Draft minutes of London Road LAT 14th May 2019 18:30-20:00

(some further details need to be added – P.W. 10/6/19)

London Road Local Action Team Meeting 14th May

Welcome and Apologies

  • Sophie – Interested in Air BnB situation and green issues and any pots of money and air quality.
  • Jean Calder: Leaflet handed out and would like support about Mary Clarke statue appeal, she was a suffragette, and there is no statue anywhere in the city and is of national interest.


  • Kristina (Equinox) , Rowan (Equinox) is on leave but has been in touch with James Watt (Railway Works Boutique Hotel)
  • Claire Calder from the Argus article on cyclists, suggestions for cycling to have number plates the article featured Cath Prenton, Open to suggestion from LAT.

Minutes of last meeting

  • Accepted by meeting

Policing and enforcements

  1. Cat killer
  • Feedback from Inspector Dan Hiles, there was some forensic tests carried out.
  • It would be helpful to have some more information about this issue, numbers etc and making sure people and the police are aware of it.
  • There are notices up but could do with refreshing.
  • There is a reply from Caroline Lucas who has been in contact with the police about this also
  • Action Point: Any information including date and time, this needs to go to 101 or send information to Philip who will keep a eye on the situation.

Philip to reply to Caroline, stating that we would like more information, regarding this from her.

  1. Raid on Hemp Life
  • The raid on Hemp Life happened due to a police investigation into money laundering and the supply of cannabis on the 8th May. The police cannot comment on it and there was a response from the police.
  1. Airbnb in Stanley Road
  • There was a request from many residents about the regular incident of a house on Stanley Road being rented out for large groups.
  • The most recent incident was on the 3rd May. This included a large group of young people, starting in the house and then spilling out onto the street with lots of noise and screaming and shouting along with a mob going up and down Lorne road. It started at 9pm and did not finish until 5am.
  • There were 3 police cars and a dog unit involved.
  • The people involved were a very mobile crowd as they had cars and were not local.
  • Residents did think it could escalate into something more dangerous and was frightening to those resident who witnessed this take place.
  • The following question was raised: Could the council put restrictions in place to restrict these types of parties? The other question was raised was Can the residents do anything to make the situation better?
  • The woman, who allegedly owns the property doesn’t seem to care. She doesn’t live there during the times when the property is rented out. The house is owned by one of her partners. It has been problematic for a while. This house seems to be a business for her. There are lots of historic issues
  • The woman allegedly has children who sometimes live there all the time. They go to the Travel Lodge when the house is rented out.
  • There maybe a child safeguarding issue, and social services may well be aware of her regarding her children.
  • It would appear that the house is subject to a material change of use of the property, which is happening all over Brighton. Might this affect the mortgage conditions, and insurance conditions?
  • Residents have spoken to Andy Carroll (community safety worker) and his suggestion was to contact a letter to the woman to complain. (Noisy neighbour template letter) and follow up letter.
  • Peter West suggested contacting Environmental Health and or the Field officers and PCSO’s. There is a need to be persistent. The Field Officers will then get in contact the people afterwards when they have claimed down.
  • Is there any legislation on insurance and health and safety limitations?
  • This issue may become a regular thing with Airbnb and there is no current applicable legislation as it’s not a licensed business and it’s a grey area. It’s quite a difficult problem to solve as the troublesome guests are not there any more and it falls between different pieces of legislation and enforcement.
  • A connected issue is that allegedly the woman involved fly tips outside the Duke of York’s and in people’s bins. There needs to be evidence of when it takes place.
  • Action Point: Peter West will come back with more information on this and will be in contact with Environmental health, planning and licensing about the problems with AirBnB, which is happening across the city. Also regarding how we can challenge the owner of the house on the planning grounds.

Peter will talk to City Clean about the fly tipping issue.

Philip Wells: Ask the police to ask if anyone was charged and for an update on the situation.

Ongoing items and updates

  1. Update in NEQ – nothing new.
  1. Non-working lift
  • Letter from Simon Ban on 4th Feb as follows:
  • The lift is powered by substation, which is adjacent to the build of the hotel that should have been completed by last November (2018). Ongoing development continues.
  • The owner is Hyde Vale – the operation of the lift was part of the section 106 conditions. These conditions have not been met, but enforcement would have severely affected the use of the hotel nearby.
  • As the building is not finished they can’t do anything about it as its not finished.
  • The lift was working when it first opened 3 years ago, then something went wrong with the lift. It has now stopped working due to the building work starting.
  • There is also a comment from Caroline Lucas comments on this which she has repeatedly raised this for the last two years from September 2016.
  • There is a hardware issue and it did work 3 years ago and then it when wrong.
  • We need to know what the timeline is for this new development.

Action Point: Philip to write to Caroline and follow up on the letter.

  1. Parking in Zone J
  • There is an update from Ditching Road Residents Association (DRARA) from Gill Burwood as follows:
  • There were more specific details from previous minutes from the Sustainability committee meeting.
  • It is cost neutral to put in a parking zone, as it recoups in a couple of years. It was left in an unresolved state but now is the time to make another attempt and push harder. This is why Pete West has written to Mark Prior about progressing the issue.
  • The residents are suffering from other zones being bolted onto the zone and 2021 is too far off.
  • There is a democratic problem with the original residents in Zone J were not asked if they want the extra items bolted onto the zone.
  • Action Point: Philip to look at the detail of these minutes. There is an item to take up with Charles Field from this. Chris will write a piece about the issue.
  1. Missing bins – success!!
  • There is now a bin opposite the Signalman. It appeared 3 weeks ago after Easter.

Discussion Topics

  1. Air quality in Preston Circus and the Cyclist issue.

Cycle path issue

  • Philip has asked Simon Hickmott for his opinion. The reply is to be appended
  • An idea is putting up a signpost showing the way to Preston Park and to town, so that this prevents cyclists using Beaconsfield Road pavement, and thus causing accidents and a danger to pedestrians.
  • The council are working on a cycle and walking improvement plan.
  • The 20mph issue around the city needs to be re looked at in the new administration. Made the environment safer for people.
  • Signs could help this.
  • Peter West has written to Mark Prior and the cycle issue and the signage idea.
  • Adrian (Resident) sent an email to this meeting The email is on the website of the LAT on latest posting page.

Air Quality

  • The air quality problem around Preston Circus, could be reduced by changing the lights under and around the viaduct, including under the bridge, to reduces queuing.
  • This all ties in with the discussion regarding the section 106 money. Peter West suggested that this issue to go on the development list

Preston Circus needs to be rethought.

  • Peter West has written for the need for a strategy of the area, as there is so much re development happening at present.
  • We need an area plan for this section 106 money and the local transport funding.
  • There is £220,894 pounds in wider area include Preston circus etc and the greenway. There needs a bigger commitment on this to identify this as a larger project.
  • This is from the London road master plan. There are at least 3 sites coming out of the money 106 money.
  • The Longley estate development is a car free building project, so no this will not have a increase in cars from this development.

Any Other Business

  • A group of 19 young people have started running up the wall of St Bartholomew’s church. They start from the entrance of Providence Place and who were staying in the new hotel. The hotel has apologized when a resident contacted them on this issue. There are photos that could be used as evidence.
  • Residents do not know whom to contact to protect the side of the wall.

Date of next meeting

  • Tuesday 11th June