PCC @KatyBourne meeting with LAT chairs #Brighton 12th January 2017

There was a well-attended meeting of LAT chairs on 12th January 2017 at Hove Town Hall.

Among the attenders were: 15 LAT Chairs from around the City, Cllr Emma Daniels – chair of Neighbourhoods Communities & Equalities Committee, Peter Castleton – Head of Community Safety, Peter Wileman – Senior Community Safety Officer, Inspectors Brian McCarthy and Paul Ransom. The special guest was the Police and Crime Commissioner Mrs Katy Bourne.

The first hour of the meeting consisted of news, updates and contributions from each LAT representative. Issues raised included: planning applications (e.g. Preston Barracks), loss of community spaces (e.g. Lectern Pub), excess of alcohol licensing approvals, vandalism, the Level , etc.  A common theme was the increase in visible drug dealing, and the perceived loss of contact with Police via PCSOs since the new contract came in.

The PCC gave a short off-the-cuff presentation on the improvements brought in through the extensive police review – via prioritising, apps, community resolution.  They needed to to more with less [money] – the visible policing was by no means all the policing that was actually happenning. The new PCSOs are nearly all in place for Brighton and Hove – the full complement is 39, of which a maximum of 13 would be available on any one shift.

The PCC was asked for her view on LATs and why the present Sussex Police website makes no mention of LATs at all.



Notes from the Level Communities Forum #Brighton – from December 2016


  • Level Communites Forum – Meeting Schedule

A number of meetings have been scheduled to be split between regular LCF meetings for Forum members and Community Interest meetings which will hopefully include interested parties from other local Community groups.

LCF Meetings    for Forum members, MacLaren Pavilion; 6 – 7.30pm

9th January, 23rd January, 6th February

The full text can be found at http://thelevelbrighton.org.uk/meeting-minutes/

A TV opportunity! – from John Cook – Patcham Community Action Team #Brighton

Dear [ community-representing]  Colleague,

I have been given the opportunity to help in the making and recording of a new video (title to be decided) of life in our local communities.

The production team are very experience – having created and made full length programmes for the major TV companies in the UK and abroad – they will bring a wealth of relevant experience to the making of the programme.

The theme of the programme will centre about what is good in our communities (as oppose to the much negative news one constantly hears about) while at the same time presenting a balance view of some of the challengers residents face in their daily lives.

It aims to show that despite the grind of daily life, our communities are full of many wonderful opportunities that help 1,000’s of our local residents find enjoyment and fulfilment within a short walk of their homes.

I am told that Patcham will be at the heart of the programme but will include the wider community across Brighton & Hove.

If this project is of interest to you and you feel you have a story to share and would like to meet members of the production team to discuss matters in detail, please email me your initial thoughts and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please share this email with as many of your colleagues as possible.

Many thanks,


John W Cook – Hate Crime Ambassador & Community Advocate

Chairman – Patcham Community Action Team


London Road LAT #Brighton Agenda 10/1/17


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Minutes and date of next meeting
    1. updates on next meetings – invitations and plans 14th Feb (HMO), 14th March (no Cllrs), 11th April, 9th May (Air quality report)
    2. any volunteers to produce publicity materials?
    3. to note: funding provisions still to be investigated
  3. Policing and Licensing and Community Safety
    1. Insp. Brian McCarthy was invited to send a police rep. but no one is able to come – his email reply will be available
    2. Community Safety team have also sent an email reply
    3. For information – PCC Katy Bourne is attending the LAT chairs meeting 12/1/17
    4. update regarding rough sleeping issues
  4. Local Updates
    1. from Level Communities Forum 9/1/17
    2. Emporium / 88London Road – James sends thanks for our support
    3. Circus Parade – works in hand in “forecourt”
    4. Viaduct Road – enquiry to Cllr Gill Mitchell, no reply received
    5. HMO forum – report, if any.
    6. London Road Town Team – BID
  5. Any other business
    1. please let the Chair know before the start of the meeting

Police and Crime Commissioner’s quick survey on policing “tax” = “precept” 2017/18

From the PCC’s website:

2017/18 Sussex Police Precept Consultation

Would you like to see over 100 more police officers and staff in Sussex?
Your opportunity to strengthen local policing and public safety
One of my responsibilities as your Police and Crime Commissioner is to set the overall budget for policing in Sussex. This is mainly funded by the Government’s policing grant and by a part of your council tax called the police precept which I am also responsible for setting…