PCC @KatyBourne meeting with LAT chairs #Brighton 12th January 2017

There was a well-attended meeting of LAT chairs on 12th January 2017 at Hove Town Hall.

Among the attenders were: 15 LAT Chairs from around the City, Cllr Emma Daniels – chair of Neighbourhoods Communities & Equalities Committee, Peter Castleton – Head of Community Safety, Peter Wileman – Senior Community Safety Officer, Inspectors Brian McCarthy and Paul Ransom. The special guest was the Police and Crime Commissioner Mrs Katy Bourne.

The first hour of the meeting consisted of news, updates and contributions from each LAT representative. Issues raised included: planning applications (e.g. Preston Barracks), loss of community spaces (e.g. Lectern Pub), excess of alcohol licensing approvals, vandalism, the Level , etc.  A common theme was the increase in visible drug dealing, and the perceived loss of contact with Police via PCSOs since the new contract came in.

The PCC gave a short off-the-cuff presentation on the improvements brought in through the extensive police review – via prioritising, apps, community resolution.  They needed to to more with less [money] – the visible policing was by no means all the policing that was actually happenning. The new PCSOs are nearly all in place for Brighton and Hove – the full complement is 39, of which a maximum of 13 would be available on any one shift.

The PCC was asked for her view on LATs and why the present Sussex Police website makes no mention of LATs at all.



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