London Road LAT 14th January 2020 – minutes

London Road Local Action Team Meeting 14th January 2020, 6:30pm-7: 50pm

Present: Cllr Pete West, Richar Barraball, Simon Bannister (BHCC), Garry Meyer (BHCC – litter-picking), Saoirse Roche (City Clean – Graffiti), Sarah Brennon (City Clean – Fly Tipping Enforcement), Tom Walby (Chief Officer – Fire Station), PCSO Sharon Baker, PCSO Caroline, Adrian Martin (BHCC – community safety caseworker), Peter Lynn, Judi Lynn (residents), Mike Grey (Stanley Road), Allan Briggenshaw (Stanley Road), Diane Chandler (S.Rd), Sandy (North Laine Community Association), Jamie (??) (Field Officer), Tom Hicks (Field Officer), Kristina P. (Equinox – Drug and Alcohol), Steve (Moes), Adrian T., Lucy D. (Vice Chair), Martin D.

  1. Welcome, apologies, introductions – apologies from:
  • Lucy Walker (UOS),
  • Mike and Tony (Naples)- They did want to raise the point of “The lift from Ann Street up to the Station has been out of action since the beginning of December. Amongst the assorted personnel in attendance, can something please be done about this?”.
    • There is an update on this via Judi: which is that it was out of action as the owners have let the insurance lapse and needs assessing; this should be carried out in the coming week. There will be compensation for the residents. However Hyde have had no complaints on the matter. Resident will find out who needs to be contacted and then also contact Caroline Lucas.
  • Nat (Knight and Knoxley)- They are well aware of the drug dealings and have taken photos over the years. They have also liaised with police lots on the issue. They are happy to help as a business as they are running out of motivation on what to do about it.
  • Cath Prenton – charity event
  • Duke of Yorks (apology sent retrospectively)
  • Kalpurna (Patels convenience store)

Introductions and welcome:

  • Garry Neil (Ranger at Brighton and Hove City Council, City Clean.) Working on a project to try and get a volunteer programme that includes litter picking up. Its been going for 2 years and they scheme is called the Tidy Up team where the council provides kit that is needed to do in local areas by residents and now looking at covering the whole city. Developing similar activities to remove litter and graffiti, there are lots of things in the pipeline.
  • Saoirse Roche- (Project development officer for Brighton and Hove City Council.) Currently working on the implementation of the graffiti reduction strategy.
  • Sarah Berron (Environmental enforcement team) Issues fixed penalty notices for fly tipping, graffiti, etc. They are looking for prosecutions rather than restorative justice, and better communication with the police going forward.
  • Tom (Fire station manager) The drug dealing has been one of the issues they are concerned about and have worked with police. Interested to see what is going on to tackle this. There has been a lot of fly tipping, when the scaffolding was up. It was reported about a dozen times.
  • Caroline and Sharon Baker (PSCO’s) There are going to be lot of new PCSO’s coming in spring and will be out and active on the street.

2. Minutes of last meeting (Dec 2019), date of next meeting (AGM) Feb11th

  • Accepted December meeting minutes
  • AGM next meeting 11th February 2020

3. Updates

a. Planning and Longley Estate – a second subsidiary planning application has been submitted (October 2019). One summary says

There is going to be an increase of the following:

  • Land Use Approved
    • Type —————–Plans————–Amendments ———-Change
    • Studios 36 38 +2
    • One-bed units 102 106 +4
    • Two-bed units 41 42 +1
    • Three-bed units 22 23 +1
    • B1 floor space 3,270sqm (GIA) 3,109sqm (GIA) -161sqm (GIA)
    • A1-A4 floor space 308sqm (GIA) 352sqm (GIA) +44sqm (GIA) A1- retail and A4
  • There is an opportunity to comment hasn’t closed yet

The comment from the transport team says:

  • RECOMMENDATION:Whilst changes relevant to transport and highways in the proposal and the quantum of development are unlikely to result in a detrimental impact on the surrounding local highway network and the transport network, compared to the consented scheme, concerns raised at full planning relating about the proposed delivery and service arrangements remain unchanged. Those concerns ultimately led to us to object to the fullplanning application and we note that the revised proposals considered here demonstrate a small worsening of this issue. Clarification is requested in relation to cycle parking location and the quantum of revised longstay and short stay cycle spaces. Until our concerns about the proposed delivery and service arrangements are addressed satisfactorily, wemust continue to maintain our objection and recommendation to refuse. Notwithstanding, until and adequate clarification is provided about cycle parking provision, our advice is that this application cannot berecommended for approval.
  • The orginal application has been approved, but this variation has not been approved.
  • Councillor Pete West passed on a letter from the planning officers saying, that one way for the LAT to get involved with this was to be involved in the planning process.
  • Our request: A mandate is sought from the meeting to write a comment on the planning process, to say that we notice that the transport team are opposed to this and we as a LAT we are concerned about the impact of roads etc. We are also concerned that there should be an involvement with the community regarding the way the work progresses and the way the section 106 money is used in the area – both existing allocations, and future allocations from adjoining developments (e.g. Vantage Point).
  • Action Point: it was agreed by the meeting that Philip W could go forward with this comment. Philip has also written again to Alan Buck to say what is happening in getting everyone together to discuss how this is going to operate.
  • Question for meeting: thoughts on inviting Maria Seal (Planning Officer) to the next meeting, would this be useful?
    • Agreed, as it would be useful and worth asking.
  • Simon Bannister raised the question; of have we thought about engaging with the local neighbourhood forum, which would give us more of a foothold on what the developments are in this area and we have a bigger voice in deciding on items. The LAT would get 25% of the community infastructure levy (CIL) if we were involved. It is something to think about.
    • Action Point: Simon is happy to find out how the neighbourhood forum works and bring it to the next meeting and discuss next time.

b. Named PCSO’s for London Road Area

already addressed via PCSO Sharon

c. Street cleansing (via Andy Roberts)

  • “There seems to be a lack of recycling happening around the surrounding area, as other areas are being cleaned more than this area, as residents have seen other areas being cleaned more. Wondered if we have been missed. This will be raised with City Cleans operation department tomorrow 15th January, and get back with information to us on this, there has been driver illness recently so this might be a factor. The residents have requested a Freedom of Information request, as it seems to be just this area. It would be interesting to know how the drivers prioritise the clean ups.
  • It would be good to include the number of machines verses dust carts in the request as it can give us a clear number of how many there are currently.
  • Around Providence place there does seem to be an increase of people with carts, than the vehicles. Is this is change? This can be subject to breakdowns; there has been an increase in people who have been recruited.
    • Action Point: City Clean will give us an update on change of policy on mechanical cleaners and why have Stanley Road and Shaftesbury road’s refuse and recycling not been collected for a long time (since Christmas).
  • There are still leaves being left around the Stanley Road area. Residents have been picking up leaves, and there is scheme run by local residents that they have a leave pick once a month. There is also kit provided. There is training course happening 18th January at Hollingdean Depot that lasts an hour.
  • Peter West does not think leafing should be down to residents. There is a flood risk if the council does not do it. There should be proper resources to be put in for this. Garry (City Clean) Is there a review on conditions of drains etc, and how to avoid flooding? Peter West there is a lack of resources in the council, it needs to be kept on top of.

4. Stanley Road issues

Residents listed all the major issues that are happening on and around Stanley Road these were as follows:

Drug dealing on the streets:

  • On the corner of Lorne road, Stanley road, by the fire station. It’s blatant, it’s been reported 5-6- times, it happens every week.
  • Kids and adults, it seems to be a communal place for heroin users. They sit on residents’ steps. They have been physical confrontations, and there has been car crime linked to it. They target cars without alarms and are observed to leave the door slightly ajar after they have finished.
  • Fire station this has been similar, they have had cars and vehicles been broken into, intimidation of staff. It was worse when scaffolding was up at DOY. The times it happens, it can be 7am, 11 all times and in the evening. There are no specific time and location moves up and down the street. They do move around the neighbourhood.
  • Moe’s: they can see it all happening from outside their window, it happens everyday at all hours of the day, and everyday. They also noticed that when the scaffolding was up it was worse. Customers and staff have been intimidated in broad day light, for taking pictures. There is also a car process, when cars, bikes are being used to deal the drugs, a person stops and then deals the drugs then goes again, or drives round the block etc. This has increased over the last few months.
  • The painters of the Duke Of York’s could not believe it was not being dealt with.
  • There has been a risk to kids and those who are waiting around. They are not aware of the risk.
  • There are two points where drug dealing is taking place is: the bins and doorway across and by the Duke of York’s, as the can offer cover and parked cars. The other place is the telephone box outside Clyde road shop. Could the bins be put in the parking spots (rather than on the pavement) to make this less likely to happen?
    • The roadway next to the Duke of York’s is meant to be kept for fire trucks and the reason there are staff cars parked outside is because they have permission to let Staff park outside.
    • There is also lack of space for fire station vehicles in the yard.
    • The bins outside on the street are private bins but the council can enforce them to be taken away. This is an area to be explored.
    • What is it about this road? Opinion expressed that: Part is due to the road layout, but there are lots of different reasons such as:
      • It is just off the main road,
      • It is easy to get away, onto the Old Shoreham road.
      • People can drive out.
      • Perfect to hide away and be largely unnoticed.
      • it’s the first place north of London Road to provided these opportunities.
    • The Telephone box outside Clyde news; BT will not remove it. It could be made into an open box. There is a community protection notice, which will protect the area. The council want to put this in place, but not in place as yet. It will give them more power.
    • Bins by the Duke of York’s, it is worth having another look at, maybe another consultation. There is currently have no powers to move bins. This needs to be taken to the Environmental department.


  • The walls looked nice for about two weeks and then all there needs to be is one tag and then it gets more and more added. Opinion expressed: “It has got worse since the university students have come back again.” Could be coincidence.


Sharon (PCSO):

  • They are aware of it; she has looked at most of the reports (via 101), that seem to be in October and November 2019 – but not too many of them. Some of the reports are made after the fact. If it is after the incident is less useful than the same day the incident takes place. Even if the call is after the incident it still needs a response. Apologies for this, but going forward, having spoken to acting Inspector, they will action this and get on this as a priority the whole area not just Stanley road, and put resources in place. This will happen now, regularly and ongoing. When watching it happen, the caller needs to report it to 999. It is not a high priority across the County, but it s a priority for her team but it happens all over the city .. However the police still need to know it is happening.
  • There is an issue of staffing, but with the new police numbers coming it should be dealt with. The videos will be dealt with and mention Sharon’s name on the 101 email it should go to the correct person. The plain clothes are really helpful to tackle it. The more detail the better so that the police can get the picture of what is happening in this area the better, (e.g. car number plate etc) even if the incident is just a suspicion regardless of what it is.
  • Taxi drivers; there have been similar reports about taxi drivers and it is on their radar.
  • There is also a Nomad camera that is in areas that are real problems and this can be put in place, there is a camera on the Duke of York’s that has been set up recently. Action point: Sharon to talk to them about how they can work together.
  • There is going to be a log and a problem profile put in place to make the Police accountable to groups like the LAT, which will then allow them to feed back to local groups when the representative comes to the next meeting. The other patrols will know what is going on before they head out and they will also be able to update the log after their patrol.

Simon Banister:

  • He has been working with St James Street, from request by Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney . To look at patterns on St James Street, this has included community events to find out what is going on. Rachel has now requested that the same happens in this area (London road and the Level) are and how to direct resources. For example there was an action day that happened including other events in the last year. So watch this space. Rachel will put this into practice, from Simon’s request.

Kristina (Equinox):

  • There has seen an increase in drugs for example on London road at the Co-op. The people are well known to the police. They can’t make the people move but they are just keeping encouraging them to move. There is also a “posh” squat on London road, in the Kodak shop.

Adrian (Council):

  • There needs to be a co-ordinated response made. Including what is needed and what is being reported, this needs to be fed in the police and the joint agencies can then decide on a response a solution to the ongoing problem, which will be ongoing.
  • There is a list of what is getting reported and individual reports, sent to the relevant agencies and this will heighten the profile and the resources will be allocated.

Soairse (City Clean):

  • Please do report the tagging for database purposes.
  • There have not reports since October 22nd, 10th November, 10thDecember 2019. There were 2 car crimes in December and residents have reported countless time in October.
  • Graffiti and fly tipping, this needs to go to the environment and sustainable inbox, as the best way forward, even if it is historical.

Garry (City Clean):

  • They are installing a graffiti tool chest across the city and there will be items that anyone can use to remove and paint over street signs and furniture. They will do organised activities across the city.

Field officers:

  • They can do patrols in the area; they are also part of the targeted response. They are also part of the council’s co-ordinated response.

Future actions:

  • Set up a problem profile specific to Stanley road that has this area at the centre with regular updates, the police still want information coming in. Calls still coming in, they need to be emailed to 101 and address and mark it for Sharon Baker’s attention, these can then be logged. The Police’s website has a box and a response is that you will be contacted.
  • “In the know” (Police app) this gives residents lots of information on services in your area. Residents can choose what you see as in the email the app provides.
  • Simon Banister will look at the phone box and try to make it open box. He will come to the next meeting with information on neighbourhood planning and the process and the discussion with police and the community.
  • Kristina will email Philip Wells with updates on how the police and all the services together are progressing with the homeless issues when they are happening etc.

5. AOB (please mention at the start of the meeting) and Close.

  • Date of Next meeting will be a AGM on 11th February 2020.