London Road LAT #Brighton Agenda 10/1/17


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Minutes and date of next meeting
    1. updates on next meetings – invitations and plans 14th Feb (HMO), 14th March (no Cllrs), 11th April, 9th May (Air quality report)
    2. any volunteers to produce publicity materials?
    3. to note: funding provisions still to be investigated
  3. Policing and Licensing and Community Safety
    1. Insp. Brian McCarthy was invited to send a police rep. but no one is able to come – his email reply will be available
    2. Community Safety team have also sent an email reply
    3. For information – PCC Katy Bourne is attending the LAT chairs meeting 12/1/17
    4. update regarding rough sleeping issues
  4. Local Updates
    1. from Level Communities Forum 9/1/17
    2. Emporium / 88London Road – James sends thanks for our support
    3. Circus Parade – works in hand in “forecourt”
    4. Viaduct Road – enquiry to Cllr Gill Mitchell, no reply received
    5. HMO forum – report, if any.
    6. London Road Town Team – BID
  5. Any other business
    1. please let the Chair know before the start of the meeting

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