London Road LAT #Brighton – next meeting 8/3/15 at BARCLAYS Preston Circus 18.15 for 18.30 – agenda

Please note change of venue – Barclays Bank aka Eagle Labs, Preston Circus. 18.15 for 18.30, by kind invitation of Digital Eagles

If further details become available they will be added before the meeting.

Agenda – London Road LAT 8th March 2016: 

  1. Welcome and apologies and introductions
  2. Minutes of last meeting
    1. finance update (if available)
    2. date of next meeting 5th April 2016
  3. Policing report (most recent stats have been posted)
    1. Level – drug use and anti-social behaviour – N.B. the Public Spaces Protection Orders omit the Level from their list, but include the Greenway. (see consultation mentioned on this website elsewhere)
    2. Youth disorder – London Road
    3. Section 34 … do people get displaced into London Road?
    4. Policing Priorities
  4. Homeless people and rough sleepers and begging – what’s the latest?
  5. Viaduct Road
    1. updates (if any?)
    2. Environment Transport Committee (March)
  6. Updates
    1. Report back on bike display in Ditchling Road/Baker street corner
    2. Report from Feb 3rd meeting on HMOs in the wider area
    3. Report back from LAT chairs meeting
    4. invitation to official opening of Eagle Labs Thursday 10th March 17.30-19.30
    5. London Road Town Team (if any)
    6. Ditchling Rise Residents (if any)
    7. Rosehill Residents (if any)
    8. Providence Place [late addition]
  7. Any other business – please make known before the start of the meeting

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