9th April 2019 meeting

Exciting possibilities are raised by the input of funding in connection with the 18 storey Longley Estate development. There is a considerable amount of “section 106” money which is destined for local improvements.


Meeting 12th March 2019 18:15 for 18:30 Calvary Church Hall, Viaduct Road – agenda

  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
  2. Minutes of last meeting – scheduled date of next meeting 9th April 2019
  3. Upkeep of properties New England quarter – i.e. near Sainsburys
  4. Updates on various items:
    1. Bat and Ball alley
    2. Policing – report on status at the Level will be requested
    3. Planning items
    4. Viaduct Road … is still looking improved
    5. upcoming local elections (if anything)
  5. Any other business

Longley Planning Application – to be discussed 11/9/2018

There’s no doubt that the plans for the Longley Estate (former MasterTiles) and redevelopment of Vantage Point will make a vast difference to the London Road skyline. Both plans are huge compared with New England House.

The Longley Planning Application has been filed with the Council Planning Department and is viewable at this location.  The reference number is BH2018/02598

It states:  Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment to provide: 3,333sqm of office/research/development floorspace (B1 (a)/(b) use), 308sqm of flexible commercial/retail floorspace fronting Elder Place (B1 (a)/(b) and A1-A4 use), 208 residential units (C3 use) in buildings ranging between 3 and 18 storeys plus roof plant level, together with associated car and cycle parking, further plant at lower ground level, supporting facilities and landscaping. | Longley Industrial Estate New England Street & Elder Place Brighton

Please note carefully the before and after side views (“elevation”).

And likewise the view across from London Road:


P.W. 31/08/18