LAT Minutes July 2013

London Road Area Local Action Team (LRA LAT) AGM Minutes 6.30 pm,

 2July 2013, in Calvary Church main hall, Viaduct Road.

1. Welcome, apologies & introductions

Introductions: Simon Cowell, Kara Ward, Mohammed Asaduzzaman, Katharine Crompton, Phyllis Dawes, Jean Harris-Boyd, Amy and Ruth Anslow, Chris Gull, Ben Alltimes, Eve Chamberlain, Tony Firmin, Mike Hedgethorne, James Murphy, Angie Bonnel, Mark and Daphne de Boissiere, Jonathan Ridley, Karen Ashdown, Ian Davey, Pete West, John Holden, Terry Reed, Simon Bannister, Bob Chilton, Lee and Michael of Langelee’s (York Place), Ernie Burke, Katie Bray, Jesse Wilde (Equinox), Scott Crossley (Equinox), Andy Winter, Richard Barraball, Chris Gull, Philip Wells, Charlotte Overton-Hart. + some later arrivals.

Apologies: Bob Curtis, Anne Townsend, Sandy Crowhurst, Amanda Healey, PCSO Nic Harrison, PCSO Sharon Birt, Sylvia Chilton, Jean Calder.

2.a Minutes of previous meeting 4June 2013 – taken as a fair record of events.

2.b Date of next full LAT meeting: 3 September.

From Cllr Davey: “We do have some transport funds set aside for works in the London Road area over the next 3 years. We could invite Jim Mayor to come to a LAT in the near future to discuss how that would best be spent”. (after-meeting note: arranged for 20th August 6.30 pm)

3. AGM matters

3a. The Chair’s report for 2012-2013 has been made available

The LAT accepted the report as a fair record of the previous year.

Pete West: vote of thanks and congratulations. The LAT has continued to play a pivotal role in the London Road area. It is continuing to grow in strength and influence.

Richard Barraball: project on The Level has also been underway in the last year.

3b. Voting for Officers chaired by Councillor Ian Davey.

Philip nominated to be chair again and accepted the role.

Charlotte nominated to be vice chair and accepted the role.

Mike nominated to be treasurer and accepted the role.

Philip Wells: re-iterated that the LAT is a team effort. The reach of the LAT is spreading, and it’s a privilege to be involved with it. Thanks to all for their contribution.

4. Policing matters & licensing

Jesse Wilde and Scott Crossley (Equinox): work is being done with street drinkers, and the concerns of individuals is not going unaddressed. There are roughly around 20-24 street drinkers in the London Road area. There is ongoing work with this challenging group, helping people to achieve their goals (e.g. to make contact with their hostel key worker, be in touch with their GP etc). More strategically there is a plan to support the submission for a license review for B&W. Working closely with trading standards, and the police. There have been a series of incidents. A community safety meeting took place recently on The Level, to pre-empt any problems associated with the re-opening of The Level. The police have stated that the more community call in with 101, the more they can address the street drinking, and the more voluntary and charitable sector are able to help. To the LAT: please ring in any incidents at all, even at the bottom of Elm Grove (which is out of area).

Karen Ashdown: we spoke at a previous meeting about interactions with children.

4a. Three policing priorities until the next full LAT meeting in September have been set as:

  • Street drinking/anti-social behaviour/drug use in York Place
  • Shop-lifting
  • Prevention of intimidating behaviour on London Road and interaction with children

4b.York Place Drug use – Oliver de Trafford (Moksha) – had reported needles left in the toilets – has now put locks on the toilets

4c. Licensing Review B&W stores

The call for Licensing Review has been successfully lodged. It is imperative that LAT members support this with good substantiated evidence, including:

  • Who you are?
  • Where you live/work
  • What the problem is?
  • Why B&W is seen as being the cause of nuisance?
  • What is your evidence (you can use hearsay, but also include your evidence with your representation, as you cannot take it in on the day)?
  • How can you identify it is B&W in particular and not elsewhere?

Representations submitted can also be of a supportive nature and are aimed at producing good neighbourliness for all.

There is a 28 day period in which to submit support. Deadline being midday on 26 July. Support can be emailed to

Lee (Langelee’s): very familiar with the street drinking community over the past few years. We have asked them to move. Nine times out of ten people move. There are quiet times and busier times. Incidents of aggression occur towards passersby, noting that near B&W and Langelee’s the pavement narrows. Thinks that to have a closure would be a move backwards. Empty shops would not help the area. In touch with the owner at B&W: there is a high turnover of staff, as the clientele is difficult.

Amy Anslow: would support the Langelee’s view that boarded up shops is bad for the area.

Andy Winter: also supports the view that boarded up shops is bad, but suggests that a great deal of B&W’s revenue comes from low cost alcohol.

Ian Davey: minded to seek the removal of the licence rather than a suspension. The collective view of the adjoining traders is likely to hold a lot of weight.

Chris Gull: it would be useful to have the message across Brighton that low cost off-sales is not available.

Philip Wells: the LAT requested three a three month suspension of the licence. If individuals feel that this should be a permanent revocation then they should articulate this.

5. Elder Place Streetscene project: Simon Bannister        

A stakeholder meeting was held on 20 June 18.00 Emporium – traders, landlord, Councillor, Council Officers present. Action points were decided.

Suggestion to have an outdoor market in Elder Place: not restricted to food but also arts and crafts, vintage goods. Very good quality goods, and the organisers (“Street Diner”) have a great deal of experience setting up markets.

Would the LAT like to support an improvement of Elder Place? General agreement by the LAT.

6. Portas Pilot dates, plans, updates

Rob Dawson not present. Town Team Co-ordinator, Joe Nichols has been appointed and we hope to welcome him at a future meeting.

7. Matters arising, ongoing and updates

a) St Bartholomew’s school link-up: Emma Lacey’s work has been forwarded – feedback has been received

b) Co-op progress, and residents’ meetings

Simon Cowell: all asbestos has been removed, and a lot more activity is now underway. Construction works are due to start at the end of July.

Kara Ward: a residents’ meeting has taken place. Thanks to Karen Ashdown who made an introduction to Amanda Healey. A time capsule will be made by the children to go into the foundations. Artwork by the children will go up on the hoardings, and a newsletter is due to go out.

Tony Firmin: attended the residents’ meeting. Thanks for the opportunity. There will soon be a walkway for pedestrians to walk under rather than having to walk in the road.

c) The Greenway – held over

d) The Level – update – various meetings taking place. No specific updates.

e) Open Market getting higher – will not be opening in August, perhaps September 2013?

f) Planning consents – City College has put in an application.

Eve Chamberlain: will find out more for the next meeting. 

g) Squatters: above Blockbusters. The owners are not engaging with action to be taken on the squatters. Very difficult for the residents backing onto the property, who are currently being subjected to anti-social behaviour.

h)      Opening and closing: hisBe – late September opening.

i)       Flyposting – the link with Concorde2 continues and similar arrangement with Volks has been initiated but not reciprocated.

j) Jenny Lind: “Ghost train” nothing to report

8. A.O.B.

Treasurer’s Report

Mike Hedgethorne: thanks for the donation of £100 from Preston Circus Pharmacy. The only expense in the last year has been room hire. There has been no newsletter, and no evening events. Thanks were expressed to him for his work over the year.

Philip Wells: still awaiting a response from Linda Beanlands. (after-meeting note: a reply was received telling us to apply for expenses as in previous years)

Charlotte Overton-Hart: will apply for funding from Community Cashback.

Richard Barraball: Preston Pages could be a possible place for advertising the LAT.

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