, Kristina Pelakova – Equinox/Pavillions, Lindsay Debach – minutes,



Andy Winter, Sandy Crowhurst – North Laine Community association, Elspeth Broady, Ayanna Knight, Cath Prenton, Stephen Andrews

  1. Minutes and date of next meeting
  • Minutes from last meeting were approved
  • Next meeting is 13th June 2017
  1. Policing and Licensing

1. 101 Number doesn’t work properly – use the email

  • PW raised problem with 101 reporting (police did not report some incidents had been rung in when they indeed had)
  • The 101 email is a more reliable method of flagging things up- receive acknowledgement and an “audit trail” –email all 101 concerns to 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk

Peter Wileman

  • If you report an incident via email, important to to write: FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TEAM to ensure it gets to the right department

2. Winchester Street/Clyde Road

  • PW had meeting with inspector McCarthy- reported that residents said things were better in problem areas (i.e. Providence Place, Winchester Street)
  • Re: – will let communities of the level take lead on chasing up any incidents and on-going problems.

3. Providence Place

  • Peter Wileman: Jon Tutton raised concerns with regards to providence place last meeting (drug dealing, antisocial behaviour). Made Equinox and the police aware of these areas and agreed they would pay extra attention to these areas
  • Identified a supported housing project in providence place that was likely linked to the drug use.
  • Have worked to identify the people visiting there, and a number of them have been banned from visiting the property
  • The young man in the property warned about his behaviour and likely needs more support than that project can offer. May have been coerced into allowing his property to be used for drug dealing.
  • Report back from Mr. Tutton and other local traders/residents is that things have calmed down significantly in this area, however case will be open for another month
  • It is one of 5 geographical locations that is being monitored closely by Pavilions and police
  • Encourages people who see anything to raise concerns
  • PW expressed appreciation for the efficiency of dealing with the problems in Providence Place saying the actions and partnership working had been exemplary

Kristina Pelakova:

  • Spoke with City College during the half term about some of the students who were visiting this property
  • Will go to students/design leaflet or flyer, encouraging them to contact pavilions if they see any thing
  • Deputy principle’s meeting is this Friday- keen to work with pavilions to stop antisocial behaviour around the college.

4. London road

  • Incident mentioned last time that occurred has been followed up
  • Has done all possible to ensure individuals would like to report it
  1. Local Updates

1. Viaduct Road

Tracy Phipps not present. No update.

2. HMO planning applications

Cath Prenton absent – no update.

3. Level

No updates –upcoming meeting to take place between the Level Communities Forum and police

  1. Main Speaker – Sam Rouse- air quality and health

Last spoke at LAT in 2011

See website for full presentation. Also here Air Quality Report 2016

A few main points were:

  • Poor air quality due to emissions form road traffic and domestic heating
  • estimated 200 local deaths each year due to air pollution
  • diesel cars have 10x more oxides and nitorgetn2 emissions than petrol cars
  • Overall, more needs to be done to monitor air quality locally
  • London road 2nd highest location for air pollution in Brighton below North Street
  • The council will be replacing several of the bendable buses with buses that are better for air quality
  • Lowering bus emissions will improve air quality, especially on and around North Street

Can find information impact of air quality on the Council’s most recent Equality Impact and Outcome Assessment (2015)

Tips for Protecting Ourselves and Improving air quality:

  • Stand at least 7 metres from traffic/traffic congestion
  • Avoid running/exercise in pollution hotspots (use parks instead)
  • Consider biking instead of taking cars/public transport

Cllr Louisa

– Would like to set up a clean air zone- like a congestion area – in which highest pollution vehicles would not be able to enter (or would be charged a penalty fee for entry)

– Would seek funding to ensure compliance with stringent emissions standards

VI. Close

Meeting closed at approximately 20:30