Providence Gardens Regeneration Project

Brighton & Hove City Council is working to transform the area around Ann Street and Providence Place Gardens (the small park opposite St Bartholomew’s Church) into a lively, safe and successful public space. The work is part of the EU assisted ‘Lively Cities’ (LICI) project- a four year project aiming to strengthen communities by reclaiming public space for public use.

As a part of this, the park area was transformed into the Common Room last September. This involved removing the fencing, creating wooden terrace seating/steps around the park perimeter, commissioning a temporary artwork to cover the walls and running a programme of events.

The transformation was not permanent, but was aimed at trying out new ideas to reinvigorate the park and finding out – in a very real and hands on way – what people would like it to be like. The council Planning Projects Team are looking at the results of the Common Room project and are using the experience to develop permanent changes at the site. For more information about this work see the Lively Cities page on the council website and also – especially for the videos of the Common Room project – have a look at the Facebook page for the initiative.

Although the Crepe van, the artwork and the children’s activities all went away at the end of the fortnight, one thing left in place on the site was the free wifi, which will continue to be available throughout the summer.

January 2014

It is now agreed by Council Committee, after consultation and minor amendments, to make these changes permanent.

June 2014

At the meeting 19th June 2014 we were told that work is to begin towards the end of July 2014

One thought on “Providence Gardens Regeneration Project

  1. Pasha du Valentine says:

    I own Brighton Arts Club and am keen to change the look of the Ransoms corner for the summer….either through art works or gardens or both. I am happy to spear head a campaign of installations that are semi permanent as the corner does scare people from getting down to the club which depends on day light visitors.

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