Agenda 14/1/2020

The agenda will express the main theme of “Stanley Road issues” – plus some additional points


  1. welcome, apologies, introductions – apologies from Lucy Walker (UOS), Andy Keeffe (UOB), Mike and Tony ( Naples) “The lift from Ann Street up to the Station has been out of action since the beginning of December.Amongst the assorted personnel in attendance, can something please be done about this?”, Nat (Knight and Knoxley), Andy Roberts

2. Minutes of last meeting (Dec 2019), date of next meeting (AGM) Feb11th

3. Updates

a. Planning and Longley Estate – a subsidiary planning application has been submitted (October 2019). One summary says:

Land Use Approved Plans Amendments Change
Studios 36 38 +2
One-bed units 102 106 +4
Two-bed units 41 42 +1
Three-bed units 22 23 +1
B1 floorspace 3,270sqm (GIA) 3,109sqm (GIA) -161sqm (GIA)
A1-A4 floorspace 308sqm (GIA) 352sqm (GIA) +44sqm (GIA)

The comment from the transport team says:

Whilst changes relevant to transport and highways in the proposal and the quantum of development are unlikely to result in a detrimental impact on the surrounding local highway network and the transport network, compared to the consented scheme, concerns raised at full planning relating about the proposed delivery and service arrangements remain unchanged. Those concerns ultimately led to us to object to the full
planning application and we note that the revised proposals considered here demonstrate a small worsening of this issue. Clarification is requested in relation to cycle parking location and the quantum of revised long
stay and short stay cycle spaces. Until our concerns about the proposed delivery and service arrangements are addressed satisfactorily, we
must continue to maintain our objection and recommendation to refuse. Notwithstanding, until and adequate clarification is provided about cycle parking provision, our advice is that this application cannot be
recommended for approval

b. Named PCSOs for London Road Area

c. street cleansing (via Andy Roberts)

4. Stanley Road issues

5. AOB (please mention at the start of the meeting) and Close.


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