Agenda London Road LAT #Brighton 18.15 for 18.30 Tuesday 4th Oct Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

 London Road LAT #Brighton 18.15 for 18.30 Tuesday 4th Oct Calvary Church, Viaduct Road

agenda – as per email, only put into more logical order!

  1. Welcome, introductions, apologies
  2. Minutes 4th Sept  2016
  3. date of next meetings  15/11/16 AGM – [we have gone ahead and asked guest speaker Geoffrey Mead – historian and a reports will be brought to the meeting + re-election of officers], 6/12/16 . Future plans?
  4. Policing and licensing:
    1. to note that actions to help and address homeless encampment on London Road co-op has taken place
    2. current policing priorities
    3. current policing situation (PCSO etc.)
    4. late-night situation (email received)
    5. Licensing – Presuming Ed update if any
  5. Planning issues
    1. there is currently a consultation on City Parks
      1. Level litter … can anyone help?
  6. Viaduct Road current status of consultation for community bins plans.
  7. report back on last HMO meetings and correspondence
  8. report back from LAT chairs meeting (29/9/16)
  9. Financial future (brought from last time)-
    • we currently have a balance in hand
    • Calvary Church Trustees have currently offered free use of the premises for meetings
    • we need to arrange more publicity – fliers etc. but person power is rather limited at the moment
    • grants are available from various sources … but which?
  10. Various updates and projects in and around London Road – if not already covered

    • DRARA & greening (if available)
    • BID – via Ann Townsend (if any)
    • Triangle
    • Francis Street
    • Barrows Residents Association
  11. Any other business – please notify before start of meeting

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