London Road Local Action Team AGM 11th Feb 2020

Welcome, introductions, apologies


  • Mike and Tony en route from holiday
  • Cath Prenton at a charity event
  • Pete West has a family occasion.
  • Alan Briggenshaw
  • PSCO Sharon Baker
  • Caroline Lucas sent apologies by email
  • Simon Banister- has another council meeting.
    • There is a meeting on 27th February, Council improvement around the city and the council’s Environment improvement budget, to provide money for council housing areas. -Does Providence Place count in this? There is a poster shown to advertise meeting. All residents are welcome and will be on the minutes.
  • Backdated apologies from Vice-Chair Lucy Dunleavy who had made a mistake in diary
  • Chloe- Stanley road and the part of the Tidy Up team. There is a litter pick every month. Please see link below:


  • Jessie Tolhovsm- Duke of York’s
  • Catherine Noble- Trader director at the Open Market
  • Roz- Level Communities forum
  • Maureen- The Level
  • Adrian Martin- BHCC Community Safety Team
  • Mike Grey

2. Minutes of last meeting, date of next meetings (10th March, 21 April??) – matters arising (if any)

  • Accepted Minutes from last meeting.
  • Date of next meeting- 10th March
  • Philip was asked to comment on the Longley Development, on the latest subsidiary planning application that was written on behalf of the LAT. Is as follows:
I am mandated as Chair by the London Road Area Local Action Team (LAT) of 14th January 2020 to make the following comments for the attention of the Planning Committee:

1. The LAT has not agreed to object to this development – but notes the huge impact it will have on the skyline, footfall, transport, public realm.

2. In regard to transport: this area (i.e. Preston Circus) is notorious for its transport problems e.g. delays, congestion, poor air quality, poorly optimised junctions, and inadequate provision for cyclists. We note that the comment of BHCC Transport – written by Council Officer Juan Sanclemente opposes the planning application regarding servicing and cycling provision in the following terms: “Until our concerns about the proposed delivery and service arrangements are addressed satisfactorily, we must continue to maintain our objection and recommendation to refuse. Notwithstanding, until and adequate clarification is provided about cycle parking provision, our advice is that this application cannot be recommended for approval.”

This being the case we urge that the Planning Authority engage in a careful and detailed and joined-up consultation making full use of this opportunity to co-ordinate efforts for radical highway improvement. This consultation should explicitly involve the local community.

3. In regard to Public Realm improvements. The original Officer report makes several references to the London Road Masterplan (aka SPD10) as forming a template for Public Realm interventions. Please can the committee note that this document is old i.e. 2009, and has in some cases been superseded by existing developments. Again we urge that definite plans be put in place to
ensure that Section 106 monies already committed are disbursed to maximum effect in the current local context, and that this is done with full consultation with the local community who use this area on a daily basis.

– London Road LAT 8/2/2020

3. Annual reports and election of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer 

London Road Area Local Action Team – Chair’s report 2019-2020

Despite the cut-backs in Council and Police funding the LAT has continued to function usefully. Hopefully we are beginning to see Police cutbacks reversed. We have appreciated the regular support of Councillor Pete West, representatives from University of Sussex and Brighton, and Equinox.

During the year a number of Council Officers have come and made presentations on important and relevant issues.

Attendances have varied but we generally have an average of 10-20 attending with a larger number for meetings of special interest.

A number of issues have cropped up regularly and a lot of patience and tenacity is needed to deal with them:

  • NEQ Lift,
  • Graffiti,
  • car parking in Zone J
  • air quality, transport – cycling etc.
  • planning and development of New England Quarter (i.e. Longley Estate and Vantage Point), is a matter that continues to elude us, but we persist.

Contact is maintained inside and outside the meetings with Ditchling Rise Residents Association, Level Communities Forum, Roundhill Society – although constant effort is needed to keep such contacts live.

The chair is an active participant in the Brighton and Hove LAT Chairs Forum which is a key meeting point between LATs and Police, Council etc.

In the context of Brighton and Hove LATs we are a highly active group with meetings most months. The website is kept up to date with minutes and updates. The mailing list contains about 260 addresses and the twitter account has 2009 followers.

The meetings are always positive and worthwhile. We continue to welcome new members to the group.

Jan 2019Oxford Street medical centre – presentation10
Feb 2019Rachel Chasseaud – City Clean
March 2019Level Policing etc.
April 2019Future Impact of Longley development14
May 2019Local Air BNB house – air quality
June 2019Field Officers – missing bins SUCCESS
July 2019Various – Air bnb13
Sept 2019Breathe in Brighton + Graffiti Officers18
Oct 2019London Road Masterplan – Alan Buck19
Nov 2019History Talk – Geoff Mead30?
Dec 2019various
Jan 2020Special meeting re. Stanley Road issues25

Many thanks to Vice Chair and Treasurer, and all who support the work of the LAT – P.W. 11/2/20

Comments on the Report:

  • Thanked both universities and council members for their support.
  • New England Quarter Lift- the graffiti has gone. The insurance has run out, this is the reason it did not work over Christmas. Caroline Lucas has asked for a meeting in about 10 days time (21st February), with the people in charge at Hyde and sort out how the lift can consistently work and be looked after. Including section 106 and keeping pressure on Hyde. Watch this space.

Resident and Caroline Lucas have asked for a sign to be put up to explain why the lift is not working.

  • There was a success in missing bins at London road station
  • It was very useful to have Alan Buck come and talk to the LAT about the London Road Master plan in conjunction with the other large developments.

Mike Hedgethorne’s report

Treasurer’s report as follows:

Treasurer’s report for 2019

We started the year with a balance of funds of £929.45, which includes the £500 donation from Sussex Police for the gate at Oxford Court which was never built (due to refurbishment and extension of the St.Peter’s Surgery in Oxford Street).

This money is held by us for any future similar need.

Income: There has been no income during the year.

Expenditure: The trustees of Calvary Church very kindly let the LAT meet here free of charge, but we did decide to give a donation of £50 to Church funds at our last AGM.

It should be borne in mind that no newsletter was issued last year, and if we decide to publish one in 2020, there is money available to cover printing costs.

The balance of funds at the end of the year was therefore £879.45


Can you also propose the following on my behalf, seeking a seconder from the membership:


“This LAT thanks the Trustees of the Calvary Church for their continued support, and free use of the Church for our meetings. To show our gratitude in a tangible way, the LAT will donate £50 to Church Funds”

Kindest regards



Comments on report:

  • Balance of £879.45 held by the LAT so that we can think about how to best usefully use the money that’s left over.
  • The meeting decided to give £100 as a gift back to the church funds for allowing the meetings to take place.
  • It would be a good to do more publicity, in the form of newsletter again in the realm of spending between £50-£200 as well in budget.
  • Can we submit article to Preston Pages at least once, if there is someone who is willing to commit time to it.

Voting: Sandy Crowhurst presided over the voting

  • Chair: Philip Wells voted in
  • Vice: Lucy Dunleavy is willing to stay on- agreed and voted in
  • Treasurer: Mike voted in

4. Updates

a.Stanley Road-Updates

  • Philip asked for feedback and got feedback from Kristina (Equinox)- shown in meeting.


  • Duke of York’s- nothing more from them, have moved the bins from outside the door, which has stopped people from gathering there, and looking into CCTV sign and a security light, they are in the process of looking at. They have had CCTV for years in front of the door.
  • Action Point: Jessie to ask if they have got to register with Data Commissioner for it with manager of the cinema, and what is their purpose for it.
  • There used to be a sign that said this area was a Neighbour hood watch area, which is different.
  • There needs to be a justified reason for CCTV and it has to be specific.
  • There are 3 cameras at the Level, which were funded by the police, to tackle anti social behaviour.
  • Mike (resident), the drug dealing is still happening, there was as an incident, right out side the estate agents. He rang into the police 3 times, and never got a response.
  • Sharon PCSO states that there were 3 calls reported as suspicious activity. It is still very important to report these, as it is registered, as a statistic, to help build a case.
  • Duke Of York’s, they always report anything that customers report and come into to tell them regarding this. The fact is that the best way is to report it by email, as there is an audit trail, and to put FAO: Sharon baker and local prevention team in your email.
  • It’s the drug dealers who we are aiming to tackle not the drug taker.
  • There is a Multi Agency who are working on this in this area, with the police who are doing high vis patrols, they did not see anything taking place, so it needing to be reported.
  • A suggestion was made by a resident regarding the Duke of York’s bins, was could there be a way of fixing the bins to the wall. They are happy to look into it, but it needs to be emptied frequently to this could be an issue.
  • Simon Banister would appreciate it if we could look into and ask what the best option is.
  • Action Point: Philip Wells, to send Jessie, Simon’s email address, to look into it and see what is said.
  • Action Point: Jessie will talk to manager. It has been looked at, in the past.

b. Planning issues

  • There is a planning submission that has been put on the website, for the Longley Estate development (see earlier)

c. Council initiatives from previous times 

  • Simon not at meeting so nothing to report.

d. Level

  • Maureen from the Level communities forum, is having a special meeting with Pete West and the PCSO 12th February, on how they can act to reduce the amount of graffiti and its reaching crisis point.
  • It is easy for neighbourhood groups to drop out of the system, as there is sometimes a lack of resources from the council.
  • They are also concerned with the future of the trees and the environment on the level. There was going to be a tree strategy, they are not sure how this will tie in the Valley Gardens scheme.
  • The LAT is willing to help The Level community with any of the above if it is necessary.

e. Greenway

  • The Friends of the Brighton Greenway also want and hope to plant fruit trees, that people could pick in season.
  • There is some section 106 money that is allocated to the Greenway, from the Longley development

5. Neighbourhood Forum possibilities

N.B. the planning department was contacted for an Officer to be present, but instead they proposed that one of us pop in to see them at some point.

  • It will be Philip that comes to see them, but has not yet made an appointment with them, Philip will then report back on what it involves.
  • Sandy Crowhurst: There is lots of information on the government website about these.
  • This area would be too small and we need lots of money and people, but we could do it as a ward.
  • There needs to be a committee in order that is can run and it takes up a lot of time and work for it to be worth while.
  • The advantages of this are that there are not too many of these in the city.
  • Hove Station has one; apart from most of their members consist of developers etc.
  • We could at least look into it.

6. Any Other Business

Open market issues:

  • There are some problems as the middle stalls are empty and the trader’s enthusiasm can get very low. The market manager has a key role to play.
  • The question was raised on how to make it more inviting to residents and companies?
    • There is a Community Interest Company (CIC) in charge but there are certain regulations that the companies have to abide by. This CIC is managed by the Market manager.
  • The managing agents are called Ethical Properties who own and run the balcony and Hyde built the main building.
  • The Open Market has had to claw back earlier deficits
  • The market also has a CIC board, which consists of councillors and 3 trade directors and representatives of the traders.
  • Roz from the Level Communities forum and Kate O’Sullivan have offered to be put on the board as another independent.
  • There is also a traders association. But there are lots of different opinions amongst the traders. There have been problems with vandalism and some young people.

What can we do?

  • Relationships need to be rebuilt
  • The LAT would love to be supportive and if there is anything was could do even though it is a complex situation.
  • It needs investment again put into it, needs colour and re-vamp and a raised profile.
  • Philip said he would ask the church people to pray for the Open Market.