Minutes London Road LAT Meeting 9th July 2019 18:30-19:45

Welcome and Apologies

Apologies: Sandy Crowhurst, Kristina (Equinox), Mike and Tony- Holiday, Elspeth (DRARA), Christina Bennet- Stanley Road

Present: Alan Brigginshaw, Diane Chandler, Andy Roberts (all from Stanley Road), Cath Prenton (Beaconsfield Villas), Roz Rayburn (Level Communities Forum), Naomi Barnard (UOS), Peter and Judi Lynn, Andy Keefe (UOB), Chris Sevinck, Cllr Pete West, Philip Wells (Chair), Lucy Dunleavy (late arrival)

=13 present


Naomi- from the University of Sussex.

Roz Reyburn- The Level is a very important park in the city, they have recently has lost their excellent gardener Steve Peters.

2) Minutes of last Meeting

  • The Minutes are on the website. Action: Philip will add the attendance list to the utes to the website
  • Matters arising
    • Councillor Lizzie came to the last meeting; where there were things that were passed onto Pete West; regarding issues to do with the AirBnB party house. The Field Officers came along to last meeting; they heard nothing about the AirBnb house. Inspector Hiles had said: The police cannot charge and make an arrest if no one was hurt.
    • They did go and visit, as there were other issues to do with the property and the landlord.
    • Resident suggestion; could they have security in place when the parties happen at the property?
    • The owner has got the waiver of money from Airbnb in respect of damage caused.
    • Airbnb are a entity to its self and a grey area in terms of current legislation.
    • HMO’s have licensing power to the owners and landlords in their contracts
    • C.S.: There needs to be a licensing rule for Airbnb party houses. There is a contract with the owner and the people who come that specifies the rules. There are fines for disturbances that can be brought to owner of the property. The council enforces these laws.
  • To understand if there needs to be legislation change and take it further to Caroline Lucas etc.
  • Police had stated that there was no victim so no one was arrested. The people didn’t leave until the dog team turned up; this was the early hours of the morning. This view was contested by residents.
  • Any Questions for PCC Katy Bourne?
    • How frequently do the 101 and police follow up issues. What is the status is of the 101 service?
    • What is the view on ASB (as per her newsletter)
    • what is the status on extra officers?
  • Action Point: Chase Tom Hicks on what he followed up on Air BnB
  • Action Point: Pete West will look through emails re the last meeting and the Airbnb issue with Lizzie and catch up with her.
  • The Fire Station CCTV camera installation. According to the Information Commissioners Website They need to pay a fee and state reasons for the CCTV It has not been put up as of yet.
  • There is a camera on both sides of Beaconsfield road, and the viaduct. This has caught 4 counts of graffiti and vandalism. There have been 4 counts of graffiti on Beaconsfield road. It was reported to police, but was dropped as was a third party who reported it.
  • The Council to put in more resources into removing graffiti, a new policy is apparently being developed.
  • CCTV: There is a process of putting CCTV on a road. There is a cost of installation and monitoring. There is a question of value of the cameras. There is a matter of tight evidential criteria if the cases go to court, based on the evidence they have captured. There was a drive by the council to put more up across the city, this has not continued.
  • Residents need to gather up the complaint and send it to the head of city clean.
  • Providence place has got 8 cameras and it has been a deterrent. This example shows they can be worth it.
  • The police will use the evidence but they need to catch the people.
  • There has been an article in the Argus about the tagging issue. The council have to find a way of tackling this.
  • The cost is high to get rid of it; a way around this is that people need to talk to neighbours about getting together to remove it.
  • There needs to be a bridge between people and the council about the graffiti. What can we do to make a difference, together? There is council funding to support the community action.
  • The issue has moved from private properties to residential properties. As we know the council cannot get rid of the tagging etc on private rented buildings.
  • There has to be discrimination between “street art” and “graffiti” and “tagging” and if they have permission. This is the difference between art and vandalism.
  • Action Point: Ask Rachael Chasseaudto come to a LAT meeting in September regarding graffiti; update and status on this area of this issue in the area.

3) Date of next meeting

  • September 10th

4) Policing

  • They have arrested the alleged cat killer.
  • Questions for Katy Bourne meeting LAT Chairs on 17th July.
    • Is 101 monitored and is there any update on this system?
    • How has she used the community precept?
    • Is there an update on her budget for the year?
    • What is her position on the local policing and their strategy?
    • Are they planning on replacing the PCSOs, as the LAT have lost contact with them?
  • Katy Bourne has an online poll on her priorities. ASB is at the top of her list of concerns.
  • PCSO’s have been going to LAT meetings as the Moulsecoomb LAT has a PCSO attending their meetings. The chair at Moulsecoomb has also been a walk abouts with the PCSO’s and the Field Officers, to highlight the problem issues.

5) Updates

Lift at NE Quarter

  • It was hoped to be working by mid July.
  • Caroline Lucas has written a letter to Hyde Housing about the lack of movement, following this letter, there has been progress on it. The lift is now working again and the outside of the building looks cleaner. The response from Caroline was a positive one.

New Buildings– Longley Estate- what’s happening?

  • Action Point: Need to write to Alan Buck for an update. L&G own it. They won’t dictate on the improvement. Pete West has been asking for an update, but nothing in response.
  • Vantage point is in the pipeline and the Richardson yard is being looked at for future development.
  • Section 106 money is needed and is being requested for these developments. We do need to know what is being done with this money. We need to wait for a reply from Nick Hibberd but not too long, as we want to be involved.
  • The use of the money needs to be extended to Providence Place.
    • There have been incidents various incidents of drug misuse, car fires and heroine happening behind Pound Land, on the ground by Providence Place. The owner of Pound Land is apparently not responding.
    • They need to be forced to clear it up. This would be an issue for the Environmental Enforcement team at City Clean. Headed by Rachael Chasseaud. This needs to be dealt with urgently as a policing priority.
    • Kristina has spoken to residents and things about this and there is movement, on this. There was a meeting with James Watts’ owner of the Railway Works hotel, about the problem.
  • The Strategic Picture for the section 106 money is that we as a LAT and residents need to make sure we don’t get left out of the picture, when it comes to the delegation on money.
  • Action Point: Pete West has written to Nick Hibberd and forward the reply to Philip.

Car parking in Zone J

  • Chris and the Ditchling road LAT have written to Councillor Anna Pissaridou addressing the problems of car parking and in the zone.
  • The amount of traffic blocks the residents who live in the streets. The spaces are allocated to people in their roads.
  • There have been discussions over a year and residents have written to the councillors and now we need to see where we are going with this. The request has been brought to the committee a year ago originally.
  • The council have then said that they will look at it again in 2021, which is unacceptable, residents will reply to say this is not on.
  • A stronger commitment was made as the result of the petition made by residents.
  • One of the reasons it is taking so long it down to the cost involved in re allocation of zones. Along side this; the income from parking is at a record high level.
  • Pete West has also written to the committee stating this is not good enough and asked what needs to be done to get the review in place. Part of this is how many space and residents there are in the zone is not available. Yet the council still issue permits to whoever lives in the area.
  • The demand in some areas of the zone out ways the amount of spaces. We also need to keep up the demand for an answer.
  • The vouchers that exist at present don’t offer 24hrs use like other zones. They are only available during the day and yet other places have cheaper schemes.
  • The next step is waiting for a response from chair of the committee.
  • Action Point: – Chris (resident) to copy in response to Pete West.

Up keep on New England Quarter– nothing new to report

Future Plans:

Ideas for future events.

  • In the past we have had Geoffrey Mead come and speak on Brighton’s history. Very interesting.
  • Jackie Marsh Hobbs does a Railway tour. **This could be a possibility for November meeting. It would bring a wider appeal to the meeting.
  • The December meeting we will have a meeting still and see what people’s mood is. The consensus at the meeting was to still meet.


  • The question was raised. How do we go about publicising to the business community? It was decided that we could think over the summer break about some ideas on wider publicity. This included talking to Hola Brewery and Fato A Mano.


Improvement to the Open Market (Roz)

  • The Open market needs to be improved. It would be an idea to at some point have some input into how to improve the Open Market as a whole and how it would attract more custom; we can then feedback to the Open Market with ideas.
  • There is good will at the Market for change but their board is resistant to ideas. There is a proposal to have a ‘Friends of the Open Market’.
  • One of the issues surrounding this is that there is a high turnover in mangers.
  • Cllr West: Kevin Alan was the trustee he has now retired. He suggested that St Peter’s and the North Laine councillors should look into it but not sure what the current status is.

Meeting closed around 20:00