Agenda London Rd #Brighton LAT 7th June 2016

Agenda London Rd Area #Brighton LAT 7th June 2016 –

  1. Welcome, apologies and introduction
  2. Minutes, date of next meeting – July 12th (as previously announced)
  3. Policing and Licensing
    1. Street people, begging, rough sleeping, –
    2. The Level
    3. Legal highs
    4. Licensing – a reply was sent regarding B&W stores
    5. Future plans for policing via Insp. Brian McCarthy
    6. Farewell to Nic and Sharon
  4. Planning – comments, if any, University of Sussex building plans
    1. BH2016/01004 – target date 8th July

      Address: East Slope Refectory Road University of Sussex Brighton
      Description: Reserved matters application for approval of appearance, landscaping and layout in relation to ‘Phase 1 – East Slope’ development which includes 1,868 student bedrooms
  5. Viaduct Road
    1. HMO list – and individual properties
    2. clear-up day courtesy of University of Sussex & City Clean – June 29th from 12pm
    3. planters were prettified
    4. consultation on communal bins
  6. HMO meetings (next one is 8th June)
  7. Future dates and outline plan
    1. July 12th, August (no meeting), September 6th, October 4th, November 15th, December 6th: to invite, PCC Katy Bourne, Cllr Tracey Hill – other local reps??
  8. Updates and news
    1. BID – London Road Town Team
    2. DRARA, Rose Hill, Communities of the Level, Triangle, Roundhill, Francis Street
    3. Pavements under New England BridgeAt the last committee meeting I agreed to have a go at the problem of pigeon poo on the pavements under the railway bridge, caused by the deterioration of the pigeon netting attached to the girders.  This is clearly an issue of interest to us, given the proximity of the Greenway entrance, and to the local community association (Prestonville).
      Network Rail (whose responsibility it is) have said that they cannot do anything about it at the moment because of budget constraints – they are only doing essential safety-related work. They have suggested that we “build up complaints” to hopefully push this issue up the priority list. I have put some posters up under the bridge, urging users of the pavement to complain.  Clearly we should try to generate as many complaints among ourselves as well as inviting the general public to do so, so I’d urge all members to submit one.
      The way to do this is to fill in an on-line contact form at or telephone 03457-114141. 
      The on-line form system was not working very well when I did mine, so you may encounter problems, and they also ask for an annoyingly large amount of information, such as postcode (of a BRIDGE?) but do persevere – you will get there eventually. It is probably a good idea to include the phrase “health hazard”.
      Best wishes
      Jim Grozier.
  9. AOB – please inform chair before start of the meeting