London Road #Brighton Policing E-Watch looking back on March 2016

The more beautiful pdf version with colour, but inaccurate formatting,  is here


Sussex Police E Watch

Your monthly newsletter on what we’re doing in your local area

Getting involved in your community

Want to know more about what’s happening in your area and the locally identified priorities that we are tackling? Then come along to the next Local Action Team (LAT) meeting.
The idea of the LAT is to address problems of crime and disorder at a very local level and to work with residents and partner agencies to find a sustainable solution.
New members are always needed and you are urged to attend your local meeting. It need not be the case that you have a particular concern and it could just be that you feel you may have something to offer. Why not come along to your next meeting and find out more.

London Road LocaL Action Team (LAT) meeting at the Calvary Church
Tuesdays 10/5, 7/6, 12/7 2016 at 1830 hours until 2000 hours


There has been a lot of online and telephone fraud happening. Please do NOT give out bank details over the phone if someone has called you. Ring them back from a number you have researched from a bill, not one they gave you. If unsure don’t do it.

There is never an occasion where ANYONE will ask you to give out your pin number so don’t do.
Police will NEVER call you up saying your bank account has been hacked so they need your bank details to sort it out. If you have been hacked your bank may contact you but will stop your account, and will NOT ask for your bank/login details/pin numbers etc.

A common scam is people calling pretending to be from Microsoft claiming your PC has a virus. Tell them you will sort it out yourself then hang up!

Don’t click on links in emails to login to sites as this could be a fake link, even though the page you are directed to looks like the real deal. Go to the website directly as you are used to. Check the address bar in the top hasn’t re-directed you somewhere else.

If it sounds too good to be true……then it probably is! Do your research before parting with money or information.

Preventing and disrupting Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Sussex is a high priority for Sussex Police and partners. That is why a Pan Sussex CSE Campaign has been launched.
Over the next three months (from January 2016), the campaign is taking a three phased approach. In the first phase of the campaign, the aim is to increase awareness amongst the general public about CSE, as well as specifically targeting parents and carers with what they need to know about CSE. ‘Child Sexual Exploitation is happening in Sussex’ #StopCSE. See link below for more details

Crime Figures February 2016

London Road/York
Place/New England Quarter

Number of calls
Activity –Police
Anti-Social Behaviour
Criminal Damage
Road Traffic Collisions
Theft – Shoplifting Only
The Level & Surrounding
Number of calls
Activity –Police
Anti-Social Behaviour
Criminal Damage
Road Traffic Collisions
Theft – Shoplifting Only

Monthly Advice

How secure is your home?

Daily security
Keep all wallets, credit cards and car keys out of sight and out of reach.
If you leave your house empty, even if you are in the back garden, lock all the doors and windows
An intruder alarm can be an effective deterrent against burglars
Make it a habit to mark your valuables by using your postcode and house number or name
Some articles are unsuitable for marking so photograph them next to a ruler
Register your property at

After Dark
Leave some lights on if it will be dark when you get home
When you go out in the evening, always leave a light on in a room that cannot be peered into from the road
Fit security lighting that can detect movement
Front Door Security
Don’t let anyone into your home that you don’t know. Always ask for identification – official visitors won’t mind being asked for ID
Fit a door chain or bar and, if you have a solid front door, a wide angle door viewer

In the Garden
Ensure that gates or access to the rear of the house are locked and secure
Trim overgrown plants – don’t give burglars a hiding place
Secure garden tools and ladders in a locked shed or garage to prevent them being used to break in to your home.

Useful Contacts

To report anti social driving or abandoned vehicles visit:

In an emergency – 999
For all non emergency – 101 from any phone. Calls cost 15p for the duration of the call

Crime Stoppers:
Tel 0800 555111‎

Animal Welfare (Dog Warden)
To report any dog related incidents please contact the above on: 01273 292929

Parking Enforcement (NSL).
To report offending vehicles please telephone 0845 6035469

Wildlife Rescue (Roger’s Wildlife Rescue)
For sick or injured wildlife contact:
Roger Musselle
37 Downs Valley Road
BN2 6RG or Tel 01273 308268

Tel 0300 1234999


Brighton & Hove City Council, Enviromental Health Tel 01273 292929


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