Cllr Tracey Hill’s handout on checking and reporting HMOs #Brighton

At yesterday’s meeting there was a lot of interest in the good regulation and good behaviour of HMO residents and letting agents.

Cllr Tracey Hill’s handout on checking and reporting HMOs #Brighton is here

Many thanks to Cllr Tracey for all her good work on this.


Next meeting London Road LAT #Brighton 14th Feb – Subject HMO’s

Our next meeting is Feb 14th 2017 18:15 for 18:30 at Calvary Church hall, Viaduct Road, Brighton.

We have a special guest speaker Cllr Tracey Hill. She has been doing excellent work by setting up a series of meetings co-ordinating community and Council responses to the issue of HMO’s (= houses in multiple occupation).

HMOs are both a blessing – to people needing affordable housing, and a problem – because they have a reputation for not promoting good neighbourliness and good standards of upkeep and householding. E.g Viaduct Road.

This also links up with issues of #studentification.

It will be a very interesting meeting #highlyrecommended

Draft Agenda 14th Feb 2017

  1. Welcome, apologies, introduction
    1. future dates and meetings
  2. Community Safety issues, policing and licensing
    1. – update on Level has been requested from Insp. McCarthy and Community Safety Team
    2. drug dealing in local residential streets – update requested
    3. Update from LAT chairs meeting  (January)- N.B. Police website has removed all reference to LATs, a new, unfinished draft “service arrangement” sheet has been circulated to LAT chairs
  3. Special Guest Speaker – Cllr Tracey Hill
  4. Plans for publicity and funding – to note
  5. News and Updates
    1. parking in zone J
    2. Viaduct Road progress
    3. Business Improvement District progress
    4. Level Communities Forum matters (if any)
  6. Any other business – please notify before the beginning of the meeting.

Happy Valentines day!

London Road LAT #Brighton – Agenda – tonight 12/7 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd

London Road LAT #Brighton – Agenda – tonight 12/7 18.15 for 18.30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Rd

(As per previously circulated email – except item 7)

  1. Welcome, introductions, apologies
  2. Minutes (7th June) – date of next meetings 6/9/16, 4/10/16, 15/11/16 (t.b.c), 6/12/16
  3. Policing and licensing:
    • progress update regarding situation of homeless/begging in south end of London Road
    • licensing application for off-sales etc. by Presuming Ed – they wish to go beyond the “licensing matrix” and conduct “off-premises” sales plus extend alcohol sales hours beyond the matrix cut off point
    • Policing priorities
  4. Planning issues – (if any)
  5. Viaduct Road clean-up, and consultation for community bins plans.
  6. report back on last HMO meeting 8th June
  7. Financial future
    • we currently have a balance in hand
    • Calvary Church Trustees have currently offered free use of the premises for meetings
    • we need to arrange more publicity – fliers etc.
    • grants are available from various sources
  8. Various updates and projects in and around London Road
    • DRARA – AGM was last Friday
    • Communities of the Level
    • BID – via Ann Townsend (if any)
    • Triangle
    • Francis Street
    • Barrows Residents Association
    • Rosehill Residents Association
  9. A.O.B. (please notify before the start of the meeting)

More on HMO housing issues

Mike Slagter of Council Private Sector Housing department also advises us that:

One thing I forgot to mention when I was there is that following a Housing Committee decision in January we now have the full HMO licence register up online on the council’s website. This enables anybody or any organisation who has concerns about a particular property to look up who the licence holder is (and the manager, if any) so they can raise issues directly if they want to.

The relevant webpage is here.

Viaduct Road – traffic possibilities January 2015?

We’re trying very hard to improve the look and feel of Viaduct Road.

It’s a gateway into the city from London for every road vehicle – and it’s underperforming.

Although some residents might feel little affinity to the place they live in other residents want to take a pride in their environment – Viaduct Road could be so much nicer.

There are a number of threads to the problem and one of them is traffic. The speed and noise of traffic simply reinforces the idea that “this is not a residential street to be proud of, and nobody cares.” It would be great to change that perception.

Martin Heath is Road Safety Team Manager at Brighton and Hove City Council. On Tuesday January 13th 2015 he gave a presentation of the possiblities of interventions on Viaduct Road that might help with this transformation.

We know full well that this is an arterial route for the whole of Brighton, and it would not be fair on everyone else to restrict the overall traffic flow into the heart of the city – but there might be ways of persuading drivers to treat the street with respect as a residential street. There could be many positive spin-offs from this.

Here is the presentation that Martin gave. We’ll discuss this in full at the meeting on February 3rd 2015.

Facts: you may be interested to know that Viaduct Road carries 11,200 vehicles per day and 30% of vehicles exceed the 20mph limit but keep below 30mph, and 50% of the vehicles exceed the 30mph limit during their travel (see presentation for further details)