Stanley Road issues

At the December 2013 LAT Meeting, residents of the Stanley Road area (directly behind Duke of York) raised a number of issues concerning the management, use and misuse of their streets.


Mini-meeting #1 January 30th 2014

In January 2014, a meeting was held in the Duke of Yorks (Thanks DoY – venue much appreciated) which was attended buy about 20 residents and service providers to look at concerns. The image below details the procedings and discussion areas:

Meeting 1 Main problems experienced by residents:

  • Noise/night noise
  • Graffiti
  • Flytipping
  • Drug Dealing
  • Car Crime
  • Vandalism
  • Street Cleansing
  • Street Lighting

Police and council officers were in attendance and a range of action points were taken for consideration and will be looked at again at the next meeting.

A particular action was to provide more information on how to report various problems, and a new REPORT IT page has been added to this site.


Follow-up meeting #2  6th March 11:15 Calvary Church Gates room

Note: date of next meeting April 24th 10:00 – Calvary Church

– this was a well-attended meeting

– notes are below

2014-03-06 12.37.20 2014-03-06 12.37.09Action points:

– report criminal incidents in progress to 999

– report all incidents to 101 e.g. graffiti, suspicious interchanges – non-emergency Police

– dog nuisance number (see abov)

– fly-tipping reporting number (see above)

– keep in touch with PCSO Bonny (as above)

– big bins – Nile to check Council regulations and permissions

– big bins – P.W. to arrange liaison with DOY, Firestation, residents re possible re-siting of bins

– metal work – Emma to contact Jon Mills

– street parties / fund raising – Cathy to pursue

– parking – Cllr Davey had actioned change of timing to free up places for residents [ACTIONED]

– check that high strength alcohol (> 6%) is not being sold locally [CONFIRMED]

– PW to invite Equinox to next meeting

– student house issues … had not be raised subsequently [CONTACT DETAILS POSTED]

– petition for firestation use – Emma via union rep.

– toilet facilities problem especially during “Pride” event – PCSO Bonny to note, and liaise with DRARA

[post meeting note: Colin of DoY is apparently moving job, so we need to re-establish contact via the assistant manager Felicity]

P.W. 28/3/14


Follow-up meeting #3 April 24th – 10.00 Calvary Church

notes 24/2/14

notes 24/2/14

These are the notes from the board at the time, further details and clarifications below:

Present (12): Stanley Road residents: Alan, Cathy, Lucy, Christina,

Fire Station: Janice, Richard

DRARA – Chris Sevinck

Council: Simon Bannister, Cllr Ian Davey

LAT: P.Wells

Duke of Yorks: Tora

Police: PSCO Bonny

apologies – Scott (Equinox), Mike Moon (City Clean), Mike + Emma (residents), Nile Amos (Council)

[post meeting addition:Mike Moon reports:

I was planning to attend this morning but at short notice I need to send my apologies. (In the middle of staff negotiations)

Fly tipping notices have been put up and the area cleaned and jet washed. I did give the cinema some signs for their wall but don’t know if they have been put up.

We are keeping an eye on the area and responding as required. ]



introductions – Chris Sevnick described Ditchling Rise Residents Association and invited people to the AGM. Warm welcome to Tora from Duke of Yorks.

updates – few or no further incidents had been reported in to the police (Bonny). On an occasion where Christina had tried to phone in the 101 line was busy ACTION Pw. to pass on to Police

action points:

– lack of toilet facilities during “Pride” were flagged up  ACTION: Bonny, Ian Davey

– Duke of Yorks: Fire regs for emergency exits ACTION esfrs,

  • possibility of deterrent lighting for recesses ACTION Tora,
  • possibility of moving doors to remove recesses ACTION Tora (?),
  • anti graffiti paint ACTION Tora,
  • moving bins to frontage ACTION Tora+Richard+Simon (with reference to Damian at City Clean)

– street furniture – decorate with “cinematic themes”?? – ACTION Simon B.

– Patel garage commissioned artwork? ACTION Simon B.

– street party: in hands of Cathy and Lucy N.B.

N.B. DoY community screening coming up

Date of Next meeting: 10.00 Thursday 12th June 2014


3/5/14 – P.W.



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