LAT minutes 1st July 2014

Notes/Minutes 1/7/14 – N.B. no formal note taker was available



1. welcome and introductions

apologies: Cathy Reeves (V-Chair), Lorinda Holness (university accomodation),|Scott Crossley (Equinox), Andy Winter (BHT), Amanda Healey (St Barts), Kara Ward (Watkins- Jones), Alex Cobb (S-J Property Services), Damien Marmura (City Clean), Cllr Ian Davey (at environment committee meeting), John Holden (John’s camping),

present: Nile Amos (Community Safety), Joe Nichols (Town Team), PCSOs Nic Harrison and Sharon Birt, James Murphy CRI, Robert Grant (Richardson’s Yard) – says that though there have been teething troubles at RY the accommodation is very good, and issues are being dealt with (e.g. rubbish collections, ASB in environs, etc.) Maureen, Brenda, Bob (Viaduct Road residents), Mark Walder (City Clean Team leader), Lucy Dunleavy (V-Chair), Ben Alltimes (resident), Maria Wells (resident), Richard Barraball (resident), Chris Sevinck (resident and chair Ditchling Rise Residents Assoc), Simon Bannister (Safe in the City), Mike Hedgethorne (Treasurer), Tony Firmin, David Dalton + Nigel Taylor (“former Buxtons” redev), Christina Bennet, Philip Wells (Chair)

=22 present


2. policing and licensing


From Scott Crossley Equinox: I am recovering from [an operation] I couldn’t get anyone else to cover. Please feedback to the group that our outreach shifts continue, mainly focusing on the Level and we continue to identify new people who need support with alcohol.

The Level: PCSOs say: there have been problems with noise and drug issues. Action days have been held, plus plainclothes operations. Ongoing problems esp. with good weather. The park is widely used and busy.

CB comments: some children are feeling bullied and intimdated. PCSOs: we are aware, need intelligence and calling-in in order to take decisive action. Please ring in e.g. 101. It would be good for children to do so, but they feel intimidated.

N.B. Steve the park warden is also on hand for support … but only till 4.

comment: the school children are around at that time

Shoplifting figures have shown a slight fall – Q: is this to do with incidence or merely amount of reporting? JN: generally reporting of crimes has gone up – which is helpful in that it generates supporting evidence for continued police action.

Town Centre Liaison Officers are continuing to be an asset.

PCSO: One incident of Graffiti was reported in and followed up resulting in and arrest. Other similar tags are being correlated in case of a conviction.

C.S. problem drug dealing and street drinking has relocated to London Road station area.

Result of discussion: retain existing policing priorities

– prevention of shoplifting in London Road

– prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road

– surveillance for and prevention of any resurgence of drug-dealing, street drinking, anti-social behaviour on Level – especially during the summer months


3. presentation on redevelopment of former Buxtons – planning application


David and Nigel gave a power point presentation. The re-adjusted planning application is for 58 residential students for a College of 200 students and about 50 staff (not all full-time). With a Cafe and recreation area in basement, ~ 20 teaching rooms on 2 floors, student lounge actively overlooking the Level/Ditchling Road, and 2 floors of study/bedroom accommodation.

The students will be from overseas, highly motivated, mostly in 16-20 age range doing pre-University courses including English language. Most will be accommodated in host families across the City – there are excellent public transport links to this site. There will be supervised activities for the students at weekends.

After questions the meeting was generally approving of the application, though no mandate was given for support or opposition. People can write in individually as they see fit.


4. Viaduct Road – possible improvements?


Noted that though Avards had been invited they were not present. Pavilion had not replied to email. S&J services (Alex Cobb) had sent apologies.

Mark Walder: there will be a deep-clean including high graffiti

Bins: they are normally collected from street and put back in same place for residents to store off the pavement. In case of infirmness help can be obtained from City Clean. Communal bins would not be easy to situate on Viaduct Road.

City Clean can write to individual tenants, and to Landlords in respect of failure to comply with above. The clearance of sofas etc. can be enforced.

Chris Sevink: terms for HMOs can be set via the Council and enforced via landlords. The tenancy agreements need to reflect this.

Pavement cycling is a problem which is aggravated by wheely bins left on the pavement.

Simon B: Aidan Thatcher leads on enforcement regarding cleanliness etc. * invite to next meeting

Lorinda reported: Regarding update for Viaduct Road – We have identified that we have 55 students listed as being resident in 17 properties in Viaduct Road -however how accurate this list is at this time of year is difficult to say as some students may have moved out, whilst others may have taken on tenancies and we are dependent on students updating their term time address records which they are more likely to do at the start of the academic year when they re-register.

One idea is to hold a meeting of Viaduct Road students in the autumn when we can introduce them to the idea of the LAT and what we are all jointly trying to achieve in Viaduct Road . Perhaps this meeting could be held at the Church – to be developed out further.

Action points:

* Mark to write to offending tenants

* Mark to write to all landlords to have specific mention in tenancy agreements for coming year

* invite Aidan Thatcher to next meeting

* invite Council lettings to next meeting

A walkabout was being planned for Viaduct Road.


5. matters arising and updates

– update from Community Safety forum via Richard

East Sussex Fire and Rescue service reported that they have to make reductions in 2016/2017 budget. 7.1 million in five years. Also talk of merging ESFRS and WSFRS

Police also making savings by one-off sale of police stations

– Portas Pilot – Town Team: Business Improvement District etc.

arts events proceding e.g. Onca 100 trees. B.I.D plans progressing. The shop front improvement scheme is being announced to traders: this will match fund up to £500. Bids will be assessed by a panel as to their capacity to improve the London Road area.

– Co-op redevelopment update (10 weeks to go??!!)

Mike and Tony had been impressed by preview tour of internal accommodation.

– Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

Community Notice Board being planned for near Duke of Yorks (avoiding extra street clutter if possible)

– Providence Place: a liaison meeting was held and discussed access and surface issues regarding St Barts etc. All had been agreed with plan to start work end of July 2014.

– London Road Traders Association

Valley Gardens [see discussion minuted May 6th] Bob Curtis representing London Road Traders expressed reservations about the effects of the proposed arrangements at St Peter’s place. This would do nothing to help East/West transit, and produce a pinch point for traffic.

– Rose Hill residents/ Rose Hill Tavern

chair advised that a meeting had been held last week and a committee appointed. A planter was planned for bottom of Rosehill Terrace.

6. A.O.B. – please speak to the chair before the meeting.

7. date of next meeting: September Tuesday 2nd September. Till then, have a great summer!

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