London Road Area LAT meeting Tuesday 10th Sept 18:15 for 18:30 Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

Draft agenda

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes and date of next meeting (8th October 2019)
  3. Air Quality / anti air pollution – from “Breathe in Brighton” – Alice Doyle (or representative)
  4. City Clean – Saoirse Roache representing Rachel Chasseaud’s department – Graffiti issues history, policy and progress + any other questions or issues
  5. London Road Masterplan (click to view) – introductory discussion. This very important 10 year old document will be the reference point in future Section 106 allocations. It is planned to make this the major theme of next month’s meeting, and invite Council Planners to discuss this together. Please take a few minutes to look at it beforehand.
  6. Updates and other items (time permitting)
    1. Lift in NEQ
    2. Policing and Licensing
    3. AirBNB (if anything new)
    4. Viaduct Road speeds – a fresh survey of speeds has been requested
    5. Parking in Zone J – an Officers’ report is to be presented at October Environment Committee. A letter has been written to repeat our requests for a review.
    6. Plan for rest of year: Nov – History speaker has been invited, Dec – as normal
    7. AOB – please notify before the start of the meeting

Draft agenda notes – please note there is some homework to read, and depending on time availability of visiting speakers we may have to be flexible with the order of events

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