Portas Pilot update – 26th September 2013

From Joe Nichols – Portas Pilot Manager

All change for London Road
The London Road Portas Pilot has begun with some exciting projects on the horizon.

Over the next few months a number of different projects are being kick-started in the London Road area including on-street security, pop up shops, retail training, events, marketing and business support.

The first project has already started with the use of Town Centre Liaison Officers. Supported by the Business Crime Reduction Partnership the Liaison Officers provide support for businesses by cracking down on crime in the London Road area, catching shoplifters and dealing with anti-social behaviour. When they aren’t fighting crime, they are on hand to help members of the public find their way around. The London Road Town Team formed of local traders, business representatives, and the Local Action Team have been trialling the use of Town Centre Liaison Officers during September and October.

With the redevelopment of the new Open Market and Co-op, London Road has become a hive of new business activity with new shops, restaurants, cafes and salons all moving to the area.

David and Marco from The Specky Wren by The Open Market said “We are proud to help kick-start the London Road revival with a new type of opticians which is independent, stylish and affordable” You can follow The Specky Wren on Twitter @thespeckywren.
London’s infamous MEATliquor is heading South this September, bringing its MEAT dishes, and a little something extra to the shores of Brighton. With a seating capacity of over 100, the Brighton opening marks MEATliquor’s first venture outside of London. MEATliquor can be found at York Place, London Road Brighton and on Twitter @MEATliquor.

Joe Nichols, London Road Portas Pilot Co-ordinator said “It’s a great time to be involved in London Road, with new businesses and developments happening in the area there is a real positive feeling in the air. We’re working with a number of local stakeholders to ensure that the London Road area is the next place to be in Brighton.”

In addition to the larger projects and events, The London Road Portas Pilot is also providing business support and discounts with various partners.

NCP has agreed to support this project by offering a greatly reduced parking deal for local retailers in the area. Chris Jackson, business manager at NCP commented; “NCP is delighted to support the London Road Portas Project. As a special gesture we have agreed to offer all traders in this area a massive 84% discount on the normal daily tariff if they park at our North Street car park in Brighton. NCP continues to do all we can to work to support our local retailers and encourage people to stay local and keep their street thriving.”

The London Road Portas Pilot continues to work on various events and projects to support the business community in the London Road area over the coming months. This includes working with local design agency Osomi to develop a new website, logo and marketing material.


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