Preston Circus – traffic

Ways to reduce pollution around Preston Circus – some suggestions

This here was submitted to the LAT by Adrian -14th May 2019


9th April 2019 meeting

Exciting possibilities are raised by the input of funding in connection with the 18 storey Longley Estate development. There is a considerable amount of “section 106” money which is destined for local improvements.

Meeting 12th March 2019 18:15 for 18:30 Calvary Church Hall, Viaduct Road – agenda

  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
  2. Minutes of last meeting – scheduled date of next meeting 9th April 2019
  3. Upkeep of properties New England quarter – i.e. near Sainsburys
  4. Updates on various items:
    1. Bat and Ball alley
    2. Policing – report on status at the Level will be requested
    3. Planning items
    4. Viaduct Road … is still looking improved
    5. upcoming local elections (if anything)
  5. Any other business