draft LAT Minutes June 2017

Minutes of meeting – 13th June 18:30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road, Brighton

  1. Welcome and apologies and introductions


Sandy Crowhurst

Cllr. Pete West- family bereavement

Andy Winter – family event

Lucy Walker- university- illness

[needs addition of names of those present]

  1. Minutes and date of next meeting

  • Air monitoring presentation on the website from last meeting- any thoughts? It was thought that there is a monitoring point by the entrance to Preston Park and it was mentioned that there is one also on North Street.

  • Accepted minutes from last time

  • Next meeting- 11th July

  • Could City clean come? Ask them to send us some literature about bins and their different uses and to get a fast response back soon.

  • Police officer request for next meeting? Requesting more info about London road and what’s going on, and on the PCSO situation in general.

  1. Policing and Licensing

  • There was an attack by an individual on 2 cafes and their windows were broken – an arrest was made.

    • Manager from McDonalds came to explain what happened: A man was removed from shop due to ASB subsequent to a family phone call and then smashed the front of Santander, then smashed the front of Costa and the Cafe/Hairdressers opposite and was arrested . This was thought to be a one off rather than a regular pattern.

  • Sharon Baker: PCSO offered a coffee with a copper in McDonalds to ask her any questions the public might have, we were told by the Manager

  • Drug dealing on Wincester Street still happening but has got a bit better and police have got better the drug dealer has disappeared, there are still people dealing in the area.

  • Providence place- there has been an intervention people are on the case. Phil read out the safety caseworker letter, showing they got onto it- it is ongoing.

  • Protest Camp on St Peters lawns – the people use McDonalds toilets and create a nuisance in the shop, it’s a politically sensitive issue. Phil to be put the McDonalds manager in touch with the Council Officer(s) who is involved is the situation. The land involved is not subject to a PSPO . The posters at the camp say “Its not a crime to be homeless” but the issue is how they react and the affect they have on other people’s freedoms and quality of life. The land they are on is not church owned.


  • HMO refused to no.6 Beaconsfield Road and another one happened mostly likely conversion to flats- to keep an eye on it

  • Planning of housing in signalman garden was refused and no 3- still pending.

  • Clyde road horrid situation due to bins and it was asked whether the offending houses are all university housing or HMO.

  • Council needs to be informed by Andy (university accommodation) and they will this follow up. Andy Keeffe outlined his approach on behalf of the UOB – the punishment could end up with the students in front of the head of school- disciplinary hearing worst case. Most of the time it results in apologies.

  1. Updates:

  • Planning and HMOs – if anything- see above

  • Viaduct Road Bins – an update has been requested, no reply at time of writing- if still no response we need to speak to Cllr. Gill Mitchell-Sustainability-Environment-etc Committee chair – Tracy council officer was contacted by email, no response. Residents reported that no sign the bins as of yet. P.W. to chase up by phone.

  • Business Improvement District – meeting was called (12th June) and 3 traders attended – there will be a repeat effort, there is a pot of money from traders to used by traders. Meeting to be called again. Ann Townsend publicized it as the town team meeting. The surcharge hasn’t been voted on yet, the council administers the voting process and needs to be convinced that the money required would be well spent. The amount of money contributed annualy by businesses is relatively small, and would include contributions from the charities and small business and large businesses.

  • Jessie Wilde -Equinox has moved on, a vote of thanks was given at the meeting from the meeting for Jessie.

  • Interest from Brighton and Hove Independent paper rang up Phil about Air Quality) [cannot trace anything published] and Argus and for his comments on the ASB on London Road [published]

  1. Newsletter

  • A draft has been prepared and a couple of items are awaiting approval. Plans for production and distribution. Items to be added from Lucy & Tony and suggested:

  • Eye catching headline, too many words

  • Big text across the front

  • Email Phil with headlines-

  • comments on community policing.

  • Suggestion: Could we get a newsletter out by next meeting or end of August? Answer: aim for end of August ready for Autumn meetings

  • Have the dates of next meeting

  • Could we have a: This is what we cover, what are your issues, put the word out there and make it approachable. – bullet points

  • Pictures to break up the images

  • Could it be like Preston Pages. Yes, they = Joan had responded, this can go out in PP. Some progress on this subject.

  • Residents are unsure of where the LAT noticeboard is; there is an issue with the advert looking like an advert for the cinema, not clear on where the advert space is. Get the cinema to take out the out of date things in there and keep the main poster. [done]

  • Have some time to get it sorted out at next meeting and get it out by August

  • Distribution- each person to take a few hundred or something like that. [Total distribution in the order of 2000]

Meeting closed around 19:45