London Road Area LAT meeting 10th March 2020 minutes


1. Welcome, introductions, apologies


  • Mohammad Asaduzzaman – Open market
  • Susan Tapping -resident
  • Roz Rayburn- Level communities’ forum, Board at the Open
  • Caroline Noble, Open Market
  • PC Lucy Egeleton- Particular responsibility for Graffiti
  • PCSO Derubertsis
  • PCSO Bothwell
  • Diane Chandler- Resident of Stanley Road
  • Adrian -Stanley road Resident
  • Andy Roberts – Stanley Road
  • Bavesh Mistry- Manager of Specsavers- Came to get ideas on security and figure out how not to make this beneficial to the business. Wants to get involved in charity work.
  • Richard Barraball
  • Alan Briginshaw
  • Peter Lynn
  • [query – were there other people who did not sign in?]

PCSO Sharon , Stanley Road Drug Dealing

  • The police have closed the problem profile.
  • It has been de-escalated.
  • There will still be patrols when in the area.
  • Stanley road; there seems to be no further problems.
  • The people just move on around the city, and the main issue was happening when the scaffolding was up.
  • They still want reports to escalate again in future.
  • The police still need dates, times and descriptions, any details.
  • Reporting is not a waste of time. Please do still report it into 101 takes 2-5 minutes and it covers more detail with 101. There is a 101 email and if traders cannot call at the time, keep a note or a diary of the incident. Put all the evidence in an email, once a week.
  • If the suspected person is in the store ring 999 with details etc, but the log or diary will work best. If there is a pattern they can be more pro active.
  • If they are detained in store then 999, again with clear descriptions, pictures are helpful, CCTV etc. Send it to 101 or send directly to Sharon and Katy. Emails were given out
  • If they can see there is a pattern, it can make the police more pro-active.
  • 999 if the police have the resources on the day, if not if not send it to 101.
  • BCRP (Crime reduction team), have a radio that alerts certain shops to situations and people. This only happens in the centre of town, not this far out as of yet, but for certain companies who request them. There are also Bid Ambassadors that are town security guards, who are there on request of businesses.
  • P.W. We have tried to get a business improvement district and nothing came of it because we couldn’t mobilise sufficient support from Traders.


  • Sandy Crowhurst- Clashes with another event.
  • Maureen; (Level Communities forum): Had a meeting with Sue Shanks, Pete West, Simon Banister about whether the Council were losing interest in the Level. It was proposed to set up a Level liaison group. This will involve the police and key service providers, and have a look what can be done to improve it.
  • Lucy Dunleavy – Not much to report from Stanley Road. Graffiti along the side of Duke of York’s has not started again, could be due to the camera in place.
    • Maybe the CCTV is helping in front of Duke of York’s cinema. This would have more of an impact on the dealers rather than drug users.
  • Caroline Lucas; cannot make it as in parliament on Tuesday’s.
  • Chloe Frayne- There is a Tidy up team for local litter pick up, 1st Saturday of every month, meeting in front of the URL. Link to go in minutes

  • Judy Lynn
  • Andy Keeffe
  • Mike and Tony.

2. Minutes of last meeting, date of next meetings (21 April) – matters arising (if any)

  • Agreed last minutes
  • Date of next meeting: 21st April [note: Not happening due to COVID-19]

3. Policing.

  • Introducing PC Lucy Egleton with responsibility for tackling graffiti for whole of Brighton & Hove at the moment this ward.
  • The police are trying to spread out the profiles to the PCs as well as the PCSO’s. She is particularly focused on graffiti across the whole of the city.
  • At the moment key focus and interest is on North Laine and London Road. She will also be working with the Tidy up team.
  • Residents can help by sending in photos, especially on tags that go up, particularly on London Road. They can target the top tags.
  • The photos can be sent to 101 or Lucy’s email address, with time, date and the photo, they can then get an idea of what is going on, this goes onto a database.
  • Lucy’s email address is:
  • The hierarchy for this area is the PCSO’s- Insp. Osborn- who then reports to Insp. McCarthy. This forms a Neighborhood Prevention team. The information is linked in with other services and can be shared. There is progress going on behind the scenes, so do keep reporting it. This is an improvement.
  • Ollie (Mocksha)- Shop Lifting and drug dealing
  • Philip has emailed Sharon Baker the details of issue at Mocksha, and made the PCSO’s who attended the meeting aware of this. A PCSO will come into the shop and discuss it further.

Gating Orders

  • There is a gating order in the area: One on Brunswick Row, residents can shut the gate at night to stop people coming in. The other is at the Bat and Ball.
  • They are both to be reviewed, later in the year, to make sure they are still in place and are helpful.
  • The PCSO’s will get a communication on this.

4. Open Market – how can we be supportive?

  • There is a positive response from traders. Some of the traders who asked for the Market to be discussed sent apologies. It was a positive idea that they had.
  • The traders board meets once a month, there are difficulties was communication and organization of the market.
  • Food traders, particularly the meat traders, want to get in earlier to set up and get ahead but cannot get access. It is the little things that make it harder for all traders to get on with their business.
  • The residents association and the traders have been in conflict about early morning timings for a while, previously.
  • The times that are in place at the moment are:
  • The under lease is 7am for the traders to unload. If this was in the residents contract when they moved in the residents should accept it. It is strictly enforced.
  • The Traders who need to unload are very conscientious and know the ropes.
  • There can be a noise issue at times e.g. Pride etc. This does generate trade and also issues of behaviour.
  • There is a constant quid pro quo, yes the residents get it and will accommodate it, but the people on the ground are businesses they need to be able to trade and make a living.
  • The trader’s need a dynamic energy to the market, and the more this happens the better the market is.
  • Is there a dialogue with residents association? There needs to be, there has been in the past, but there is a block, lack of co-ordination and communication. This needs to be looked into and resolved, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, is it just management or a mixture of traders and management? Action Point (???)

5. Air quality and environment- what can be done?

Email from Adrian- See below


In Summary:

  • Resident has recently brought an air monitor that measures microns in the air and that shows how much pollution there is around the locality at any given moment. The pollution can be from traffic and industry, and on national level- open fires, coal etc.
  • Has set it up locally and the readings that he is getting exceed the WHO measures. According the status report from the quality in Brighton, is stated there was not a problem, except for a few roads around the city. It stated that is was blown in from other places however this was found to be false. The main monitor is in Preston Park, was not making the data available on an hour-by-hour basis. The monitor then started working again for a week, and did not show a breach.
  • The average is 25 microns, the monitor in the park, registered 23 over one 24hr period and over one week.
  • The monitor he has, the levels go up when it is colder and the spike is around 6pm on weekends. This is to do with solid fuel burning and consumption, rather than traffic.
  • On Pete West’s suggestion he asked the Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) what could be done to tackle this.
  • There is not a lot that the council can do, apart from a campaign or declare a Smoke Control Area. The boarder in our area is viaduct road and the other boarder is Lewes Road.
  • Only 5-8% of the city is covered, as smoke generally moves from east to west.
  • He put a question to the ETS who said they would look into this.
  • There are so many cars on the road with only one person in them at a given time. We need to stop this, as it adds to the pollution on a huge scale.
  • There are three main pollutants these are:
    • Nitrogen dioxide- vehicles
    • Ozone- vehicles.
    • Particulates: PM1, PM2, PM5 and PM10.
  • Nationally there is 60% of the particulates is from solid fuel burning. This correlates with the times of the day the spikes occur on the monitor.
  • Air Pollution issues go to the ETS and is a health hazard and does cause lots of deaths a year and is a big pupil health issue.
  • The fuel burning issue seems to be overlooked. There needs to be a link with public health to tackle the issue.
  • The council has been doing some work in tackling this issue particularly in the centre of town, where there is a zone emissions zone, set up. Buses have now got low fuel zones and low emission engines on some of the routes.
  • Cars can cause particulate matter from their tires as they have large amounts of dirt on them and on the brake material.
  • The Council has decided to look at making the city centre car free, which will have knock on effects. This is a step in the right direction.
  • Green wood burning is going to be banned by the government so they are aware of the issue.
  • There is a difference between open fire, a Defra approved stove and non-approved stove. This is that the non-approved stove will emit 9 times more particulates. If there were a smoke control area, it would mean that residents could still burn wood and low emission fuel but the wood, would need to be Defra approved and the coal would need to be low emission.
  • There are 100,000 cars in the city as it stands; their presence is limiting the amount of bikes on the round and the way, they get around. It is hard for the council to build more cycle lanes and improve the use of the lanes when there are a huge amount of cars parked on them, or in the way of where a cycle lane could go, this is because people are so reliant on their cars.
  • People are renting out there driveways, to people who come from out of town, who work in the city.
  • The positive side of this is that how we can encourage, walking, cycling and this will come to a committee as part of the Local Cycling, Walking, Improvement Plan, there will be a consultation on this in the spring, where people can have their views. The LAT needs to have its view on this and ask the question on what is going to be done about Preston Circus, make the area around it more pedestrian friendly. Pete West strongly encouraged the meeting to get involved and have a say and make the council aware of the issue.
  • Is there a cycle to work scheme for local businesses?
  • They can get a tax break. This is a government scheme. Does not cost the employer anything, the employee buys their bike in installments. There is a bike share scheme.
  • Simon Hicknot is in the Transport Team and has funding to support people from going from being unemployed to when they get work, being able to buy a bike etc. It is a Grant Fund. He is there to help people consider their transport choices.
  • Action Point– Invite him to the LAT

6. Planning and development

1. Alan Buck’s response about the large planning developments (Longley Estate and Vantage Point), this is a response from back in January 15th. The reply reads:

  • He seems quite positive about getting engagement from the community, as it all fits together. Public realm, the roads etc.
  • There should have been a decision a while ago, this seems to be put back a bit.
  • Simon Banister has put questions to Alan a while ago, seems to have received the same response then as it is now. Alan seemed quietly confident then.
  • It is about the timescale.
  • There had been two subsequent versions to the planning. The LAT asked Philip to write a comment, saying we would like to be involved and that the LAT is neither for it nor against it. It was acknowledged but has heard nothing back.
  • Action Point: Look at the planning conditions and see what was agreed. Contact Alan Buck

2. Neighbourhood planning forum. Put on hold.

  • There are different levels on getting a plan. The aim is for residents and local business in having a plan is so that we can have greater influence over things and the developer need to pay attention to.
  • The other side is the Section 106, is that developers paying for some of the impact to the community. This is now changing to the Community Infrastructure Levi. This gives councils the ability to combine money into a pot to fit to what they would like to use the money for. Within this if there is a Neighborhood Plan, the group can have 25% of influence of what happens planning wise in the area. If you do not have a neighborhood-planning forum, we can influence up to 15% of the plan and development. This is all new even to the council. It is being worked on.
  • There are 5 areas across the city who are working on developing their plan.
  • It is important for residents and traders to get involved with the policymaking before the development has taken up and progressed, and goes out of our control. This is because all large developments will have influence on trader and residents.

7. Updates and AOB – Leave until next meeting.

a. Stanley Road – if any ; N.B. PLEASE generate a 101 flag/email/phone call for every issue you come across!  Add a line saying “Please log this for attention of Neighbourhood Protection Team” or similar

b. Valley Gardens

c. other projects are progressing – Former- Co-op, Former- Hughies, 

8. Any Other Business (please give notice before the meeting, or ask for agenda item next time)

Caroline Lucas: Air BnB initiative;

  • As part of her campaign to deal with this issue. There is an email that a resident has forwarded and it reads as follows:


  • We as a LAT and residents can add some input to this campaign.
  • This is positive response, from the council.
  • A BBC reporter who was doing a piece on Air BnBs contacted resident. The email was on Twitter. Could get Caroline Lucas to speak to the BBC?
  • Action Point: Philip will take a look at the email and decide on the action to take.

The Green Centre:

  • They are an independent body that comes into the Open Market every Thursday.
  • They are a recycling hub.
  • They have funding from the council, to create a green hub for the city; they want to do it in the open market. As a board they would love to accommodate them in the open market.
  • There is some resistance to this.
  • Could the council help make it happen.
  • Action Point-This needs to be discussed between open market and council.