Minutes – London Road LAT – 11th April 2017

London Road L.A.T.

Tuesday 11th April, 2017


  1. Welcome and introductions

In Attendance:

Cath Prenton – local resident

Andy Keeffe –Community Liaison Officer, University of Brighton

Tony Firmin – local resident

Mike Hedgethorne – local resident

Audrey Smith– local resident

Rebecca Foran – Community and Development manager, Sussex University

Lucy Walker – Housing Office, Sussex University

Sue Phipps – Resident of Winchester Street

Penny Morley – local resident

Mark and Daphne De Boissiere- local residents

Curtis Tappenden – local resident

Peter Wileman – Head of ASB, Community Safety Team

John Tutton – Atelier manager – business in Providence Place overlooking the gardens

Penny Morley – local residence, older Peoples’ Council

Lucy Dunleavy – local resident, vice chair

Richard Barraball– local resident

Cllr Louisa Greenbaum

Tracy Phipps – City Clean

Philip Wells- Chair

Lindsay Debach – minutes

Jean Calder (resident) popped in at the beginning but could not stay for the meeting

(21 present)


Sandy Crowhurst – North Laine Community association

  1. Minutes and date of next meeting

1. updates on next meetings:

  • 9th May: (Air quality report), 13th June

[Minutes from last meeting were provisionally approved – not all had read yet- if anyone has any issues let Phil Know]

  1. Plans for Communal Bins in Viaduct Road – Tracy Phipps

1. Update on Communal Bins

  • Results of consultation: 2 streets were consulted, of 275 households, received 46 back (17% response rate)
  • 57% of 46 respondents preferred communal bins as a means of refuse collection
  • Main concerns from comments were:
    • loss of parking (would be 8 spaces lost on Beaconsfield road)
    • possible dangerous placement on Viaduct road as causes more congestion
    • Map icons Not showing accurate location of where some bins will be
    • Bin placement directly outside Mo’s – would be problematic for customers – it was not usual policy to consult with businesses
  • Next steps:
    • Adjust the locations based on the comments received
    • Potential delay could be in trying to reduce number of parking spaces taken by bins- currently 8 spaces taken on Beaconsfield road
    • Completion expected by end of May -early June 2017 (before students arrive in autumn)

It was agreed that Tracy would come back with an update on the implementation of the bins before or at the next meeting, or when there was progress to report.

2. Change of Textile Recycling

  1. Local Updates
    1. Licensing: Yefsis of Greece- (King Pizza and Kebab)
  • Phil read letter from Council Licensing dept., who described that the new establishment is within the licensing matrix
  • It was confirmed that there would be no vertical drinking on the premises
  • All agreed that we should not object to the application.
    1. Policing- Drug Dealing on Winchester Street/Clyde Road corner

Curtis Tappenden:

  • Since February has been an escalation of drug deals, up to 5 in the evening
  • Residents have recorded over 40 images of deals taking place which have been useful in police investigations
  • Police took [name removed] as informant- activity has died down since last Wednesday, 5th April, 2017.
  • Phil Wells read letter from 11/4/17 from Sergeant Chris Durrant who was aware of drug dealing in area and explained local policing team’s effort to obtain information from residents (We letter dropped about 100 homes in this area .. only 2 residents reported back with some intelligence.”We have had no calls from this area since 10th March so it may be that the increased uniform presence has reduced the problem”).
  • email from Inspector Brian McCarthy had been received 28/2/17 saying Phillip,

 “ With regards to drugs in Winchester street this has not been reported to me or my team. I however am aware that there is an undercover Op. around drug supply in the city that is about targeting dealers. I have no other info though as this is a covert Op.”

  • It was noted that Sgt Durrant’s letter appeared to conflict with the information given by CT i.e. that little intelligence was forthcoming, and that there had been no contact since 10/3/17.

Peter Wileman Manager Council community safety team:

  • Suggested that the policing team might not be aware of all the information that has come in. However, suggested that feeding back could happen more frequently
  • Would raise this at the LAT chairs forum (Inspector McCarthy expected to be there)
  • Priority areas for each month are chosen based on information received from 101 calls, so important to report incidents, and retain the reference number. [Note: Emailing a 101 report might be more satisfactory because it is often quicker, and also generates an “audit trail” for later reference.]

Providence place update- John Tutton

  • Reduction in drug dealings once his shop (Atelier) opened on Providence Place, but that this had now increased again. It was not acute, but it was on-going. Recognisable people were doing regular drug-deals.
  • Noticed park is less lookedafter now, with increased incidents of anti-social behaviour and increased traffic from City College Students
  • Penny Morely raised concern of houses in this area being in poor condition

Peter Wileman to keep in touch with John Tutton about on-going incidents at Providence Place and speak to Hyde about looking after houses in area

Tracy also said she could flag up issues as regarding upkeep of the park

    1. Planning Applications and HMOs Updates
  • Haven’t been any results for objected HMOS recently
  • Have had recent one at 33 Beaconsfield rejected 3 times (already have an established HMO statues, now asking for an enlarged status)
  • Still several illegal HMOs to be investigated on west side of Beaconsfield road
  • Cllr Tracy Hill had been convening a series of meetings on this which have now finished- will meet again if any issues to discuss regarding HMO’s.
  1. Any other business

1. Antisocial behaviour on London Road

  • Jeanne Calder flagged up anti-social behaviour on London Road prior to the meeting – and expressed concern that “things were getting worse”
  • Peter W. said someone from his team would deal with this, and contact Jean. Peter W. to update Philip on outcomes

2. The Level

Feedback was given by the Chair from a document that had come from Caroline Lucas’ office.

a. Report from Crime Prevention Audit:

  • Conducted by Community Safety Team, included list of what is being done at the level to increase safety
  • Document was asking for more CCTV on all sides, and potentially removing children’s play houses as structures are used for hiding.
  • It was remarked that not all the proposals would be in line with what normal users of the park would be happy with

Peter Wileman: Reported suggested there was significant drug dealing and blind spots with CCTV

  • A multi-agency meeting had been held 21st Feb
  • Chief Superintendent Bell has been asking neighbourhood policing to make the level a priority

3. Protest Camp

  • Group who are campaigning against the public space protection area are in a space not covered by PSPO
  • Don’t want to limit people’s right to protest, but also need to take action if there are problems there. Also the space is needed for the Warren, as part of Festival Fringe.

4. Treasure’s Updates-Mike Hedgethorne

  • Received donation from £250 previous member- would like to give church gift of £50.00
  • This was agreed

5. Delivery of Newsletter – Tony Firmin

  • Requested help with newsletter distribution

5. Close – meeting closed at approximately 20:00